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Hope Mills, NC

Resurrection Park

1.35(based on 5 reviews)
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Resurrection Park reviews

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This Chuch has a Reverend Lovejoy!!

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 30, 2023 Played the course:once


Even by church standards, Resurrection Park is an interesting course.
- Once you drive around the church building, the first thing you notice is there's a house right there. As you walk to the first tee, you're essentially teeing off from the pastor's front yard.
- First hole has you teeing off around a shipping container for a blind tee shot. Throw long as there's a small pond short and left of the basket. Once you're to the basket, the pond serves as a nice view.
- #2 tees off alongside the road. By default, one of the better views.
- #6 is a dogleg left around the edge of a tree line. Unfortunately, the area around the basket is extremely overgrown that you don't want to be too aggressive here. Picked up my disc after my tee shot and gave myself a 3 rather than messing with this.
- #7 is the 'fun' hole with the basket up on a mound, 10 feet off the ground. Could have a potential issue if you sail long past the mound on your tee or approach shot. Underbrush on mound is thick, even in Winter, that you should be prepared for a couple scratches on it.
- #9's basket is between one of the shipping containers and the fence around the pond. Blind tee shot. Take a 3, don't mess with trouble here, and call it a day.
- Each hole has a long tee. Some give slightly different looks rather than simply being 50 feet behind the original tee.
- There are tee signs here that are decent.


Course feels like an afterthought. With it built on, or along the edges of a field, it's very low maintenance.
- Holes #4 & 5 are no more. Baskets have been pulled. Fairways are so overgrown that if you didn't know they were supposed to be fairways, you wouldn't be able to tell. That let's me know this isn't a new thing.
- I couldn't find #9's tee. Based on the UDisc map, I'm glad I didn't. It appears that you're throwing over, or around, the pastor's house.
- #8's basket was much shorter/closer than the listed length.
- No amenities here. If you're coming from I-95/NC-87, there are gas stations, 5-10 away. If you're coming from other back roads, well, I didn't see a gas station for a long time when I left.
- Too many open layouts. #4 & 5 would have given this course much needed variety.

Other Thoughts:

Resurrection Park is an interesting layout for sure. From starting and finishing your round in somebody's yard to walking around a large field, there's no doubt you're in a rural area.
- I didn't bother throwing the long tees. I didn't see a reason to walk around this place a second time. I figured standing on the long tees gave me enough sense that the second time around, my tee shots would be 50 feet shorter than the first time.
- The church offers this area as a community park. There's also a ¼ mile walking trail and playground. On a Saturday afternoon in the end of December, two guys showed up to simply run a couple laps on the trail. Maybe there isn't anywhere else close by to get your mile in.
- The church building itself looks like a big-top tent. I first thought I was driving around the rec building until realizing that it's the main, sanctuary building.
- A little bit of small cacti and sandspurs in the field here. So, just be aware if you're wearing open-toed/soft shoes.
- As of 4/24, the church's website lists the lead pastor as Elijah Lovejoy. His profile says he's a disc golfer. He's one of us!
- I'm not going to knock a small, church course in the middle of nowhere. It's clear most people bypass this course. Now I see why. A one-time play for me and for most others too.
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Reclamation Park 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 5, 2020 Played the course:once


Resurrection Park is a 9 basket 18 hole course located just off of Bullard Rd. You may have to wind through the parking lot to the other side of the church to reach the course . Aim for the playground area . Your disc will be doing that in a short while . The parking lot is plenty big enough . There were no visible rest rooms near the activity area , and I am not sure if you are allowed to use the church's inside rest rooms .
The Equipment - There are 2 short rubber tee mats per hole . The tee signs were adequate , Attached to wood posts , they had religious sayings at the bottom of each sign . The baskets are yellow banded Discatchers .
The Landscape - The general front area of the park is clean and clear of everything . The back has some woods to it ( more in cons ) , and a man made mound comes into play on a back hole . The parking lot , a retention pond and playground will come into play , as well as a semi trailer and some bushes . This Course Is Flat . Period .
Appearance/Atmosphere - below average . I have to count out the woods because you can't really play any of those holes The middle of the park kind of looks like a wasteland , There is just nothing there to capture your eyes , aesthetically .
The Highlights - I fell for the first time in a long while , but only came out of it with a spider bite and sandspurs and stickers .
The course is a fast play because you will have to miss several of the holes . The problem with a 9 basket 18 hole course setup is that when you have a disaster on the fairways or at the baskets , then they affect ( or in this case , Infect ) 2 holes and not one .


Yes , mother nature stops for no one and has been in the process of Reclaiming the back part of the course .
#1 Safety - Well , I fell trying to play hole #4 into the jungle by tripping over vines while walking down the fairway . Sandspurs and spiders will eat you alive in there and out of the overgrowth . 9/18 has you throwing at the parking lot or the fenced in retention pond . The basket sits directly behind a semi trailer and in front of the fence . Throwing into an open car window does NOT give you a free drop . My favorite safety hazard is #1/10 . If you could coordinate maybe a playground activity with many insubordinate and unruly children and a lot of disc golfers teeing off on 1 & 10 at the same time , I mean , the playground is right in the line of fire from the tees . you could actually enact a teaching moment from the Bible , the 11th plague , Hard Plastic from the Air . Watch the kids running for the safety of the church while holding their heads . Disc golfers that bean the most kids that weekend can play Moses the next weekend .
#2 Navigation - The posts are numbered incorrectly . Therefore , it is easy to mess up the flow of the course . You will instinctively walk to #'s 2/11 because it is in front of you , but you have to actually walk to your right from the parking lot to play#1 . Just look for the blood spills from the playground and make a right turn and walk to the post .
#3 Overgrowth - Some of these holes are playable , but the 4/13 , 5/14 , and 6/15 are not . Mother nature has swallowed up these holes . You can see hole 4/13 and attempt to throw it , hoping you don't fall , but you really have to search the jungle to find the other 2 baskets . Hint ; Bring a machete . #7/16 has a clear shot to the basket on a man made hill , There is a bush that has consumed the inside and outside of the basket . It isn't worthwhile to try to throw up to it . Skip the hole and declare a made putt if you hit the mound like I did .
#4 I was researching the plagues of Egypt , but I couldn't find the one with burrs spider bites , sandspurs and thorns . Ahh , it's because that plague is in Hope Mills and not Egypt . These can tear you up when playing here .
#5 The fence - The fence at the retention pond needs an accessible gate . This way , people can throw themselves into it after trying to play this course .
#6 It's really a 9 hole course with 9 other tee pads set a little further back and either directly behind or a little off center . It really doesn't change the shot much if at all .

Other Thoughts:

I never had the privilege to meet Elijah , the pastor here . He put a lot of work into this course and tried to make something happen . I still think that a course on school or church property can serve as an advertisement for that school or church , or a chance to Give something to the community . I was surprised when I found out that the course was only 3 years old , Since the tee pads are portable , the course can still be tweaked or a couple of holes redesigned . A good church-clearing day or 2 could clean up the back of the course . Here's a challenge to the church : Don't give up on it , Resurrect it .
My Recommendation - There is not enough course here to justify coming here , unless you just want to air out and try a new disc and you are a local . At present , do not stop if a traveler , and Course Collectors should stay out of the woods , play what they can , bag the course and move along .
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For Masochists 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 6, 2019 Played the course:once


Posts with photo diagrams and distances on many of the holes.
Decent baskets.
Obvious initial effort to create a disc golf course.


Posts and tee sign numbers were off by 2 on holes 1, 2, 3, 10, 11 & 12.
Posts with no tee signs on 4, 5, 13 & 14.
Most 2nd set of tees had too little to differentiate them as additional holes, they were more like a set of pro tee pads.
Blind holes 1/10 & 9/18 were potentially dangerous to people on the basketball course and in the playground. Discs are also pretty likely to go into the retention pond area on these holes.
2/11, 3/12 & 8/17 were long, wide open shots thru near barren fields of sandspurs.
Woods/jungle holes 4, 5, 6, 13, 14 &15 were completely overgrown. The tees were covered in leaves and twigs and had growth up to 6 feet tall all around them.
I gave up looking for a fairway or basket for 5/14 as walking even a few feet thru the woods left me with thorny spikes in all of my clothing, also, no basket was visible from walking around the edge of the jungle from the field.
There was a barely discernible former fairway from post #6.
#7 tee pad was buried 10 feet into the jungle and the basket for 7/16 was up on a sandy overgrown mound with plant growth so thick in the chains that it rejected a putt from 2 feet away.

Other Thoughts:

Although only 2 years old, the course seems to be abandoned. I was only half way through hole 2/11 when I thought "this might be the worst course I have ever played" (this was #988). I had been besieged by gnats, had sandspurs in my shoes, and I had not even gotten to the spiky thorns and fire ants yet.
Scorched earth might get rid of the sand spurs, possibly Agent Orange for the jungle.
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Watch out for sandspurs! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 18, 2018 Played the course:once


I enjoyed this course and would play it again -- and I appreciate Pater Lovejoy designing and putting in this course for visitors to enjoy -- but I have some constructive feedback and give the course a 1.5 in its current condition.

+ Lots of very long holes where you can really air out your drives. I was expecting a rec level course, but what I found was an intermediate to advanced course in terms of distance.

+ Many of the holes are very well designed with some unique elements. There is an elevated basket on a very steep mound. There is a hole hidden in a little gulley with a tight alley to get to it. And of course the distance adds some difficulty to a mostly open course.

+ Brand new baskets.

+ Very accessible to I-95, so easy to stop off an play if you're traveling through the area.


I met Elijah (Pastor Lovejoy) as I was playing the course on a Sunday afternoon. (I was passing through town on my way from Charleston to Raleigh.) He could not have been nicer. I really appreciate him installing this course, growing the sport, and -- most importantly -- opening up this course and inviting anyone and everyone to play it. There's also a playground on site. The sign at the church says "Resurrection Church and Park," so it is very clear Elijah wants people to come enjoy the facility. I hope more churches will follow Elijah's lead. That said, there are some issues with the course that I would recommend addressing:

- The course underwent a redesign with the addition of 9 new tees, so many of the tee signs are incorrect. Also, many of the baskets have two numbers on them. (It's an 18-hole, 9-basket course.) But many of the numbers are incorrect. They just need to start over with new tee signs (with the correct yardage!), new numbers on all the baskets. There are helpful directional arrows on the baskets pointing you to the next tee.

- I don't think there's anything that can be done about this one, but there are just a ton of sandspurs on the property. Be careful! I got snagged in about a dozen of them during my round. They hurt!

- This one will hopefully improve over time, but the course needs to be beaten in more. I don't know if that'll help with the sandspurs or not, but I hope so! The few wooded holes are pretty rough. Lots of downed trees, stumps, and sticks. Those holes just need to be cleared out some.

- The tees are all temporary rubber pads. I understand they're looking at concrete pads. But before they install those, I hope they'll look at my last con...

- This is my biggest negative for the course -- and one I hope is taken to heart: safety. Unsafe holes will always get a big mark-down from me and this course has four of them: holes 1, 9, 10, and 18. These holes are right beside the back parking lot, playground, trailers, and a retention pond. Errant throws -- even just slightly off throws -- could easily hit cars in the parking lot, people walking, kids playing on the playground, or land in the fenced-in retention pond. I would recommend pulling the 9/18 basket (which is right behind a trailer), relocating and redesigning these holes. I would also recommend pulling the tees for holes 1 and 10 and moving them out away from the playground and parking lot. There's a lot of land here -- and I see what they're trying to do with adding in some obstacles on an otherwise mostly open course, but it's not worth the risk. Plenty of other options for these four holes.

Other Thoughts:

If you're driving through or live in the Fayetteville area, give Resurrection a try. Please be respectful as this is church property that the pastor and members have graciously opened up to the public. Wear thick socks and/or long pants to avoid the sandspurs!
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Great Practice Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 6, 2017 Played the course:once


This course is just minutes off of HWY 95. Two turns and you're parked and ready to play.

The course is wide-open and let it rip on a few holes, hug the tree line on a couple of holes and a very low, very short tunnel shot hole.

There are bag hangers and signs on every hole.

It never seems fair to call a course a "practice" course; however, that would be the most accurate term for this one. It is clean, with brand new baskets and rubber mat tee pads. You can find out what those discs that hit trees 200 feet from the tee pad actually do when there is nothing to stop them. You can work on rollers, hyzers, anhyzers, forehand, backhand and putting. There are two par four holes (6 and 8), but I'm sure our locals will play them as par three's. If you played concerned with scoring, the big arms and good putters will rule. Not much need for mid-range or shot shaping anywhere. The course record on this 9 hole course will quickly be -9, even played as all par 3's. It will be the long drivers and consistent putters that get this. My first round was a +1, missing my usual 3 puts inside the circle and aiming for the wrong target on one hole.


Bring sun screen, an umbrella and plenty of water. You are being shined upon almost every hole, unless you are an early riser/late starter.

I know my vision is not what it used to be, but with no markers for dead-reckoning and the grass just long enough to make it hard to get a visual on your disc unless you are right up on it, you may walk past your disc once or twice before locating it. Of course, that could just be me!

If you're looking for a challenging course, this is a con, but if you are just looking to figure out a new disc or practice your putting, it doesn't have to be.

Other Thoughts:

Elijah Lovejoy, the Preacher of the church in which the course is located, joined me for a few holes. He is a very nice young man, and said that he has plans for cement tee pads in the future.

I would not expect a crowd at this park right away; however, I imagine you would have to be on the look-out for pedestrians (walking trail) and other disc golfers due to the back and forth design of a few holes.

On slow days, I don't see why you could not mark off different tee locations to make the course more challenging. This would mostly only add distance because there are not enough natural obstacles to work around. Maybe some man made blinds or quick growing Poplar Trees could add a little technical aspect to the design.

In closing, thank you, Elijah Lovejoy, for providing another facility for the local disc-golf community. You have done well with the land available and making the course open to the public was very generous of you!
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