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Laurel, MD

Capitol Tech. University DGC

1.385(based on 4 reviews)
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Capitol Tech. University DGC reviews

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1.50 star(s)

Hazardous hucking. drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 18, 2023 Played the course:once


There are some unique holes. Hole 7 is a miniature signature hole.
Baskets in great shape. You will most likely have the course to yourself.


The most obvious is throwing over 2 parking lots for hole 3. I talked to the designer and he said the parking lots and buildings are no longer in use. However is still a concrete lake that can damage your discs. When I was there construction vehicles were parked off to the left. I also thought that hole 1 had safety issues with the road and basketball court. Hole 5 has minor issues with the proximity of houses. Hole 6 looks like a busy area, but I have not been there during the day. Hole 9 threw over a road and walking trails. It also finished on the soccer field.
I have been to numerous courses where the basket plays into a risky area and the designer says, "It is ok, that area is not in use". However will that change in time? I understand the logic, but do not accept it as an excuse.

No tees. Impossible to navigate without Udisc.

Had to climb over fallen trees and construction areas several times, so it was not cart friendly.

Other Thoughts:

Lets start with hole 1. It was tough to find it. You have to use the first option on Udisc or you can not navigate the course. It starts on top of the hill to the left of the guard stand. It requires you to throw VERY close to a road and a basketball court. These features are rarely used, but there is always a chance they could be in use when you wanted to play.
Hole 2 uses the edge of the basketball court and throws uphill. It is a wide open shot on a hillside that slopes down on the right.
Hole 3 was pure insanity. Throwing over 4 rows of parking spaces leaves very little safe landing area.
Hole 4 was purely impossible to play as designed. The tunnel you have to throw through is so low that you can't throw from the location Udisc has marked as a tee and do anything except play safe through the tunnel.
Hole 5 was a wide open shot, but the property line and houses are close on the left side.
Hole 6 is the water hole, but the basket was removed for Winter Commencement.
Hole 7 is the throw from the building straight down the steps behind MA/COM Hall
Hole 8 is a slight uphill shot. The terrain slopes down hill to the left. You throw towards the large towers to reach the basket.
Hole 9 throws over numerous sidewalks and a road. The basket is right on the edge of the soccer field.
Hole 10 is the longest hole playing over some subtle rolling hills back to the practice basket.
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2.00 star(s)

Okay - should improve 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Mar 22, 2022 Played the course:once


Grounds are pleasant and serene (rare for a campus course). Baskets are bright red DGAs that caught okay.. Has 10 holes (a bonus of one over usual campus courses). Half the holes were fun (see below). Not busy (played on a Tuesday at 10:30 AM). Convenient parking. Campus employees saw me (obviously a non-student) but ignored me. Easy to access off the Capitol Beltway. Baskets are numbered (although #10 is marked 'P') and easily visible from their tee areas. Decent variety of hole lengths. #7 is an ace run. Course loops back near the starting point.


No benches, no bag hooks, no tee pads, no tee signs. Only one basket position per hole. Mostly open. Fairways 2 and 3 cross each other. Fairway #3 crosses two parking areas. Fairways 6 and 9 cross walking paths. Fairway 6 also has a bench and a gazebo in it. Some backtracking (see below). Hole #10 is a 518-foot par 3 (although it is listed as a par 4 in one of the three places that lists par). Don't even think about trying to play without a map (the one on udisc is great).

Other Thoughts:

Course begins right at the campus entrance and you can park very close. I used udisc to get the suggested course map and guesstimated tee spots from that
and the hole lengths. The course basically goes clockwise around the campus.

Hole 1 (300 feet) tees off from the entrance to the campus to a basket down near a decrepit basketball court. There is some undulating ground in the fairway. Straightforward routine hole to start your round.

Hole 2 (304 feet) tees off the basketball court (concrete) to a basket up on a small hill. The climb is gradual; I enjoyed this hole.

Hole 3 (338 feet) tees off from the hilltop along #2's fairway. You throw across a double parking lot to a basket near the campus building. The parking lot was empty (except for my car back near tee #1) so no danger the day I played. Under that condition, I liked the hole..

Hole 4 (239 feet) also tees off the same hill as tee #3 (and basket #2). You basically need to hike back to the #2 basket along the #3 fairway and then turn right. You throw through a gap in the woods and the basket is down and around to the left - tucked around a corner against the woods. I also enjoyed playing this hole but not the backtrack hiking. Note that dino2disc played from #3's basket which seems to make more sense (flow-wise) but I played it as the udisc map said (and how Monocacy played it) which was more fun. When they put in a tee pad, we'll know which way is correct.

Hole 5 (261 feet) is located in a big clearing on the other side of a very small streamlet. I didn't realize until I had walked down near the basket that I was supposed to cross the streamlet (plenty of rocks to step on) so I ended up backtracking again (although there didn't appear to be any earlier clean crossings). A flat vanilla hole.

Hole 6 (372 feet) is located inside the roads and walkways. The map says to tee off inside a triangle formed by three walking paths but also says 'concrete'. I teed off from a paved area near the triangle. There is a pond to avoid on the left and there is a bench and a gazebo in the fairway but nobody was there when I played it. I tipped the roof of the gazebo with my drive. The most 'challenging' of the holes (and not that challenging); I enjoyed it.

Hole 7 (193 feet) is the ace run (obviously). To get to the pad you walk 'left' from #6's basket and between the two buildings. You tee off from the top of the patio (multiple levels) to a basket down and slightly in the woods. Definitely fun but unplayable if anyone is out there eating/reading/texting.

Hole 8 (360 feet) tees off to the right from #7's fairway. No idea where so I just chose something that looked like 360 feet away. A flat boring hole.

Hole 9 (271 feet) throws across the road to a basket near the decrepit soccer field on a small bump after a small gully. An okay hole.

Hole 10 (518 feet) throws from the parking area (or walking path) back near the road you just threw across so it requires backtracking. I decided to throw my #10 tee shot after I teed off #9 to avoid that backtracking. Boring straight flat hole.

All in all, a mixed bag. If the campus was busy, I would avoid at all costs. If the course was all like #2, #3, #4, #6, and #7 and had tee pads, it might be worth playing again (it's about an hour from my house). There are other nearby courses (Calvert and Rockburn) that make a pleasant if easy mini-road trip. Added a link to the udisc map.
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Safety hazards and tough navigation on campus 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 16, 2022 Played the course:once


Capitol Tech. University is a well-maintained college campus, conveniently located between I-95 and the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. The course plays partly around the campus fringes, and partly through the middle of campus. The bulk of the holes are on mown grass fields with few obstacles, but rolling hills provide some interest.

Trees come into play on two holes. Hole 4 requires navigating a low-ceiling downhill tunnel and then fade-skipping hard left to the basket. Hole 7 is a fun 200' downhill ace run (but see cons). I threw a rightly backhand Harp and just missed hitting metal.

This course has some distance, with holes average around 300'. The longest and last hole (10) is a wide-open 518' (but across a soccer field - see cons). With open fairways and minimal rough in play, chance of disc loss is low.

Halfway-decent DGA baskets, double-chained with a red band for visibility. The hole number is clearly marked on the basket plate. Ample, free parking is available, which is a nice feature for a campus course. Course begins and ends near the parking lot.


No indication whatsoever where to tee from. No tee pads, no tee markers, not even a worn spot on the grass. I used a navigation app to figure out what random patch of grass or sidewalk was most likely to be the teeing area.

Safety hazards everywhere. Hole 1 brings a parking lot, basketball court, and maybe backyards into play. Hole 3's tee is in hole 2's fairway. Hole 6 brings two campus sidewalks and two gazebos into the line of fire. Hole 7 throws over several picnic tables and a stairway. Hole 9 throws across a road and sidewalk, and hole 10 plays across a soccer field.

Saving the "best" for last, hole 3 deserves separate mention because it is in a class by itself. You tee off from a hill and throw 330' or so across not one but two parking lots. Fortunately the parking lots were empty when I played. But still.

Navigation is also problematic. No directional signs and no way to know which way to the next tee without a navigation app. Moderately long walks between several holes.

But the stumper was how to get to hole 5? It looked like there was a path from hole 4's basket but it ended in an impenetrable tangle of brambles. The next obstacle was a water-filled drainage ditch, lined with brush on both sides. I finally noticed a slightly less brushy section with some stepping-stones to cross the water. Whew.

Most of the course is pretty much wide open. There are a few smallish trees that might add interest in a decade or so, but typically the only obstacles are unnatural objects such as light poles, gazebos, soccer goals, cars, and pedestrians.

The cage for hole 9's basket is bent but still usable.

Other Thoughts:

The DGCR course page indicates that concrete pads are in the works for this course. Adding tee pads and tee markers would be a significant improvement. "Next tee" signs would also be nice, but since this is a technology university perhaps they assume that everyone can figure out how to use a course navigation app.

I played on a warm, sunny weekday afternoon, and found this the emptiest college campus I have ever seen. Perhaps most students are still taking class remotely. If the campus was filled with students, quite a few holes might be unplayable.

Basket 10 is labeled "P". Perhaps they repurposed the practice basket.
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Nice elevation usage, but numerous hazards 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 1, 2022 Played the course:once


- Apparently parking is free right along the side of the first fairway, even though it is a university - a nice rarity.
- The baskets are nice new DGA ones which are still in great shape.
- Multiple holes are laid out to capitalize on elevation changes and natural hazards on the terrain surrounding the small campus, including a steep uphill hole (#2), a couple downhill holes (#4 and 7), and (I think) a pond cross (#6). This at least includes more elevation changes in play than you'll find at nearby Calvert Road Park.
- Given that tees, tee signs, and a course map have yet to be installed, it's a bit hard to identify more positives at the moment. However, I will say that concrete tees will definitely be a positive once they're poured.


- Navigation: Obviously with no tees or existing course map, right now you have to wander a lot and infer where the likely next hole could be. This wasn't too much of a problem, except for finding #6. I didn't find it until I finished playing #10...

- Here's my best interpretation of the layout, and how I played it:
It's generally a clockwise loop around campus starting right by the big university sign when you pull in. #1 and 2 form an easily-trackable straight line on the outside of the parking lot, #3 appears to fly over the two lanes of parking lot to near a dorm building, #4 crosses diagonally back over both lanes of the same parking lot and down the hill, #5 is isolated in the woods about 200 ft east of the 4th basket, #6 crosses over the pond in the center of campus, #7 plays downhill into the woods on the east side of campus with #8 paralleling the woods behind the large building where you teed off from on #7, and #9 and 10 play from the woods edge diagonally back across the fields toward where you started your round at #1. Also note that the #10 basket is actually labeled as "P".

- Hazards: Wow, where to start. If the hole layouts are intended to play roughly from basket to basket like I did, then two holes literally fly over parking lots (#3 and 4); #1 has the parking lot and basketball court in easy shank territory; on #3 if you have a big arm, it could be easy to carry too far and hit the dorm building; #6 has multiple sidewalks and a gazebo in play; and #10 forces you to throw across the soccer field (which you obviously can't do if it there's a game going on). The only truly isolated holes without anything or anyone in your way are #2, 5, and 8. While the sidewalks and parking lots were empty when I played, I can only imagine how busy/full they are when there's no pandemic going on... If you are generally supposed to play from basket to basket, then you have to seriously question some of the hole designs here.

- Multiple of the baskets are anchored loosely in the sleeves in the ground, and they are loose to the point that I found multiple of them with the number label at top facing obviously in the wrong direction (away from the clearly-intended tee direction). Bolts or pins should be added at the top of the sleeve so the baskets can't rotate.

- Finally, while there is pretty nice use of the elevation changes around the campus on a few holes, most simply require really basic open field shots across flat terrain (aka the most boring type of hole there is). There are some great woods surrounding the east side of the campus that aren't utilized at all but would be a great space for either adding more holes or moving some of the questionable holes to, and that would give the course more fun variety too. There is a stream down in the woods that could become an interesting obstacle on multiple holes, and it looks small enough that flooding doesn't appear like it would be a significant concern. Just a thought.

Other Thoughts:

- Perhaps the best thing going for Capitol Tech. DGC (besides the nice new baskets) is its location, just a minute off of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway in the gap between D.C. and Baltimore where there are very few other courses. This makes it easy to add into your road trip through the capital area.

- Once tees, tee signs, and a course map are installed, I'd probably up my rating by another star.
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