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Victoria, TX

The River Course @ Fox's Bend

Permanent course
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The River Course @ Fox's Bend reviews

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The River Course @ Fox's Bend

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jun 25, 2022 Played the course:once


-- Restrooms in park, but they are kind of far from the course.
-- Level concrete tee pads (5x12). However, some are cracked/broken at the corners.
-- Innova baskets in good condition.
-- Tee signs look nice and have all of the necessary information, including a next tee indicator. Those are accurate in terms of left/right, but a few of them are off in terms of forward/backward. The river is well marked on the holes that border the river, but they signs don't do a good job of showing the danger that starts 30-40 feet from the river with deep slopes/drop-offs.
-- Benches at holes 7 and 14. There are also plenty of picnic tables scattered throughout the course.
-- Navigation is mostly good. The next tee indicators help, and you can frequently see the next tee from the previous basket.
-- Good use of trees (lightly to moderately wooded) to force/reward lines.
-- Holes 3, 6 and 11 are the best. Three is 277 feet with a narrow gap off the tee. Six is 246 feet with the basket close to the water; it's not as close as the map makes it appear, but a steep slope down to the river covered in thick grass/bushes will punish an overthrow. No. 11 is 578 feet that starts open (or lightly wooded), and the trees get thicker as you approach the basket.


-- No map on site.
-- No water at the course, but I think there is water elsewhere in the park.
-- Flat.
-- Lack of water in play. The course is set on a peninsula of the Guadalupe River, but there is no water carry; only two holes have water in play, and it would take a really poor shot on either of those two holes to reach the river. It would be difficult to have a real water carry here, but it is frustrating to know the river is there and basically not in play.
-- Baskets are not numbered.
-- Mandos. Five holes have them (including a dreaded double mando). Most could be defended as being safety related to protect picnic tables, parked cars and roads, but they still seem capricious. If a uniform safety standard were applied, there would be at least twice as many mandos because a road runs through the course, there are numerous small parking lots adjoining fairways, and there are dozens of picnic tables scattered throughout the course.

Other Thoughts:

-- This is a long course (7,252 feet, so 403 average hole length). Six par 4 holes are longer than 500 feet (three longer than 600), and only two holes are shorter than 250 feet.
-- A second course is in the park.
-- Lost disc potential is a mixed bag. The majority of the holes play in a flat lightly wooded area where disc loss is highly unlikely. However, a few holes play near the slope down to the river. A slightly errant throw (or a bad kick) could send a disc into thick, deep brush/grass. I spent 15 minutes looking for a disc.
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