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Portsmouth, VA

Trash Cans DGC

Permanent course
1.55(based on 1 reviews)
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Trash Cans DGC reviews

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Soccer Nets and Cans 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 10, 2020 Played the course:2-4 times


-It is an object course using trash cans as a target. Its unique as 1 of 49 courses listed as an object course on DGCR. Must hit trash can only for score, hitting the two wooden posts supporting it, is considered a spit out. You tee from trash can to trash can.
-The primary purpose of the park is soccer. There are several fields with game nets, practice nets, and chain link fences. Providing excellent obstacles on most of the fairways. Some nets are guardians for the trash cans.
-The course is wind dominant and with the obstacles provides an excellent opportunity for shot shaping and wind play.
-No lost disc potential.
-I used a soccer net to throw some warmups. It was nice not to have to chase my discs down.
-Restrooms on course, but likely locked when no soccer games being played. But there is a port a potty right off the 17th fairway and close enough to other holes.


With the park being used primarily for soccer, its not going to be possible to use the course on weekends and some weekday nights. When games are being played. A park employee told me soccer season runs from first of March to late November.
-Navigation is impossible without the map provided on this site. Currently cans and tees are not number and no tee information. The fairways look to much alike and can be confusing trying to locate the correct target can. All cans can be seen from tee, except No. 14 located behind concession stand.
-Fairways Criss cross over each other, if others are playing, you are going to have to wait to throw.
-No. 18 trash can, where is it? It may have been the dumpster by the parking lot, but closer to 400 feet in distance, not the 266 listed.
-If you like woods golf, you will not find a tree on this course.

Other Thoughts:

-The soccer nets and fences provided a unique experience in shot shaping, and I had several nets grab my disc. Not much of a wind during my 2 rounds. Any moderate wind or stronger will carry your disc away, offering good practice to adjust your shots. But I did not care too much for the trash cans as a target. I found myself when in obvious reach of the can, I just picked up and moved on. For myself, I look at the course with the obstacles as a solid practice course, Superior to the two practice fields I use close to my home. As a practice course I give it a solid 5, and that is where my overall rating is anchored on. Without baskets, hole information, and on course navigation causing some confusion for a first timer, even with a map. It gets knocked down to my overall rating, just too much against the course. I do understand there are those in my area that enjoy the course.
-The first round taking photos, and spending time studying the map took 90 mins. The second an hour.
I got a chuckle out of the port a potty on 17. I literally step from the fairway into the potty and then continued to my disc on the fairway. There were dents on the side of the potty, I wondered if anybody had been in there when hit by a disc.
-Signature hole: No 5. Par 3. 243 feet. There is a net just 20 feet in front of the tee. A chain link fence stretches all the way across the putting area about 40 feet from can, the fence is about 10 feet high. Another net protects the can on the right side as a guardian. Your either going wide and high left to right or wide and high right to left. The hole represents the course very well.
-Trouble Hole: No. 14 Par 3. 463 feet. The trash can is located behind the concession stand and sits to the left of the flagpole. Blocked from view. A net is about 150 feet out at the best line of sight. A long bomber may be tempted to go over the building. Throw left to right of net, your approach may be blocked by the building if you are not long enough. Right to left make sure your long enough. Either way if not long enough approach may be blocked. It would take at least 375 straight over the soccer net to clear the building and for a look at a birdie. From the tee it is the biggest decision to make on the course.


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