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Kenly, NC

Kenly DGC

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Kenly DGC reviews

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Urban Disc Golf 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 8, 2022 Played the course:once


-A 9-hole course that offers small town urban disc golf. Uniquely meandering around abandon buildings, an active building, sports fields, along city streets, borders an outfield fence, and parking lots. The course is mostly flat and lightly wooded, with a few holes down and upslope. The course opened in the fall of 2021.

-The abandon buildings were a few city buildings from the past, and the active is a gym. A run-down basketball court serving as a fairway, and parking lots serving as O.B, and fairways. A lawn area serves as an island hole. A few baskets are hidden behind the buildings. There are mandos to help steer safely along the course.

-There are two tee pads and 1 basket per hole. Tee pads are a mixture of grass, sidewalk, and broken up pavement. The new Dynamic Patriot baskets catch great! I played short tees because of the No. 1 Con, see below.

-Since I've played the course tee signs have been added at both tee pads. Offering a white background with black graphics and they look nice! On the tee signs are hole number, distance, par, next tee, and a very graphic map that includes O.B. with D.Z. The O.B. will tell you what type such as "road". Playing longs those tee signs are numbered 10 thru 18. Navigation is a figure 8 starting clockwise.

-I'm not a fan of Mando's, but there present and needed for safety issues.

-From the bag on the tee a variety of putter's, Mid's, fairways, and driver.

-Beginners and Recreational will find the shorts playing at ease with some fun holes. Intermediate and Advanced play the long tee's, and you'll find some unique challenges.


-The only active building along the course is the gym. On Saturday morning games were being played and the parking lots were packed. This ruled out playing from the tees on #2 where a truck and trailer were parked on the fairway. Long tee's 3 and 6 were interfered with parked cars. #8 both tees a full parking lot. #9 cars parked on the grass behind the basket. Bummer! Since the course is so new with little information, no way of knowing this when I home worked the course.

-Holes 1, and 3 play along a well-used neighborhood street, making a misthrow a possible hit car. Hole 1-3 play along abandon buildings where a is throw could make its way thru already broken glass into a boarded-up building. A walker was using the asphalt trail along hole 4, and from the long tee the fairway fly's over a portion of the fenced outfield.

-Holes 5-6 play upslope and then downslope in an open field. These two holes are bland compared to the risk you take playing the other 7 holes. #3 fairway crosses in front of the #8 basket.

-Loss Disc is actually at a minimum, however if you happen to throw your disc thru a window, on top of a roof, and just maybe in the back of truck moving down the street. Consider yourself unlucky. Playing the mando's should help out.

Other Thoughts:

I like the small-town urban layout of Kenly DGC, its unique and if the course is cleared of parked cars would be an enjoyable play. The only other course where abandoned buildings came into play for a few holes I've played is Historic Onancock School Course on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. What few holes I was able to get a taste of watching my disc buzz by buildings was different. That brings me to my Personnel Con, those parked cars. I thought I was safe playing on a Saturday morning in a small town and was surprised and disappointed to see fairways with cars parked. Looking around that portion of the course and seeing blocked long tees with fairways, decided it was best to stick with shorts and keep it safe. Likely would have been best to bag the course on a weekday morning.

My overall rating is anchored on the unique urban layout at a 4.0. The time to play on a partial course was 25 minutes, a full play about 35 minutes.

Notable Hole:

No. 17/8 Par 4 long at 406 feet is an up slope open tee from the basketball court to a basket surround by a few trees. The parking lot is O.B. at the 195-foot mark clearing the parking lot at C2. The basket is placed in an island green in the shape of a three-point line on a basketball court. The base at the parking lot C2 width, the top of the key past the basket C1 distance. Wished I could of played it, threw a practice putt because of the parked cars.

Signature Hole:

No. 12/3 Par 4 at 476/423 feet for those with long distance tee throws will find it fun! A level hole from the longs throwing over the parking lot. The fairway is open with trees all the way down the right and street on other side of tree line, parking lot down the left. At about 300 feet is an abandon single story building with a high angle roof pitch. There's a gap of about 30 feet between the edge of the building and tree line. Or throw directly over the building to an open blind basket past the far right edge of building, to clear building at least 350 feet. If you hit the roof your disc should skip off and find its way down to the ground, and windows are boarded up. I thought the hole represented the more enjoyable holes of the course. I teed for the gap.

Trouble Hole:

No. 11 Par 3 longs at 291 feet is a level hole with an abandon building between the tee and basket. Basket is at the corner of the building blind, and just a few feet from the wall. An ace would be incredible! The fairway is an alley of about 50 feet wide, on the right the building with a few trees, on the left a short fence to a soccer field which is O.B. A few obstructions on the left bleachers, and stadium lighting. From the tee need to play a high banana shot to reach basket with the skill of throwing over the soccer field towards the guarded building basket. The roof is flatter, a few broken windows, parking lot O.B. just 20 feet from basket, and hitting the building on a short tee throw dropping the disc, creating a hole I felt where the most strokes could be racked up on the course. A unique hole, wished I could of played but a truck with a trailer was parked on the fairway. I could only walk up for a putt.

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