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Dover, FL

Countryside Baptist Church

1.55(based on 1 reviews)
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Countryside Baptist Church reviews

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Baptize Your Discs Here

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 17, 2024 Played the course:once


(1.451 Rating) A respectable church niner with tremendous growth potential.
- GAMEPLAY FOR A NINER - The Countryside course felt like disc golf and the play dynamics here are a full step above the typical 9-hole church course. The play isn't cupcake open 150 footers, but rather lines need to be hit and big distance is even required a couple times. The tees aren't marked the greatest, but with a little scouting and a nav app will get players through it.
- TIME PLAY - Like most niners, rounds won't drag on forever. The course generally plays in a clockwise loop. I spent 10 minutes trying to retrieve a disc and still logged only a 30-minute round.


Just the bare minimum on the amenities package.
- AMENITIES, SIGNAGE & NAVIGATION - I think Countryside was very new when I threw it. Basically no amenities beyond the pure basics. The baskets are Dynamic Recruits. Not a premium basket obviously, but they work. The tees I'm calling natural. There are 4 pavers at each pad and they were surprisingly somewhat flush many times. However, anyone doing a run-up will be starting from the grass several feet back and probably won't even use the pavers. I saw two short pad grass scars as well. Perhaps there are more short tees. Only two holes had their vinyl sign remaining, thus a navigational app will be needed to figure the layout out.
- PRIVATE - I would recommend calling ahead. I must have misread what I saw online. I thought I had read online that it was open and free to play, but I think that is only after a player calls or emails. When I arrived, I flagged down a couple church folks and asked where the course started and they pointed in the direction to park by. While on hole (9) I saw a no trespassing sign. The gate between (1) and (2) was open where another no trespassing sign is, but I didn't see it until I was on my way back to the car. I left a $20 disc donation in case I errored.
- DISC LOSS POTENTIAL - I lost my primary driver in the water on hole (2). My first lost disc in over 100 rounds. Water lurks on many of the holes. Cautious play can avoid the abyss, but a lack of focus or a massive misfire could definitely result in a lost disc. The water makes the biggest impact on holes (6) thru (8). As previously noted, I think there are some short tees to offset some of this for newer players. Some of the off-fairway areas had some super thick overgrowth as well.
- HOLE VARIETY - Above average variety for a niner. It's got the water aspect checked off and this will create intrigue and build player discipline. So, there's that. A few shots play down moderately tight fairways or have a couple trees to gameplan around. (7) was a bit of a pucker-up play being moderately wooded and with water left, right and long left. Hole (9) is a par 4 over 500 feet long. Minus the slopes to the ponds, the course is super flat. I liked the gameplay here, but it's not to the same level as nearby Limona or Medard. The play is superior to nearby Buckhorn however.

Other Thoughts:

Countryside still has a significant canvas to work with and huge amenity growth potential. All courses gotta start somewhere and Countryside is still very much new. So even though I've got this at the 1.5 level now (20ish percentile), that doesn't mean it couldn't grow to reach Limona level. It will take a lot of money and time to get there though. However, the most critical element to get there, is here. And that's the land. I think countryside has room for 18 if they ever wanted to go that route. It'll take some creativity, but I think it's possible. If someone knows of big positive updates here, let me know. I will gladly update my review score. It didn't closely remind me of too many places. Perhaps a bit like an unkempt Lakeview in Sarasota, but without the gazillion volunteer landscaping hours and its mature sweeping live oaks. Thus, not really like Lakeview either.
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