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Gordonsville, VA

Raptor's Roost - Range Par 2

1.55(based on 1 reviews)
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Raptor's Roost - Range Par 2 reviews

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Experience: 4.8 years 113 played 112 reviews
1.50 star(s)

A Warmup Putter Course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 14, 2021 Played the course:once


-A mostly 9-hole open putter course with a few holes in the woods, the course plays counter-clockwise around the perimeter of a disc driving range offering ace runs. The disc driving range is not part of the course.

-Tees are marked by a green post, and hole distances range from 100 feet to 212 feet. After played basket next green post is easy to spot.

-Baskets are a collection of used baskets and catch well enough. A few rollers, and #3 sits a few feet on top of wooden blocks.

-Baskets 3-4, and 7 are at the end of the disc driving range and can be used for targeting.

-The Range course can be dominated by wind giving you a good feel what to expect on the 18-hole courses.

-On the tee from the bag putter, mid's, and fairways. Also threw drivers on the disc range towards baskets 3-4 and 7.

-Beginners and Recreational will be given a good option to play a more comfortable course if no desire to play the more difficult 18-hole courses. Intermediate and Advance will find a good warmup course prior to playing the 18-hole courses. Ace runs for all!

-As a Disc Golf property Raptor's Roost ranks #1 on my courses played. On the property are a total of five courses a second putter course The Woods, a beginners 18-holer Little Wing, and 2-18 holes The Wing and Talon with full distance. A disc driving range. A fully stocked pro shop with a large disc selection. Also, a grill that opens Thursday thru Sunday with a chef, other days snacks and beverages including adult with indoor seating.

-Raptors Roost is located on the Shenandoah Crossing Resort property and would be a family destination with several options for lodging including camping and RV hookups. A large variety of outdoor entertainment.


-I don't care if its Paul McBeth throwing precision shots on the disc driving range, I'm not playing the course if anybody is on the range. There are a few other baskets other than 3-4, and 7 if a late or early release is thrown you may get a haircut.

-I only saw one green post numbered which may have been number 2? The first tee is at the far end of the tees for the disc range. There is no other tee box information.

-The course is repetitive with open play with a few wooded holes, roller baskets, and #3 to keep it interesting.

-Baskets are used and a few are suspect with age.

-Lost disc should be at a minimum, in the warmer months brush could be thick for holes 5-7, and along the fairway for 8.

Other Thoughts:

Raptor's Roost-Range Par 2 course is a solid warmup course for the 3 18-hole courses on the property, whether you're playing the Range Course or just using the baskets at the end of the disc range. The #3 basket on top of the wooden blocks caught my attention as I threw a few drivers at it from the range, and as I played the course a few other discs from a variety of the course tees, the basket sticks out compared to the others. If I lived in the area this is the course to work on my wind approaches and use the disc range. My personnel con was the unmarked green post used as tees. UDisc had a down network message, so no navigation help. I decided to use the green post that was the closes and found out later it was #9, so off in the wrong direction I went and soon discovered the wrong track. I took pictures which none would have made sense, tried sneaking a few past admin as basket to tee, and those were even a stretch.

My overall rating is anchored on a solid warmup course, wind game, and ace runs at a 3.0. The time to play with throwing extra discs was 25 minutes, would have been less than 20 minutes if I was just focused on the course. For the Range Course I have no Signature, Trouble, or a Hole of Interest for you as noted on my other reviews.

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