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Gordonsville, VA

Raptor's Roost - Woods Par 2

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2.255(based on 2 reviews)
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Raptor's Roost - Woods Par 2 reviews

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Experience: 24 years 501 played 76 reviews
2.00 star(s)

Fun little putter course

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 28, 2023 Played the course:once


Full disclosure: I love putter courses. Love 'em. So for me, this course packed an inordinate amount of enjoyment into 722 feet of disc golf. Just don't show up expecting an epic beat-down, or thinking you will need a bag full of high-speed drivers to play this course. You will not.

That said, this course offers a surprising amount of variety despite holes averaging 80 feet long. Right and left turns. Uphill, downhill, and side-hill holes. Protected baskets and rollaway greens. Subtle lines where a right-turning shot might work better as a righty backhand turnover instead of a sidearm. At least one hole that can be jump-putted, although with the downhill slope you may be jump-putting back uphill if you don't draw metal.

Orange Prodigy baskets were mounted level and easy to spot in the woods. Tees are marked with low orange posts listing the hole number. Easy navigation from basket to tee. Low risk of disc loss during the winter, but disc risk might be higher in other seasons.

Practice basket near the clubhouse, which sells discs, drinks, and excellent BBQ sandwiches. Clubhouse had disc golf videos playing at the bar when I visited. Three other courses of varying difficulty on the site of a former ball golf course.


This is a short, 9-hole course where hole distances average 80 feet. Slopes could be slick in wet weather. Natural tee pads, which are adequate for such a short course.

Other Thoughts:

Located within a gated community, you will need to call ahead to make arrangements. Pay $10 at the clubhouse to play all four courses on site. Course is located behind the back deck of the clubhouse.
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Experience: 4.8 years 113 played 112 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Sweet Wooded Putter Course

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Dec 14, 2021 Played the course:once


-A 9-hole Putter Par-2 course that meanders thru heavy woods on the slope of a hill.

-There are two sets of tees, and one basket per hole. Distances range from 35 feet to 140 feet.

-Baskets catch good and are placed within heavy guardian trees, and a few possible rollers when heavy leaves are not present.

-Tee markers have hole number.

-Navigation is clockwise, next tee is easy to see from played basket.

-From the bag at the tee, I used just a putter.

-All level of players will find some challenges putting thru gaps but will be fun trying to get that Ace!

-As a Disc Golf property Raptor's Roost ranks #1 on my courses played. On the property are a total of four courses, a beginners 18-holer Little Wing, and 2-18 holes The Wing and Talon with full distance. A disc driving range. A fully stocked pro shop with a large disc selection. Also, a grill that opens Thursday thru Sunday with a chef, other days snacks and beverages including adult with indoor seating.

-Raptors Roost is located on the Shenandoah Crossing Resort property and would be a family destination with several options for lodging including camping and RV hookups. A large variety of outdoor entertainment.


-It's going to be repetitive putting thru heavy woods, but it was fun gunning for an ace.

-A little rough walking the course, on a December morning heavy leaf's covering roots stumbling on a few of them. Which brings us to lost disc potential.

-#3 stretches out to 140 feet hidden behind trees. With the heavy leaves it's possible to lose sight of disc and it gets buried. #5 has a deep depression behind it that was filled with leaves or at other times of the year water after a heavy rain.

Other Thoughts:

Raptor's Roost-Woods Par 2 course is short challenging with baskets protected by guardian trees offering difficult short ace runs. I hit 3 barrels and the rest I managed to find trees. The putting experience reminded me of several courses I've played trying to putt thru tree gaps, and fun! Without the leaves may have had a few roller experiences. I don't have any personnel cons, the course is pretty much what is, a wooded putting experience. I do have a personnel preference in that I wouldn't warmup on this course, the last memory I would want is hitting trees prior to playing the 18-holer courses. The warmup is best on the Range Par 2 course to be discussed on my next review. The Woods Par 2 is an excellent cool down course as I complete my day.

My overall rating is anchored on the wooded putting experience, a chance for an Ace, and the disc property experience set at a 3.0. The time to play snapping pictures was 15 minutes.

Trouble Hole:

No. 5 at 50 feet is a down slope putt that is open with a few skinnies that can be used for bracketing. What's behind the basket within 15 feet is a depression that looked deep, but how deep are to tell, when I played heavy leaves were piled up. There are several depressions on a course I frequent, and a few feet of water can accumulate after heavy rain, and water can be hidden under leaves. This would be a lost disc factor, no way would I try to search in there without knowing depth, and a bare surface could skip in when no leaves on a missed putt. This was one of the barrels I hit on my putt.

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