Oxford Junction, IA

Wapsi Park

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Fading Into Obscurity

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 7, 2023 Played the course:once


-A sign to tell you where to start
-4 Baskets remain


-Course disappears after the #2 basket
-No tees
-No signage, other than the one at the start
-Baskets playable, but in bad shape

Other Thoughts:

Wapsi Park hosts what is left of a 9 hole DGC on the SW corner of Oxford Junction, IA. I had driven past this place twice and saw baskets. No info on this site (or the other one). I had to check it out. Started out good with a sign stating is was put in 10 years ago as a 9 hole course, start here. No other signage. Threw to Basket #1, teed next to it for #2. Then I went searching. Basket #7 was back by #2 and Basket #9 was back by #1. I walked most of the rest of this park and found nothing more. There is a new playground here and a new shelter. With this being in the river bottom, I'd guess it was flooded out at some point. That might have been the death of some of the baskets, or it may have been the new buildings. No info to go on and obviously no upkeep. The park was decently mowed, but I played in early April, so grass might be high at other times. I bagged it. Not much more to do. This one is fading away and not worth your time. I won't be back.
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