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Ashburn, VA

Everfield DGC

2.255(based on 4 reviews)
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Everfield DGC reviews

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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 15.9 years 757 played 414 reviews
1.50 star(s)


Reviewed: Played on:Feb 23, 2023 Played the course:once


Some elevation variety.

Hole #8 through a window early, then down and slightly right, with a few more trees to miss.


Single small/gravel tee/basket.

Basket close to tee, so in the (unlikely) event of multiple groups, there would be waiting.

Most fairways are created by utility right-of-way, so pretty open/broad.

Other Thoughts:

Small 9er located amidst a development, but far from any houses

Other than sharp-right, short #1, most tee shots will be straight, and mostly with very wide fairways - controlling late fade to avoid the brush near most baskets will be the primary challenge.

A small drainage-creek needs to be crossed multiple times. It is not wide and current rock locations suffice, but after a rain and/or if erosion sets in, some crossings could end up in wetness.

Adequate to bag, with Hanson nearby, but probably one-n-done.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Premium Member
Experience: 24 years 501 played 76 reviews
2.00 star(s)

Heck of a neighborhood nine-holer 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jan 13, 2022 Played the course:once


This is the kind of course that I would love to have in my neighborhood. Perfect for a quick and enjoyable round, with ample opportunities to work on accuracy and shaping lines. Ace runs abound, but there are a couple of longer holes where one can blast a driver off the tee.

The course is mostly wooded, but there are a few open or semi-open holes. Hole distances range from 134' to 381'. Fairly even distribution of straight, right-turning, and left-turning holes. The rolling hills provide a decent amount of elevation change on many holes, more downhill than uphill, which I did not mind a bit. Clearly, much thought has gone into the design of this course.

Navigation was super easy: the first hole is right next to the parking lot and each tee is visible and close at hand from the previous basket. I did not need to refer to a map once, which is rare the first time playing a course. Tee signs were mounted on posts and included a hole map, distance, and par.

There is a port-a-pot at the parking lot and a drinking fountain past the pavilion. Lost disc box with scorecards near the first hole.


Retrieving discs from the rough was a thorny experience, even in winter. I imagine that the rough could get brutal during the growing season. It was muddy when I played, and creek crossings were a bit dicey. Lots of skid marks on the muddy slopes by the creek.

Teepads were nicely boxed in, but on occasion the stone dust had enough lumps and bumps to affect my run-up. One of the pads near the creek was even a bit wet and slick. No practice basket.

Grey metal baskets were hard to spot from the tee on several holes. A brightly colored flag on the basket would help first-time players. On the dogleg holes the map seemed to have been "straightened" to fit the narrow space available on the tee post. This was confusing on a few holes, but probably only an issue the first time playing the course.

Use of this course is restricted to HOA members and their guests. I saw a few people walking near the course and no one seemed to mind me playing, but the signage is pretty clear.

Other Thoughts:

Despite two longer holes, overall the course was pretty short at 2,107' with four holes < 200' and three holes between 200' and 300'. Still, I enjoyed playing this course very much. Lots of ace runs, a couple of bombs, and some tricky lines to hit. But if you are looking to blast distance drivers on every hole, this course may not suit your preference.

This would be one heck of a neighborhood course, if one could afford to live in the neighborhood. When I was driving in I though some of the large residential buildings were apartment complexes. Upon closer examination they all appeared to be single-family homes. Big ones.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 5.7 years 111 played 102 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Neighborhood 9-holer in HOA community 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Nov 10, 2021 Played the course:2-4 times


Very nice for a subdivision to have its own disc golf course. Don't know how popular the course is with residents, but (presently) there seems no effort to deny access to nonresidents. NB: No longer true. See asterisk statement now on information tab (presumably submitted by one in the know).

For a short course, there is variety in the holes. Some rolling, some up or down. Some wooded and one distinctly so (no. 8). Others open, if you mean largely free of trees.

The creek is more of an issue when crossing it on foot than throwing over it. You probably only get your disc in trouble on no. 3: if you don't clear the creek with your long drive; if your second shot isn't long enough to get over it; or your layup is too strong.

No worries if your disc goes in the creek. The creek is not wide, and it is not deep. But stepping in it will definitely mean wet socks and feet.

The longest hole (no. 8) is definitely the most interesting: "tree" gate from pad, sloping fairway very full of trees, creek to layup to (probably for everyone) but less of an issue than at nos. 3-4 and 6. Second half of the fairway now has a large fallen tree to get over as well as all the living, standing ones not to hit.

Fences, forest borders, and signage discourage walkers from taking up residence on the disc golf course. I think also the sloping terrain from the central part of the park helps with that too.


The main problem here is the thorny, hideous rough. Unlike Giles Run (which now has a transition band of cleared floor for many holes--thank you, NOVA DGA), there is zero "first cut" here. The fairways are mowed (those with grass), but that rough comes up immediately. Consider the color of the disc you are about to throw and if it contrasts well (or not) with the colors around you. Whatever season it is at the time. Fall leaves only exacerbate the situation. You must follow your disc visually to the ground to have any hope of retrieval. Happily, the scorecard box at no. 1 also doubles as a found-disc dropbox (can hold 2-3 discs).

On UDisc, other disc golfers note the high pars for nos. 3, 7, 8. Without the thorny rough, I suspect said pars would indeed be 1 stroke lower. Maybe the designer(s) figure why add insult to injury: lost disc + single/double/triple bogey or worse.

The course definitely needs foot bridges (just rudimentary plank structures would be sufficient) at nos. 3-4 and no. 6.

Hole signs are not very accurate. You would do yourself a favor to walk up the fairway first to know where you are going and determine your conservative strategy to hopefully stay out of the rough.

Other Thoughts:

Until there is a course map online or if you don't use Udisc, remember the tract runs counter-clockwise. No. 2 faces up the slope before falling down around a forested corner; I was errantly firing in the wrong direction on my first outing. The hole sign is always at the back of the tee box. This will help you too. Potential confusion is really only an issue at no. 2, as a cleared powerline grassy lane runs in the opposite direction.

You can play the course once if you are short on time or walk around twice for 18 holes. Or play two discs at once. The course seems very lightly played, so you may be able to get away with playing two discs at once.

The course is not far from Franklin Park nor Clark's Run. You could play it with one or both of those on a day trip.

Disclaimer: I have created the DGCR profile here for the course, but I have no formal attachment to the property. If there is a parks authority official or a HOA official here in DGCR-world who can add more to this listing, please do so!
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 37.1 years 249 played 52 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Routine 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jul 14, 2021 Played the course:once


Located in a very nice area. This small park has a playground area (swings etc), a shelter for picnics, and a very small dog park (which is marked for residents only). Bike trails nearby. Nine holes with a mix of open and wooded; a few interesting shapes; nice tee signs at each tee with layout and distance. Very easy navigation - you can always see the next tee from the preceding hole's basket. New Mach 2 baskets which catch very well. Tee pads are gravel in boxes which are in very good shape; the holes are short so this is not a problem (for me). Parking lot is not huge but not much traffic here (seems like mostly locals who walk to the park). Played Wednesday at 11 AM and had the park to myself until the very end of my round; peaceful. Large sign marking the beginning of the course with maps/scorecards. There is a water fountain.


Baskets do not have numbers (not sure about every single one) but there is really only one basket visible from the tee so it is "obvious" where to throw. One basket and one tee per hole. Most tees are pretty close to the previous basket. Several water crossings (small) with no bridge or board so you might encounter slippery rocks. Holes are pretty short (see 'Other' below for some talk on distances) - the scorecard says 150', 225', 295', 136', 165', 200', 397', 372', and 228'. The layout on the tee signs and the printed maps often does not match the shape of the hole. They seem to have it almost exactly backward: where they show it straight, the fairway curves; where they show a curve, it is straight. Some poison ivy off fairway although it is pretty easy to stay in the fairways. No benches, no bag hooks, no bathrooms. The pars on the scorecard are very high (e.g. hole 9 is a straight 228' hole with no obstacles and is par 4),

Other Thoughts:

Driving in, it's easy to miss the entrance to the park (it's pretty small). The course starts at the far left of the parking lot with a course sign on the path into the woods (near the first tee). The distances on the scorecard and tee signs does not match the distances on this website. In some cases, they do not match between the scorecard and the tee sign (but usually they do). I can't tell which values are correct so I did not change the values here. Also confusing is that it is called Everfield DGC here but the scorecards and tee signs say it is Willowsford DGC. It is at the location listed here (and matches the brief description) so I'm sure it is the same course.

Hole 1 is a wooded hole that should be scouted first. The map on the tee sign shows it as straight but it actually curves considerably to the right. The tee pad for 2 is around that same curve so anyone standing there might be in hazard. Straight ahead from the tee is underbrush so you definitely don't want to throw straight and then go find the basket.

Hole 2 is a simple straight open hole. Of course the map shows a curve in the fairway.

Hole 3 is my second favorite hole on the course. It is a nice gentle downhill to a basket across a small streamlet which you can play as OB for added challenge.

Hole 4 is an ace run to a basket in a wooded corridor. You throw across the same streamlet you just crossed.

Hole 5 is another short wooded corridor.

Hole 6 is an open hole across a slightly wider streamlet to a basket up a gentle slope. Do not cross the streamlet at the tee - go to the right along the bank and you will find a trail that leads to a much better crossing spot.

Hole 7 is the longest hole on the course. It is wide open and goes up a couple of small bumps to a basket along the woods on the right.

Hole 8 is my favorite hole on the course. It is wooded and the tee sign map is confusing. The basket is straight ahead down a slope but the fairway/trail takes a hard left and then a hard right. If you spot/realize the basket is down at the bottom on the slope (slightly on the right), you can throw over the intervening underbrush; I didn't and threw down the left side thinking that I was supposed to follow the path. Once I found the basket, I realized that this was actually a fun hole. Afterwards, cross the wider streamlet to get to the ninth tee.

Hole 9 is mostly open to a basket in a small wooded area. Very straight and easy.

Afterwards, take the path to the right to get on a paved path back into the park near the playground. It is a short walk back to the parking lot. My overall impression is that it is a very pleasant little park that would be great for local beginners. I wish I had brought a camera (my cheap phone doesn't take pictures) because it is unlikely I will come back unless I happen to be in the area. Can be combined with Salamander Resort as another bland 9-holer. I wavered between 2 and 2.5 as a rating - went with 2.5 because it was pleasant/attractive and supplied maps.
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