Harrison, AR

North Arkansas College

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North Arkansas College reviews

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Good Course in Northwest Arkansas 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 6, 2015 Played the course:once


This course in Harrison is one of the better courses that I've played. It has a good mixture of short to long holes with a nice flow. The course also seems to be maintained really well as a lot of the grass was cut and other features were good. Playing the back 9 through the trees after a fairly open front 9 was fun, too. The best holes were 7 (protected basket), 12 (double mando), and 16 (a good risk/reward hole).


There are some areas of improvement that could easily make this course a 4-4.5 worthy disc course. The first is the tee pad situation. Holes 7, 9-18 have good concrete pads, but the first 6 are rectangular frames where cement is hopefully going to be poured eventually. The first six also have no signs, and 8's sign is leaned against a tree. While the play isn't affected by these, some simple work here and there could make the course even better.

Other Thoughts:

Overall this course is extremely fun to play and a great stop if you find yourself in the town of Harrison. You can't go wrong with this course.
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Beginner/Intermediate 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 27, 2012 Played the course:once


- Course is set in and around the college campus, but mostly away from any of the buildings or areas for general activity. A running trail runs through a few places, but barring any organized events, interference isn't an issue.
- Pretty good amount of trees and forest that make for interesting shots off the tee. The front side of the course is more open, with trees taking away lines more than forcing lines. #2 and #3 involve going left or right around some trees, while #6, #7, and #8 only have a few trees to worry about. Most of the other holes have lots more trees; on the back half there are a LOT of tee shots with gaps to hit, some are pretty tight. #12 is a double mando tunnel shot, for instance. #4 has ridiculously nasty rough off the tight fairway; one of the few spots with any real rough.
- Elevation changes abound here, starting with an uphill on #1, as well as #9, #11, and #13. Downhill shots include the mega-bomber that is #8. #10, #16, and #18 are also very high quality downhill holes, with enough trees to force line shaping horizontally as well as vertically. Many spots have sloping areas off the fairway to punish errant shots too, like the left side of #1-#3 and both sides of #4.
- Some tricky pin positions to make for tough approaches, such as trees by #7's and #15's. The parking lot behind #3's pin is tricky as well, due to the downhill approach.
- Good baskets, including a practice basket. Natural teepads were still in good shape, and the flags were still in place. Navigation could be very tricky, though; even with the map it was tough in a couple places (see cons).


- Most of the course plays like a typical park style course; you can usually find your own lanes through the trees and cater the lines to fit your game. Not that it is a terrible thing, but it isn't extremely exciting in the grand scheme.
- Layout seemed to be tweaked a little from the maps on here; I have a feeling they moved #4 either seasonally or permanently to avoid interference with cross country. Hopefully it was just temporary, but that is a big loss either way. #5 also seemed to be in a different spot; a fairly easy downhill shot instead of a tough uphill hyzer through trees. Pretty confusing.

Other Thoughts:

- All in all, a pretty solid course that was a good mix of uphill and downhill shots, open and tight tree gaps, short and long hole lengths. Good chances to rip drives for any size arm, as well as tricky ace runs, and many holes in between. Probably better suited for intermediate players or semi-beginners (as long as you have a map).
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Welcomed Addition to Harrison 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jan 1, 2017 Played the course:5+ times


Fun course at North Arkansas College in Harrison. Offers plenty of elevation change with a good mix of open, long, short, and wooded holes. A couple of good ace run opportunities can be found on some of the shorter wooded holes. Sign posts at each tee list the distance and par. The course plays fairly quick for it's size, which is not a bad thing. Tennis court, ball diamonds, batting cages and a cross country course are also located on this property as well.

Hole 1- Steep uphill shot with a thick treeline on the left and fast slope to parking lot OB on the right. Blind pin sits just past the tree line about 20'.

Hole 2- Pin sits just past the tree line on the left at the edge of the ridge. Adds slight risk/reward factor with the steep fast green to OB to the left of the pin.

Hole 3- The tee has been moved back and to the right making it a little more challenging. However, the basket is situated way too close to the parking lot.

Hole 4- This hole is wide open and flat, but the basket has been relocated amongst a couple of trees making it a little bit longer and more interesting.

Hole 5- A fun uphill finesse shot that offers a variety of shot shaping with left or right lane options. Fast green to the left of the basket puts more emphasis on shot placement.

Hole 6- Flat and wide open to a blind pin sitting downhill on a fast slope with a thick treeline to the right side of the fairway and a steep slope and a couple of thick trees to.the left.

Hole 7- Slightly uphill to a pin in a tight cluster of trees. OB parking lot downhill to the right.

Hole 8- The longest hole on the course at 770' downhill. The tee has been relocated so that now there is a fair gap through some trees that you need to hit off the tee instead of it being wide open.

Hole 9- Wide open uphill shot with the basket just beyond the treeline.

Hole 10- Downhill gap shot between two trees with a low ceiling. Finesse and accuracy are key to get your disc to the pin off the tee on this one.

Hole 11- Short and technical uphill toss in to the woods. This hole offers a couple of different lanes through gaps in the trees. Great for backhand or forehand. OB fence along the right.

Hole 12- Double mando between two trees about 25' off the tee through a tight wooded lane to the pin just past the lane and slightly right. Fun and technical short finesse hole.

Hole 13- Short uphill toss to a pin guarded by a couple of trees. Offers a variety of shot choices aside from to very obvious hyzer lane. Great ace run hole!

Hole 14- Flat and wooded hole with left or right lane options to the pin.

Hole 15- This hole slopes easily uphill to a guarded pin. There is a gap off the tee between two trees to make things a little more interesting. OB fence ahead and right.

Hole 16- A fun downhill hole through the woods that offers a couple of different shot and lane choices as well as risk/reward with OB fence line coming in to play on the right side of the right lane. This hole is listed as par 4, but in reality would play perfectly as a challenging 3 with some maintenance trimming. As it stands now, it's just a tweener.

Hole 17- Slightly uphill to a guarded pin.

Hole 18- Downhill hole with two big trees to avoid as well as OB parking lot to the right and fast green to OB parking just behind the pin.


No alternate pin or tee placements and the tee pads aren't long enough for most of the longer holes to get a proper run-up. Hole 3's basket plays way too close to the parking lot and I'm sure some cars could get damaged by errant throws. Holes 3 and 4 tees are very close to each other , and with all of the land on this property, there is no reason those two pads should be right next to each other. So now you play all the way downhill and then have to walk right back up it to play hole 4. The Monkey Trap baskets have to be one of the worst baskets I have ever played on. The chains are heavy and notorious for spit outs, hence their nickname "monkey spits". They are as bad, if not worse, than Mach 3s. Several holes could use some trimming to clean up lanes for true flights.

Other Thoughts:

This is a pretty fun course for being at a small college in a small town. I was really excited about this course as it is the first one in the town where my folks live. Before, the closest course was a half hour or so away. Having studied course design and designing a few myself, I can't help but pick apart design flaws whenever I play courses. This course is just fine for what it is, but I feel it could have been so much better with a more thought out design.
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