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Hopkins Farm Brewery

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Hopkins Farm Brewery reviews

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Winter layout - new and improved

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 2, 2023 Played the course:once


I played the "winter layout", which offers a nice mix of open, semi-open, and wooded holes. The course plays clockwise around a farm field and through some wooded areas, playing mildly downhill the first few holes, flat in the middle, and mildly uphill the last few holes.

Quite a few things have improved since the last review. Each tee is now marked with a bright orange traffic pylon and includes a detailed tee sign. Even better, the course now includes a few wooded holes to balance the wide-open field holes. I hope that the improvements continue next time they set up the summer layout.

Tee signs are mounted on a short wooden stakes and list hole number, par, and distance. Signs also include artistic and useful hole maps, and inspirational quotes about beer. For instance: "Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer."

Hole #4 was probably my favorite, a forested 160' right-drifting throw with late trees to miss. I also enjoyed hole #5, a 250' throw out of the woods with the option to play the 10m circle as an island (missing the island plays as hazard). Holes #6 and #7 are tight tunnel shots that would benefit from clearing off the fairway (see cons).

Hopkins Farm is a 10-minute detour if you are traveling on I-95. The brewery was pleasant and welcoming, with a food truck, an ample selection of beers on tap, indoor and outdoor seating, family activities, and event spaces. Plenty of parking, too.


Rubber tee pads are laid over existing ground, making the teeing area quite lumpy. I threw standstill even when I would have liked a runup. Several holes play across lumpy farm fields, which makes for tricky walking.

Severely thorny disc eating rough on hole #7, which is a tight tunnel shot. I kicked into the deepest, tallest thorns and didn't even bother looking for my disc.

The course is more open than I prefer, although the winter layout includes some wooded and semi-open holes. The course is also fairly short, but the course length seems appropriate for the brewery setting.

Minor quibble: Distances listed on the tee signs are very round numbers and may not be accurate. For example, the tee sign lists hole #2 as 300' but the smart layout on that "other" site lists it as 350'.

Other Thoughts:

The course is still a work in progress and I will be interested to see how it evolves. For me, good beer, good food, a pleasant setting, and a decent disc golf course made my visit enjoyable.

The most pleasant surprise of my visit was the delicious crab cake sandwich from the food truck out front. I can also strongly recommend Ned's Irish Red Ale. Food trucks and tap listings vary so you may want to check the schedule on their website before you visit.
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The Course is a Work in Progres, but the Beer is Excellent

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Mar 31, 2024 Played the course:2-4 times

Other Thoughts:

Much improved layout, with a few holes in the woods surrounding the farm fields.

The layout forms a clockwise loop starting on one side of the brewery and finishing on the other (next to the outdoor stage). The baskets are still Axiom Lite portables, the tees are just rubber mats laid on often uneven ground. The signage is colorful with good diagrams of the holes. There are two right-to-left holes and two that have a bit of a left-to-right lines. A very pretty narrow straight hole through the woods, and a couple of wide open bombers. I played the "Winter Layout" and I expect that several holes will be changed when the farming season begins.

It's rough underfoot and much of the course was very wet and muddy due to runoff down to the holes from the farm fields. Except in the heat of summer you should probably plan to get wet feet.

Hopkins Farm Brewery has been making very good beer in a variety of styles for several years now. I've visited a half dozen times, and have never been disappointed. They've added live music, food trucks, fire pits and a private party enclosure. Good beer, good merch - and while the disc golf is improving, you're best to approach it as a work in progress.

If you want to introduce a beginner to the game or play a short course, consider heading to the nearby Churchville Six. While you're there, play the very good wooded and technical Mill Brook DGC next door. Then come back to Hopkins Farm for well-earned and very good beer.
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