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Caldwell, TX

Davidson Creek Park

Permanent course
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Davidson Creek Park reviews

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Diamond level trusted reviewer
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Where am I throwing from? 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 17, 2019 Played the course:once


Davidson Creek Park disc golf course sits in a nice little park in the small town of Caldwell, 20 miles outside of College Station/Bryan area. The course has 9 solid baskets, a practice basket and even a course sign at the beginning of the course. The holes have a fair amount of distance variety. The course is already looking pretty passable.

Hole 1 is a great hole that needs a touch of finesse to navigate the wooded area you are throwing through. There are also a couple of trees that sit close to other baskets creating somewhat of some challenge rather than throwing in an empty field.


To be real, this course is mostly just an open field with baskets thrown throughout. There is not a whole lot of challenge besides the mentioned hole 1, which is far and away the best hole on the course.

The previous reviewer mentioned tee pads, and for the life of me, I could not find a single one. I used the course map to help me get into the right spot, but they were just not coming to me. It made an already bad course that much more frustrating. Even a simple 2x4 in the ground stake would suffice just to give players somewhat of an idea on where to throw.

The course had about a half inch of water throughout. It had not rained in a bit, so there may be some drainage issues here, which makes sense because of the lack of trees.

Other Thoughts:

This is probably too far of a drive out of CS/B area to make it worth playing here. It just really is not that good, and there is not much that can be done here to improve. Maybe putting in some tee markers would make it better, but even then you are walking a long way for some bad golf.
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Davidson Creek Park 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Sep 29, 2018 Played the course:once


-- Baskets
-- Nice pavilion with two benches and a table near No. 1
-- Course map near No. 1, but it lacks basic information such as distance.
-- Hole 1 is a solid hole that starts open then goes through a left-turning tunnel before reaching the basket. Definitely the best hole on the course.
-- Restrooms are available at the end of the parking lot, but that's a pretty long walk from the actual course.


-- All holes except No. 1 are in an open field with few trees.
-- A walking path comes into play way too much. Several baskets are placed within 15-20 feet of the path, so good shots are crossing and landing on the walking path.
-- The tee markers are reddish/brown rubber mats (about 3 inches by 10 inches) tacked into the ground. They are difficult to find, and there is nothing else to mark the tee area. No stakes, no signs, nothing with any indication of the hole layout or distance. This makes navigation something of a challenge, even with a map.
-- In addition to the tee markers being difficult to find, they are often way to close the the previous basket, creating a safety issue. The worst example is the No. 5 tee, which is about 20 feet from the No. 4 basket and is directly in the most common flight path to the basket.

Other Thoughts:

-- This course is new, so there is time and room to improve. Better markings for the tee area and along with basic signs with distance and hole layout would bring this up to a 2-disc course.
-- I played near the end of a day where it rained a lot, so the course was under water. I don't know if the course is normally under water like that because of poor drainage or if the heavy rains that day simply overwhelmed it.
-- To reach the course, drive between the duck ponds, then through a parking lot. When you reach the next parking lot (you'll see soccer field to the right), drive all the way to the end of the lot. Walk across the bridge to the practice basket. No. 1 (and the pavilion) are up the hill to the left.
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