St. Clairsville, OH

Memorial Park

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Memorial Park reviews

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The Red Death 30
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Novice Course Offers a Few Fun Shots

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 11, 2024 Played the course:once


One of the first things I always like to acknowledge with a course like this ... I'm from a place (Pittsburgh) that is dense with courses so there is a lot to choose from, but it's important to have courses in these smaller towns in Eastern Ohio. No matter the course length having a course in town is a great things and takes some work to install.

This is pretty much a pitch and putt Par 3 in a park. As with many courses, they use the "unused space" that the park wasn't already using for other purposes. That is mostly the areas around the driveways in this case. The front 9 looks to be the original set and plays almost entirely around the entryways. You cross those several times along the way. The back 9 plays a little deeper into the park, but still mostly sticks to the roadways. There are also a few creeks. If you use all the pavement and water as OB in your round, you can add some real challenge to this smaller course by making placement golf.

There is a good bit of elevation to be had and you play up and down about a dozen floors. The park itself is nice. There is a pool and several picnic areas. There is a restroom (closed in winter) and a portable toilet during winter.

A few shots really stand out. You play one downhill across the road twice to a placement green. One is a pretty little downhill to a green just across a creek. Another standout hole plays over some tennis courts, tempting you to either play it over the OB or around it.


As with most courses of this style, there just isn't that much memorable. There is nothing really over 300 feet except for one hole. There isn't really any natural features that stand out and very little challenge. Most everything is a basket in a field.

There are two sets of tees. The white tees are in bad shape. Most are worn down and some have roots and rocks on them. Many are not level at all, so you're on slick dirt uphill or downhill. You could try to play to the sides, except someone put the tee signs in the worst places possible. On the very first hole, the tee sign may as well be on the pad. I smacked it on my follow through and sliced my finger open, so part of my memory of this course is bleeding all over lol. The signs themselves are just numbers and distances. That's another problem is that these distances don't seem very accurate at all. Whether on app or signs, many have to be off. There are red tees, but they aren't easy to find. Seemed to be Blue tees, as well, but those aren't marked on UDisc.

Other Thoughts:

Get some concrete or turf pads and move those signs, it's at least a 3 Star Course but until then I'm sure the locals love it and they should.
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nice park; novice course

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:May 25, 2022 Played the course:once


5 minutes off the interstate. Good Mach 2's on the front 9, Yellow DisCatchers on the back 9. Elevation/hills makes the holes more challenging. Great clean park with cut grass. Fairly easy to follow after finding hole 1 with arrows pointing you to the next tee often.
Very cart friendly.


Dirt tees with white wood painting marking the front of them, I saw some shorter red tees. Some tee signs (a metal pole with the number and distance) were literally in the would be tee box. At least 5 holes played over or very near picnic tables:( Baskets 10 and 18 were so near each other I think that I played 10 to 18 and 18 to 10. After 16 you can see 18's tee sign but need to walk down the park road almost the entire distance of 17 then throw back from where you just came from, also playing 16's tee to 17's basket can be easily done. Muddy in a few lower places.

Other Thoughts:

You throw over a park road a few times, the course is kinda cramp in a beautiful park. Hole 10 is stuck between tennis courts and a pool, Tee of 12 is close to the baseball dugout while 15's right side of the fairway is the outfield fence. On a busy park day, I'd think many holes would be unsafe to play. There is no way hole 2 is 254' as the sign says, more like 200' or less.
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St Clairsville memorial park 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 2, 2021 Played the course:once


The course has a variety of shots. Elevation is used for uphill and downhill shots. It is always well maintained and the grass is always cut. It is easy to navigate. It has red white and blue tees. It is 18 holes even though this site says 9. You are very unlikely to loose a disc. Shorter holes for beginners and some longer ones for big arms. All tees have signs.


It can be wet at times. The tees are natural. Not concrete.
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