Galena, IL

Chestnut Mountain Resort

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Chestnut Mountain Resort reviews

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2.50 star(s)

Pretty fun course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 8, 2015 Played the course:once


there's a pretty good variety of holes. There was nobody else on the course even though the slide was packed. The 2 tee pads are different enough to make it a decent 18 hole course


For being on a ski hill, there really should be a long downhill bomber hole. The long holes are across the runs, with one of them slightly downhill. The walk from 4 to 5 could have easily put 2 more holes in between.

Other Thoughts:

It was overall a fun course, there's isn't anything too technical, but it is a fun course to play. I don't think there is many people that play it that often, but they did a good job with the holes. With the baskets having portable bases, I could see switching it up each year.
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2.50 star(s)

Disappointing 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 12, 2011 Played the course:once


The course plays on a small ski area with excellent views over the river and surrounding countryside. Most of the holes have some kind of elevation change, with a couple fun downhill shots. There is some length variety, especially with red and blue tees on every hole. The blues are reasonable for beginners with mostly shorter holes and a couple easier lines while the reds offer a little more challenge and a couple holes with significantly more distance. The rubber tees are small but level, and the tees are easy to find with colored markers, decent tee signs, and a good course map available at the pro shop. The baskets are temps, but they're well leveled and catch fine. A few holes use the tree lines well to force tight lines and punish mistakes with some fairly thick rough.


There are a few good holes here, but with the land available this course is really disappointing. You could make the best course in the state here, and instead it's a beautiful walk with some scattered and poorly thought out disc golf. Every hole is straight or set up for a rhbh hyzer. The downhill holes don't really include an empty your bag type shot, and the one big open hill that's in play you just shoot straight across making it basically a flat open shot. There are long walks between some of the holes, including having to backtrack along an entire hole then walk a few hundred more feet to find the next tee.

Other Thoughts:

I definitely had some fun on this course, and the views are excellent. The pro shop has drinks, snacks and discs for sale, and the employees were friendly and helpful. As I played this course, all I could think about was the awesome potential shots you walk past on the long treks between holes. The ski runs themselves offer some great opportunities for some different hole shapes and more exciting uses of elevation, not to mention the hilly woods that could make for some epic disc golf. Hopefully going forward there's potential for some expansion here, there's plenty of great land and this could be a real disc golf destination.
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4.00 star(s)

Best Illinois 9 Holer! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 19, 2010 Played the course:once


As you arrive at Chesnut go to the far east building to pay. They will give you a course map and score card.

There is a practice basket right outside the shop.

There are nice restrooms and great ammentities, There are drinks, snacks, and discs for sale in the shop.

Hole #1 is clearly marked by a big Innova and hole #1 banner. Walk down the trail to the east.

The long tees are marked by red flags and the short tees are marked by blue flags. The red tees have a course map and hole distances on the tee signs. There were next tee signs aiding navigation all over the course. The tees were very easy to find.

The baskets are Innova Pro Discatchers with portable bases. They did an excellent job getting them flat on the ground. Brand new and catch great.

The tee pads are a nice rubber mat that i've never seen. They are small but effective. They did a good job getting them level. It was dry that day and they had very good traction. I'm not sure how they would be in the rain.

The course offers all levels of skilled players a challenge with 2 sets of tees. On a few holes there is some thick rough that adds challenge. Elevation comes into play on every hole.

Chesnut is in a great location to play. There are some scenic views atop the hill. The view from the cliff after #6 is absolutely awesome! I threw my longest drive ever from that spot.


The long walk between #4 and #5 was very frustrating. With that much property the course designer totally missed on that.

The course is very right hand back hand friendly.

Other Thoughts:

I usually don't say this about 9 hole courses. This is worth the drive to play. After you get bored with the regular course setup play some alternate tees.

This course is well worth the $3 it cost to play. We had a blast. Take a look at the website. The siide was absolutely a blast!

On hole #1 on the left if you go over the fence your disc is gone forever!
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3.00 star(s)

Beginner/Intermediate 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 10, 2010 Played the course:once


- Course is set on the top of a smallish ski hill, which provides an awesome view of the land below. Being 15 feet from a 900 foot drop with abundant wildlife at one point is an incredible vista.
- Lots of elevation changes on nearly every hole, though nothing too extreme. Course is more set in a freelance ski area, but there are still decent slopes.
- Good use of mature trees and forested areas to add difficulty. Only a few wide open shots to the basket.
- Two sets of tees with a huge difference for most holes. The blues are much shorter and easier, and the reds add some real length.
- Basket placement by trees on a few holes also add some difficulty.
- Good baskets, portable but durable. Tee pads small but good, top notch signage.
- Portable basket for putting practice outside the pro shop.


- This course was designed for a RHBH player. Almost every shot is either straight or curves left.
- Some longs walks between holes, one of which is uphill and tiresome. I think the greatest elevation change is experienced hiking to hole 5.

Other Thoughts:

- Great course for beginners from the short tees, and a good course for seasoned players from the long tees.
- I expected some bigger elevation changes, but it doesn't use the regular ski runs for the course. Don't plan on throwing anything down a mountain.
- There are some hiking and bike trails around, but I didn't see anybody out there.
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