Urbandale, IA

Hallbrook Park

Practice Area
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An about perfect practice area

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 17, 2022 Played the course:once


-2 Quality Baskets
-Large area to do field work
-Quiet park


-Have to walk in from the street a bit
-Absolutely open, no obstacles
-No facilities

Other Thoughts:

Hallbrook Park is a hidden gem of a park in Urbandale, IA. The park is a green space behind some houses. It has a good sized playground, a couple of walking trails run through, and there are 2 baskets in the park. There is also an NFL sized open field at the south end of the park. As a practice area, it is good. 2 baskets, lots of room for field work and quiet. It is a little tough to locate and there is no close parking or facilities. You have to park on the street and walk in (about 600' in from the road to the playground). It's not in my neighborhood, so I probably won't throw there again, but I can see someone getting lots of practice here.
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