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New Town Elementary School

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New Town Elementary has two baskets in a field for play & practice for students. It's a rec area no different than the basketball hoops, four square court, soccer nets, or walking trail, yet I'm supposed to leave a rating for these two baskets?
- The two baskets are in good shape. They're fully upright. They catch discs.
- There is zero obstacle between the baskets. There is zero way an obstacle comes into play unless somebody turns 90 degrees and throws directly into the woods or parking lot.
- Kids can learn about disc golf with these two baskets.
- There's enough room here for some light field work. If you tee off from the road, it's around 500 feet to the further basket without any interference.
- Can throw from one basket to the other and back in under 3 minutes. By the time you get back in your vehicle, it's a 5-minute stop to mark a course as played.


It's a practice spot. That's it. Nothing more to add.
- There aren't obstacles. There aren't supposed to be any.
- It's easy. It's supposed to be easy.
- It's not meant for adults. No kidding. It's at an elementary school.
- There aren't tee signs. You can't see the other basket from where you're standing?

Other Thoughts:

I found the baskets at New Town Elementary simply by driving down the road and seeing the baskets in a field. I'm always carrying, so I was able to stop by and throw. With so many school courses in the area, I'm always looking for baskets at schools when I drive by.
- I wish the new website would incorporate the old no-ratings & short reviews allowed policy for practice areas. Do I need to earn thumbs, or get negative votes, writing about what you can see in my picture?
- Look at the picture. You can see both baskets. Boom. There's your review.
- Instead, I've got to give this a rating. What is a fair rating. Zero because it's not a course? 2.5 because I think it's dumb to rate 2 baskets in a field? 5 because it's a learning experience for kids and we live in a rating-inflated UDisc world?
- I'll tell you what I'm doing. I'm giving a 0.5 right now. Once my rating isn't on the front page, I'll bump it up to 2.5 because I feel these reviews should be neutral, aka, not needed.
- Visualize a 180-foot throw from one basket to the other. Congrats. You just played this course.
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