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Stevenson, WA

Skamania Lodge

Permanent course
3.365(based on 7 reviews)
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Skamania Lodge reviews

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Silver level trusted reviewer
Experience: 21.1 years 265 played 35 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Stunning scenery, with room for improvement.

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 19, 2023 Played the course:once


-Absolutely beautiful setting and scenery, starting from the moment you enter this property. The mountains and river provide an amazing backdrop and great photo opportunities on almost every hole.

-Huge elevation changes!

-Pay to Play. Cost is $5.00 for 9 holes or $8.00 for 18 holes. There is also a 9 hole ball golf course on the property.

-Golf carts are also available but we did not rent one because we started too close to closing time.

-This course is located on a former ball golf course, which provides a unique Disc Golf experience.

-While most fairways are wide open, this course provides a very secluded feel.

-Pro shop with a large disc selection along with drinks, snacks, etc. We were informed in the pro shop that the front 9 had recently been redesigned, so the current layout doesn't match the details on Udisc.

-Navigation was easy on the front 9. There were a few tricky spots on the back 9 but the map on Udisc helped out.

-The baskets are Innova Discatchers and are in great shape.

-The signature hole here is 18. 850' and downhill, such a great way to end the round!


-Tee signs. There are none, hopefully will be installed at some point.

-Teepads are natural and not well marked in the ground.

-Some of the rough is very rough. Blackberry thornbushes will eat your discs if you are unlucky enough to find them. We only lost 1, which was visible but out of reach. I was able to barely tap it with a stick but that made the disc disappear into the abyss.

-Extra long walks to Holes 1 and 10. This is only a con for those who choose not to rent a cart.

-Navigation was an issue in a few spots on the back 9. There were a few Next Tee signs. After 14, we saw a sign pointing us to 15, but after about 2 min we spotted another sign for 15 that sent us back to 14. After a quick look at the Udisc map, we quickly realized that the 2nd sign was not accurate.

Other Thoughts:

-This was my first course in Washington and the 40th state added to my list. I was very happy with the decision to soak in the gorgeous scenery this course offers despite recommendations from locals to skip it in favor of others that seem like great courses but lack the views of the Columbia River gorge area.

-We don't have anything close to this type of Disc Golf experience in my neck of the woods (Illinois).

-I have played other courses that were designed on current or former ball golf courses. This was by far the best experience in that niche part of my Courses Played list.

-I will come back and stay in the lodge or 1 of the treehouse options at a later date. Even if there are no changes made to the course, it would be worth the visit!
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 19.8 years 677 played 73 reviews
3.50 star(s)

"All Hat and No Cattle," but it's a VERY Nice Hat!

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 1, 2022 Played the course:once


Beautiful views of the Columbia River itself and the gorge area in general from many areas of the property. The whole place is just stunning to look at.

Pro shop on site stocked with all manner of Innova discs and products, plus snacks and drinks of many kinds. Restrooms and showers available.

Workers interested in disc golf (at least the three that I met), though perhaps not tremendously informed about it.

Golf carts available for rental (and you will want one)!

Huge elevation changes throughout the course. This is a fun place to throw up and down hills and to work on angles for landing on slopes. It is also great for working on ranging in your upshot distances (on the back nine) and airing out drives. The fairways are the width of ball golf fairways, though the rough can be very rough (more on that later).

Nice baskets and easy-to-follow course flow, once you find hole 1 and hole 10. (I would recommend specifically asking for directions to both of those holes before you leave the pro shop.)

Nine hole ball golf course and soon-to-open miniature golf course on site, as well as hiking/running trails.

Multiple tees that provide vastly different distances for the holes (especially on the back nine).

When I played, isolation in nature was also an advantage. The back nine holes are at the highest elevation and closest proximity to the woods and woodland creatures. It was gorgeous out there. Outside the pro shop, I only saw one worker and one ball golfer on the property, and the golfer was hundreds of yards away both times I saw him.


The course design seems to be done with the thought that disc golf works just like ball golf. Changes in elevation provide the only real obstacles in the fairways, with the exception of two holes on the back nine (holes 13 and 15, I believe). Other than those two holes, the baskets are placed in open spaces or on an upslope that makes it easy to throw into the hill and then drop in.

According to one of the pro shop workers, the front nine is all par 3s and the back nine is all par 5s. Basically, the short holes all come first, then you play the long holes. All but one of the front nine holes will be reachable for players intermediate and up.

The rough is extremely rough and losing a disc is a distinct possibly, should you fly off the ample fairways. There are several places where the rough involves blackberry bushes. I was enjoying a big downhill shot a little too much and threw multiple discs. I regretted that decision when my third shot found the blackberry monster. 20 minutes and many scratches and pokes later, my beloved Wraith was salvaged.

On a related note, this is the only course I've played where a course worker offered to sell me a machete in the pro shop! (No, not the disc - they only carry Innova - they sell actual new-in-the-package machetes to players because of the blackberries.)

Other Thoughts:

For me, this course was definitely worth a visit for the natural beauty and landscaped attractiveness of the property. I don't know if the policy on carts has changed since previous reviews or if the day and/or time I played made the cart an option, but I would not have enjoyed it nearly as much without the golf cart.

If you are familiar with the saying, "He's all hat and no cattle," you know that it relates to putting on an impressive appearance without the substance to back it up. The course design here just doesn't make for challenging disc golf and I don't think I would play here often if I lived nearby. But the place looks and feels great and the other amenities are top notch. I am glad I experienced it. I hope my review can help you decide if it's an experience for you.
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The Valkyrie Kid
Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 46 years 1562 played 1507 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Skamania Lodge DGC Now Offers 18 Holes. Hint; The Back Nine Is Not Yet Fit For Human Consumption! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 21, 2021 Played the course:once


PARK DESCRIPTION - Skamania Lodge is a high end exclusive lodge. Their golf course is a lovely nine hole course. It's plenty hilly, beautifully landscaped and mostly empty here in late September. The disc golf course was, until recently, just nine holes. It's just transitioned to 18. The pro shop has more Innova signs and discs than Innova does. It's readily apparent that management is pushing the disc golf agenda and apparently, they are being quite successful, adding some much needed revenue.

VARIETY - The original front nine has two sets of tees, the recreational yellows and the close to intermediate level blues. The new back nine features only white tees and they play at an advanced wilderness level. Actually, I would call it a wildebeest course. So there is a definite variety from the front to back nines.

ELEVATION - The entire course consists of delicious rolling hills, some are a little more than rolling especially on the back nine.

CHALLENGE - Basically rec/maybe low, low intermediate for the front nine and advanced for the back nine.

EQUIPMENT - For the front nine, new yellow Discatchers with small numbers on the yellow bands. You're either teeing off the cart paths or from the grass. There are lots of small signs pointing the way. The small wooden tee poles have the hole number on each of it's four sides.

Back nine. White Discatchers with no numbers. Next tee signs are confusing. Tee pads are mostly grass. Fairways are more field than grass.

AESTHETICS - The front nine is lovely. The back nine is rugged.

FUN FACTOR - Once again, the front nine was great fun. The back nine was about as much fun as your annual Prostate exam, Oh Doctor, once more please!

ROUTING/NAVIGATION - Front nine = good, even with no map.


Back nine = Start with about a 1/2 mile hike to find the # 10 tee. Then you're looking at # 10 being about a 600' uphill all the way. Then I was looking for the oxygen tent. And the navigation went south for me after that.

The wind is always blowing here in the gorge. Today was no different.

And they won't rent you a cart.

$8 is a con to some players including the two guys I talked to who said they always just walk on without paying.

A map would help on the front nine and is essential on the back nine.

Back nine is poorly marked, someone had all these uphill throws and plays partially through an unmaintained section of the course.

Other Thoughts:

I understand the back nine has only recently opened and was a "big hurry up job." It doesn't seem like it was really thought out. The designer was actually here on site when I played. He was doing some surveillance work with a drone. Hopefully, this will lead to having the back nine being mapped out.

After my round, I complained to the lady in the Pro Shop about the back nine and all it's issues. My suggestion to her was not to couple the back nine with the front as an 18 but to consider them as separate courses. Leave the front nine as the rec/maybe intermediate experience that it is and list the back nine as a challenging 9 hole wilderness (wildebeest) experience. They could offer separate 9 fees or one 18 fee. In it's current state, I don't foresee many players repeating the back nine course.

And a special thanks to Travis, a course employee, who found me me, way, way off course, trying to make my way back to the lodge and gave me a lift all the way back in his cart.
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Silver level trusted reviewer
Experience: 21 years 196 played 40 reviews
3.00 star(s)

easy on the eyes

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Feb 11, 2023 Played the course:2-4 times


+discatcher pros
+views of the gorge
+hole elevation & distance variety
+two sets of tees
+pro shop/clubhouse


-no obstacles - straight fairway to the pin
-natural/grass tees
-5$ - worth it

Other Thoughts:

i visited & walked this piece of land a few times before the conversion from ball golf to disc golf. like most disc golfers looking at property, i thought it would be great if they added disc golf; it is a very beautiful piece of land with lots of elevation featuring mature tall trees, mowed green grass, & many picturesque vistas of the gorge (columbia river cutting through the cascade mountains).
it appears they are catering to the novice, as the shorter (yellow) are not all that difficult. the blue tees don't add much but distance. the fairways mirror ball golf; going straight from tee to pin with nothing in between. i didn't go off fairway, so i didn't get an up close look, but most sides of the fairway didn't look too rough; there were a few spots along the fairway with some thick blackberries (which were in season, so i did visit those for a little snack). elevation is the main challenge here & the design manages to make more holes throwing downhill than uphill; basically you play 3 holes down, 2 flat, 1 hole up, 2 flat, ending with 1 going slightly uphill. somewhat of a hike for 9 holes and there is a paved path along the whole way, helping with the big climb up on 6; it was 99 degrees when i played & my grey shirt really showed how sweaty i got. there certainly is the land to make a challenging course, but the way they have the holes set now, there isn't really a way to put another tee in a challenging position. a lot of holes are almost on top of each other (2/3blue literally are). alternate baskets tucked into the tree line could provide some interesting shots, but only a few holes even have that option. they are adding another 9 & i hope they think of the advanced players for those, but i get that they will likely see more people new to disc golf playing this course. maybe they could add another tightly wooded 9 in the woods behind/above the parking lot. overall a beautiful course with some fun shots, but lacking challenge for the int+ players.

2023 update, the back9: the walk to get to 10 is longish: 1000ft. elevation changes are significant on the majority of these holes & after the uphill 10 i had to remove my jacket as i was already sweating. once again they failed to fully utilize the numerous trees here; just following the open fairways with 1 exception: 15 going downhill through the trees of a (ball golf) fairway to the next fairway. one basket did get tucked into the trees(13); you can see a pond at the end of this fairway & the dreamer in me wishes we(disc golfers) could get a share of some waters edge. they did make the back challenging by making the holes long, but with all these trees it's a shame not to have some gaps to hit. the property is beautiful, so just getting to play out in these surroundings is pretty great. 17 & 18 are fun holes going far downhill; these 2 do bring the (dangerous/thick rough) sides of the fairway into play as discs tend to fade far when throwing downhill. the tees are just stakes, and they did move hole 1 from the last time i played, so there is potential the holes could be different.

skamania lodge is great place to stay & has lots of other activities (zip line, axe throwing, spa/pool, bar, hiking).
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Experience: 15.2 years 19 played 3 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Another DG gem in the Gorge 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 7, 2021 Played the course:once


My first question about this course was, is it worth paying $5.00 to play? The answer is a resounding Yes, Absolutely! The course repurposes former ball golf holes after a recent reconfiguration. The holes are not not some afterthought add on, with holes relegated to scrubby ball golf OB areas. They are set on lush well maintained grass with OB areas to remind you to weigh risk & reward of your drives.


The tees are this course's biggest opportunity for improvement. 2 tee choices on most holes (blue and yellow) is Great, the addition of defined tee boxes would elevate the entire course into the highest echelon of northwest disc golf courses. Strong wind is often a factor in this location, and as with other course in the Gorge. Please remember to check the weather forecast before heading out.

Other Thoughts:

I think this course is a Must play. I was told the baskets to expand the course to a full 18 are on order, and they hope to have them in place by the end of summer 2021.

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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 11 years 89 played 86 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Gorge-ous Course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 26, 2021 Played the course:once


-What a place for a course. It's set on the 3rd, 4th, 8th, and 9th holes of the former Skamania Lodge Golf Course. This is one of the nicest parts of the entire property, with scattered stands of Douglas firs and 180-degree views of the Columbia River Gorge.

-The course features two sets of tees, the Blue Tees and the Yellow "Sunshine" Tees. The blue tees are an excellent challenge for better players, with three holes measuring over 400 feet. The yellow tees are much more suitable for newer players or resort guests. Fairways are generous, but a few holes present the opportunity to launch one into the forested abyss.

-The course is not crowded, given the secluded nature of the resort. Expect to see more joggers/walkers than disc golfers. If you play on an especially quiet day, there are phenomenal opportunities for safari golf. #2 tee to #4 basket would be an outrageous hole.

-Notable holes include
-#1, a beautiful, straight downhill shot from that follows the old golf hole #3.
-#2, 3, and 4 offer unbelievable Gorge views.
-#9 plays to a gorgeous amphitheater-style green (the old golf #9 green).


-The tees are natural and several are already in rough shape. An investment in concrete tees would be great, especially for the wet season.

-There are several opportunities to place baskets in interesting spots -- among boulders, on the edge of the woods. This would, in my opinion, take the course from good to great. However, it may not be appropriate given the course's target audience.

Other Thoughts:

-The greens fee is $5 at the pro shop for unlimited play. The pro shop, in addition to apparel, offers Innova discs for sale and for rent. According to the head golf professional, if the course is successful, it might be expanded to 18 holes.

-In the past five years, Skamania Lodge has transformed from a golf-centric resort to an outdoors resort. The many activities offered include miniature golf, zip line tours, hiking, axe throwing, tennis, and now disc golf.

-The views alone are worth the drive, and the course doesn't disappoint either. Play it 2-3 times around, try both tees, or combine it with another activity. It's hard to go wrong with a day at Skamania Lodge.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 10.8 years 75 played 60 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Skamania Lodge's disc golf course! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 15, 2021 Played the course:2-4 times


Nestled in the Columbia River George is Skamania Lodge a resort that offers ziplining, disc golf, axe throwing and more. Skamania Lodge was bought around year ago. The former 18 hole ball golf course is now a nine hole disc golf course and a future nine hole ball golf course.

Currently there is a nine hole disc golf course but they might eventually put in another 9 depending on how successful it is. Fully equipped with brand new discatcher baskets this course definitely is one of my favorite nine hole courses.

Starting off this course I could tell they put some thought into designing it. Some of the holes are not very disc friendly like number 3 but there are quite a few holes that have some great views and are really nice. Skamania Lodge disc golf course is called The Backyard at Skamania Lodge on the scorecard.

The first hole start off on the what used to be hole 3 on the ball golf course, and ends on the former golf hole 9. It is quite obious to tell that there was an actual golf course there before. There are two types of tees at the Backyard at Skamania Lodge. The first being the sunshine tees. The sunshine tees are the normal tees and they are marked with a wooden pole that says what hole you are on. The Blue tees are farther back and on some holes from the back tees offer a real challenge to make par.

Most holes on this course are out in the open playing down the old golf fairways and winding around back to the pro shop. I like what they did with the layout of the course as far as length and design.


For beginners or players that don't have a ton of experience there are quite a few opportunities to lose discs. For instance on hole 2 if you hyzer a disc out to the left you will most likely be in trouble and spend a few mins looking for your disc. The fairways can be pretty tight and it can be very easy to lose control of your disc from the blue tees.

There is a 5 dollar green fee but the guy in the pro shop said we could play as many times as we wanted. Some of the baskets are on the old ball golf greens and are pretty chewed up from lack of water and maintenance. There are now actual tee pads but they reused the old ball golf tee markers for the disc golf course.

Other Thoughts:

Overall this is a very solid course and I see the potential for hopefully a full 18 hole disc golf course. I recommend you check this out if you live close or are planning to make a trip out of it. It was definitely worth the drive.

Other things to consider it costs a few bucks to cross the Bridge of the Gods. They are also currently building a 18 hole artificial grass *golf* putting course. The Backyard at Skamania is definitely a course that I will come back to play in the future as I enjoyed playing it.
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