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South County Regional Park

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South County Regional Park reviews

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Watch for wildlife! But mostly pedestrians…

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 21, 2024 Played the course:once


I played this one mainly due to proximity to it, and being the opportunistic bagger I am i jumped into hole one with enthusiasm.

You begin this course with a fun water carry, that actually has water to the left of the basket as well so you really have to stick the landing on this one. Hole 2 is the first of many holes that are longer funky shots that require you to hit a line and stick a landing area.

That becomes a theme for most of the course, you have to really control your line and stick a tighter landing area with water, road or other OB nearby and with a lot of longer holes and funky shot shapes it's going to test some people.

It's mainly open with the OB being the main challenge but there are a couple of wooded holes on the back that are pretty cool to switch things up at the end.

Baskets are Mach Vs and I really like these, they aren't the prettiest basket but catch super well. There are 2/3 pads on each hole to give many different skill levels of player an appropriate challenge.

I also like the signs they used, they are really accurate and look solid.


There are people freaking everywhere. It's a busy active use park with a lot of cool things like baseball fields, tennis courts, playgrounds, soccer fields, an RC car track and a walking path that seems to interact with the course constantly.

I had to wait on about half the holes for a pedestrian or some other park goer. On holes 2, 4 and I think it's 14 you throw very close to an area where people WILL be and the hole by the soccer fields I just had to skip. I'm not throwing around that many kids and their parents.

The safety piece is an issue and knocked it down a half point for me.

Other Thoughts:

It was super fun and I loved a lot of the holes, especially with all of the water and longer holes.

I even kind of had fun with the near 1000ft par 5 that has been widely panned by other reviewers.
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South Park

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 16, 2023 Played the course:2-4 times


18 holes with two or more pads on every hole. Baskets are in great shape, and only one was slightly bent after the course was directly hit by a major hurricane. Course winds its way through a multi-use public park, with a few water carries and mixes birdie/ace runs with some longer par fours and even a par 5 from the back pad on 11. Navigation is pretty easy and next tee signs are below the basket. Concrete tees are in good condition. Grass was cut short.


The short pad on one is sloped and can be awkward for a large X-step. Several holes play over or near a walking path, which if busy can be dangerous. Hole 4 plays over an RC track and has a newly built stand. The basket placement should be pushed left and away from the RC track IMO. A busy road comes into play on 5 if your shot gets away from you to the right. The soccer fields come into play on 11 and 12 and if they're busy that may be an issue, as well as the ball field next to 18.

Other Thoughts:

Except for some areas away near 12 and 15/16, you can hardly tell the area was struck by a major hurricane. The trees that lined hole 9's right hand side were removed and made this hole very open. The course is nothing memorable, but it's worth a play when the other parts of the park are not in use or not crowded. I'm really between a 2.5 and a 3 here, so I'm rounding up.
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STRIKE TWO!! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 25, 2021 Played the course:2-4 times


The biggest pro is that someone took it upon themselves to put this course in. That's huge. And that the park is very nice. And hole #1 is a GREAT starting hole. And that's about it.

If you missed the original incarnation of this course, then you missed something truly special, as in a special kind of horrible mess. The best line I've ever read in any review was something to the following, "everytime you think you've just played the worst hole ever, the next one proves your wrong." Man, with a review like that I just HAD to play the course!

On the original course, the first 5-6 holes were great, lots of fun, took a bit of skill. They weren't BOMBER holes. But they are all gone now. Sigh. So what you have left is a mixed bag of incredibly uninspiring, massively boring holes. Then again, if you can throw 350-375' straight without much skill involved, you'll probably herald this as the next great course ever. But bold statements like that are just hollow words without proof. So here you go...

#1 - is what the first hole should be. Exciting, cool, fun. Something to make you think, "man, this is going to be a blast!" Sadly it ends...right...there.

#2 - is the same hole (different number) as before. A blind shot (cars/pedestrians/cyclist) coming from your right, that throws up a walking path (an extreme no-no is course design) to a nice basket placement (see I can say something good!)

#3 - Another less ludicrous tee that encourages you to throw at, or around tennis courts and down (yet again) a walking path.

#4 - More inane design...throwing across an RC car track. What in the hell do you do when folks are on the track? Run shots just over their head? To quote Bugs Bunny, 'what a maroon tee placement'

#5 - Is an improvement over the original basket placement. (was a BORING) mid-range to a basket in a field. A true yawner. Now from the blue tee is a much tougher shot and the basket is tucked to the right, so a mostly decent hole, except that you throw across the park entrance. What do you do when there are comes inbound/outbound?

#6 - And here we go with the worst set of holes...Who in their right mind thought that the best way to play was to run RIGHT DOWN A WALKING PATH?? I can only guess it was the same person who put the short tee sign IN the fairway, right where you want to throw. Sigh. Moving on...

#7 - Basic same complaint about the path, but this one at least had a great basket placement, very well guarded

#8 - #9 same comments about the path.

#10 - Good hole except its a duplicate of #1, just 50' longer

#11 - Okay, I almost walked away laughing miserably at this terribly boring hole. OMG this took all of two cells of brain activity to create. "So, we need to reach the woods. How about a 1000' wide open bomber hole with multiple tees, bordering soccer fields. This will be great!!"...said absolutely no one.

At this point i just walked the course muttering boring, boring, boring. All the original good holes are gone, replaced with holes that took nothing more than muscle mass. And I think the hole after the original starting hole (#14?) bordered on criminal. Walkers/cyclist/kids approaching the tee would never see the shot until the disc was removed from the skull.


Practically the entire course short of a few holes (#1 & #10). I

Other Thoughts:

If the walk path didn't wind through the course, holes 6-9 would be good holes. They are challenging, and when the wind is blowing - which it seems to a lot on this course - they are moderately difficult. This course is a prime example that a 9 hole, dual tee course would be much better than an 18 hole course that the majority are either hazardous or mind-blowingly boring. But at least its a course, and lots of effort went into creating it. So I give the community major kudos for taking on the project. But for me, this is a one-and-done, not coming back for any reason I can conceive of.
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Second attempt is a totally new course. 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 26, 2020 Played the course:once


Multiple tee pads, lots of options for distance and line shaping based on skill level.
The water usage has greatly improved. Easy to stay dry, but still a possibility for an experienced player to slip up and wind up wet.
All of the previous safety issues have been greatly reduced and mostly eliminated


The basket on 13 was labeled 14 which caused some confusion.

Not all of the tees are in. This is probably still a work in progress, so I cant fault them for lack of pads.

Some fields and other recreational areas come into play, but not in the same manner that they used to.

Other Thoughts:

I hated this course and was possibly one of the more vocal people who spoke out against this course. It was so dangerous that it would have been better that the course was pulled. Now the course is a legitimate course that could potentially hold tournaments safely and effectively. So to all of the organizers and club members who have spent time on this course over the past few years; you have done an amazing job.
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South County Regional Park--Take 2 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Aug 24, 2019 Played the course:5+ times


The course gets its first major makeover with mixed results.

Several of the original holes still exist but have new hole numbers. Some of the original holes have been tinkered with and modified. There are new holes that go around the soccer fields. There are 2-3 concrete tees per hole and one pin placement. The tees have the hole numbers painted on them. There is a very nice concrete walking path that runs through the whole course that makes navigation and cart play very easy. The course is flat as a board has some challenging pin placements and a few water hazards. The course has some longer holes from the blue tees, but also has a couple of short ace runs for us noodle arm Grandmaster+ throwers.


The course still has the same cons as the old course for the most part. The course plays through and around multiple other park activity areas. I wouldn't want to play the course on a Saturday morning when a soccer etc tournament is going on, but at 9:00 am on a Tuesday morning would be fine. The course could use some tee signs.

Other Thoughts:

This course is more open and less wooded/junglefied than most of the other area courses. People that like to bomb and like more open city-style courses will like it better than those that prefer a more isolated experience.
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