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3.00 star(s)

Short, Elevated, and Scenic 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 23, 2021 Played the course:once


-An open course on the slope of a hill providing elevated, uphill, and cross hill tee shots. The course has well placed guardian trees or bushes for basket protection on some holes. A few other basket locations have rollers. Some fairways have lightly trees.

-All holes are memorable.

-Tee pads are now all turf. The four that were turf when I played it were solid.

-Baskets catch great with a variety of open with rollers, guardian trees or bushes, and a few hidden behind a slope.

-Some very good wind play.

-Tee signs include hole number, distance, par, and map.

-Threw a variety of discs from the tee, some easy does it putters downhill, mids, fairways, and a few drivers.

-Navigation is clockwise and would be impossible to get lost on this course.

-One of the most scenic open courses I've played whether it be the flower bushes and light trees throughout the course or gazing from the upper elevation portions of the course out across the valley toward the Blue Ridge Mountains.

-Amenities include a course map by parking, and a picnic table. There is heavy local community support with hole sponsors, and it's a dedicated park for Disc Golf. Course maintenance will be kept up.

-The course with the short distance is geared toward beginners, recreational, and families. They'll have a great time here. For Intermediate and Advanced you'll have ace runs and drop in birdies.


-Some fairways are on top of each other with the short distance if its crowded heads up. On a fall Saturday morning I was the only playing.

-For those who thrive on long distance bomber holes there not here, your best chance on some of the longer holes would be 1-2, and 18 which are up slope.

-Lost disc potential along the upper elevation holes of 4-5, and 14-15. They border a heavy tree line with brush. Behind 15 basket a drop into a forest area in the fall when I played layered with leaves.

Other Thoughts:

Orange County DGC for myself a very high fun factor! Elevated tee shots are a plus for me, ace runs abound, and took home a bounty of birdies. I can't imagine anyone coming here and not having a good time, I like these types of courses from time to time. The scenery walking on the upper slopes 14-15 looking across the valley was inspiring, and to finish the view with an epic throw on 16 tee pad will be memorable. The only personnel con I had were the lack of longer holes, it would have been nice to of thrown driver on at least a few holes downhill, instead of just the one I threw. Also, the course is not competitive for myself, and I like being challenged. The rutted grass tee's would have been another con, but in the past two months there now all new turf tees. Looks like the local club will stay on top of the course. If I lived within an hour of the course, I would play here monthly in the warmer months, purely based on the fun factor. I think anything more than that could become too routine during play.

With the high fun factor, elevated tee shots, ace runs and birdie grabs, and a scenic course with views my overall rating is anchored on a 5.0. The time to play was 55 minutes.

Notable Basket Placement:

No. 5 Par 3 at 180 feet is short and sweet if you like high bushes in front of the basket within C1. The tee is elevated starting with a rise blocking your view about 40 feet out, and the basket is tucked right center behind the bushes and hidden. I walked about halfway up the fairway to find the basket and to see it was also a roller. The fear is not getting it high enough to clear about 12 feet of bushes on a down slope, and not throwing it too hard to fly past the basket. My putter was online for an ace run, if it had gone in I never would of seen it, and found my putter about 15 feet past the basket.

Notable Holes:

No. 14 Par 3 at 200 feet is a gentle upslope to a basket tucked behind trees and bushes. The fairway has a lazy dogleg right with over hanging branches from the right pushing you toward the heavy trees and bushes on the left. The fairway is only about 25 feet wide. Must keep it low to the ground with your disc sweeping to the right. The most technical shot on the course. I caught a branch on the left.

No. 16 Par 3 at 250 feet an elevated open tee throw except a clump of bushes to the left of tee pad about 25 feet out blocking an open fairway and basket. Need to play from the tee pad and immediate dogleg left. On the way to the basket straight down hill, the basket sits on a ridge with a straight drop, a roller that can roll a few hundred feet. On the tee was going back and forth between a mid or fairway decided on an Underworld with a turnover. Trotted over to the right just in time to watch my disc sail directly over the basket and disappear out of sight. Found my disc about 120 feet past the basket, I don't think I'll ever throw a 370-foot Underworld again.

Signature Hole:

No. 9 Par 3 at 300 feet is an elevated straight downhill hole to an open basket. There are a few trees to the left and right of C1 and C2. Also, some rose bushes to the right, I would imagine when in bloom would be a very scenic putting green. The elevation gives a nice view across the valley. I think the hole represents the course very well with scenery, elevation, and a good combination fair enough for less skilled players and offers the longest par 3 on the course for skilled players to have a nice long ace run. Decided if I was going to use a driver off one of the elevated tees, this would be it. Had a good line but deflected off a tree into C1 instead of running way past the basket.

Trouble Hole:

No. 15 Par 3 at 240 feet is a straight away open tee to open basket on the highest elevated point on the course. The fairway runs across the slope of the hill, theirs the heavy/brush tree line all the way down the left side. The basket sits on a crest running left to right downhill, and on the barest portion of the course, a roller is possible or a skip into the heavy trees and brush that lays behind the basket also running downhill left to right. A few feet behind the basket is a drop into those heavy trees/brush running about 60 feet. On a fall day the ground in the forest was layered with leaves and underbrush. I felt the lost disc potential was the highest on 15 for the course, let alone skipping into the forest area, and playing back uphill. Teed my disc just short of the crust.

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3.00 star(s)

It is what it is 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Nov 10, 2020 Played the course:5+ times


For me (a local) good place to go for a quick round just a few minutes away. It is definitely no challenge for advanced players, but for new players (like me) it's a good shot to go par or less and very small chance of lost discs, although that does exist with very errant shots. But wide open and it's not a big commitment of time or energy to get in 18 holes.

All holes now have turf tee pads.


Not a challenge for more advanced players.

Not much shade for those hot days

No benches or places to sit.

Other Thoughts:

Just agree with what others have said. I am very glad the county Parks and Rec set this up to get an old man like me out for a walk. And it's the perfect place to introduce somebody new to the sport.
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Experience: 25.1 years 12 played 3 reviews
2.00 star(s)

A fun beginner experience. 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 10, 2020 Played the course:once


Wide open course with little to no chance of going much over par. This is a community supported course that does not strive to be more. Great signage with community sponsorship on display. Nice use of land. Well maintained. Like the addition of a practice basket.


Easy course. Almost uninspiring. Lots of up shots. Easy to throw at wrong target because it is so wide open. Critter holes all over. Zero shade.

Other Thoughts:

Nice course. I can see what the community was going for. A fun family friendly game. Great course to introduce someone to the sport.
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2.00 star(s)

Orange is the old Orange 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 11, 2019 Played the course:once


Easy to naviagte and difficult to lose a disc.


Mostly short and fairly open.

Other Thoughts:

Course is set upon a mildly-sloped and gently rolling open space not too far outside the has-all-the-essentials town of Orange. These elevation changes, along with a few scattered trees, provide the challenges foudn here.

With an average length of ~220', and only a couple holes pushing ~300', this distance on this course is primarily designed for below-Advanced players. The relative openess and scarcity of trees empasizes this target audience.

A good candidate for glow-rounds.

Advanced+ local players will probably quickly create some safari layout. The short downhill followed by the short uphill? Make it a long valley shot. The short uphill followed by the short downhill? Make it a long up-n-over blind shot. The short left-turner followed by the short right-turner? There's your long S-shot.

An easy, quick course to bag for the travelling player, with some good safari options for the local.
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