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Plainfield, PA

West Pennsboro Park DGC

Permanent course
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West Pennsboro Park DGC reviews

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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 37.2 years 250 played 53 reviews
0.50 star(s)

What Were They Thinking???

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 16, 2023 Played the course:once


There are 18 baskets.


Had to skip 6+ holes (6 entirely and parts of several others). 'No map available' made it very hard to know where to start and to navigate. I started in the middle and made several wrong turns. Lots of young parents with very small kids scattered throughout the park. In some cases the kids (who looked 3 or 4 years old) had wandered pretty far from their group of parents. When one group left, there were other groups coming all the time. Baskets were okay but single chain (I think). Hole #9 looked like fun -- have to shoot around a group of trees surrounding a cell tower -- but the basket is not visible so playing solo, it was just too risky. Similarly there was another downhill hole where the basket peeked out from behind a grassy ridge but again was too dangerous without a spotter. Only bathroom open was a port-a-potty far from the parking lots. Mixed short dangerous holes with long boring holes.

Other Thoughts:

The reviews from Julius and HyooMac have said all the significant stuff. I can only add my agreement and personal experience to say "do not bother". I know I didn't technically play all 18 holes (or the required 90% meaning 17) but I am still counting it as "played" because I walked all 18 (plus more) and I will never be coming back here again. Even if improvements were made, this course is not convenient to anything except locals.
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 7 years 427 played 395 reviews
1.00 star(s)

Danger, Frustration…and ace runs

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 10, 2022 Played the course:once

Other Thoughts:

This is a busy mixed use park with 18 short holes shoehorned in among other park activities. Holes 1-4 are unplayable if there's soccer going on, 5 and 6 are in the baseball outfields. Hole 12 throws directly at a picnic pavilion, and other holes cross through a play area and over walking paths. You have to wonder what the course designers know about the game: do they understand that part of it is THROWING discs?

There are a few points where the course lengthens itself out to 300' holes, and it begins to feel like a "real" park course. But then the layout puts an artificial obstacle in front of you, like a picnic pavilion or a tennis court - and it's hard not to be repeatedly frustrated by the compromised design.

~ If you have a child engaged in a group sport, you might be able to practice on holes in less busy areas.

~ Or if you are a child or a newbie who doesn't throw with any force, you might enjoy some of the shorter holes as an introduction to disc golf while remembering not to endanger other park users

~ Or if you happen to visit at a time where there's virtually nobody else in the park, you might enjoy a quick round of birdies and ace runs. You'll be teeing from small pavers that are generally placed within 10' of the previous basket, so you'll be thankful nobody is playing behind you.

Under ideal conditions, this is at best just a bagging stop or some practice baskets. If your situation doesn't fit any of these scenarios, you're better off avoiding West Pennsboro altogether. The ace runs aren't worth the danger and the frustration.

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Experience: 5.2 years 81 played 9 reviews
0.50 star(s)

A Cautionary Tale for New Designers on What Not To Do 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 11, 2021 Played the course:once


This course has everything from the "bad course design thread," and serves as a great example of what not to do. There are also bathrooms with running water, benches, and beautiful Innova Discatcher baskets. If the weather is marginal, this is a good place to practice your putting and ace runs, as 14 of the holes are ~240 or less. Otherwise, you'd want to go somewhere else.

Navigation is a breeze because the tees are on top of the baskets. Tees are also marked with a little arrow for those with terrible vision who can't see an unobstructed basket at 60 yards.


This course is shoehorned into a public park and only hole 1 does not cross a walking path, playing field, mulched park with kids' attractions (swings, seesaws, etc). Several (7, 8, 13) holes play next to pavilions, or in the case of 13, directly through a pavilion.

The description on the about page is not exaggerating - the "tees" (2ft square concrete pavers) are literally within 5 feet of the prior basket. If there are other golfers at the course, you'll have to space out 2 holes (or more) or you will hit the next card with your approach shots or have to putt through them.
I went on an overcast and wet day - the only other park infrastructure in use was the basketball court and the tennis courts. If the weather is nice, this course will be unplayable due to the volume of non golf users that (through no fault of their own) will be in the flight path of most of the holes. Hole 18 literally plays directly through the fenced in tennis court, and hole 12 has a pavilion with picnic tables directly between the tee and the basket.

The distances are all very short, sometimes comically so.

Other Thoughts:

I went for the sole purpose of writing this review, and if not for the resultant warning to DGCR users, it would have been a wasted trip. The course appears to have been designed by either a recreational player still using their first three-disc Innova starter kit, or by a parks department without knowledge of any design concept. The few obstacles presented are on centerline from tee to basket, so any hyzer or anhyzer shot will avoid them. Nearly every hole has OB in the form of walking paths, soccer fields, baseball fields, pavilions, playground equipment, and the signature hole (18) plays directly through a tennis court with a 12' high fence around it.

If I were a local, I would use hole 6 as a place to work on my form and occasionally play the course as an exercise in approach shots. Otherwise, this course isn't worth the gas to get here.

The best outcome for this course would be to pull the pins and place them in a different park in the township with input from anyone who has played more than three courses in their lifetime. This course is a struck pedestrian waiting to happen, especially since it will only draw new players who lack the control to avoid the prolific OB.

Abbreviated hole by hole:
1 open with two trees right and left of centerline, a pedestrian path right and long, and a fenced lot right.
2 Wide open with pedestrian paths short and long of the basket.
3 Wide open with pedestrian paths left and long, and a playground long.
4 Wide open with pedestrian paths left and soccer fields right for a 25' fairway.
5 Trees on right with an OB fence right, path and ball field OB left.
6 Wide open between two baseball fields with pavilion long and play area immediately left of the basket. Two mature "guardian trees" left and right of the pin, but no low branches to speak of.
7 Slight uphill for a wide open shot with pavilion to the front right of the tee.
8 Moderate downhill shot to a microscopic grass peninsula surrounded by access road for the cell tower. The green is roughly 3' across at the base of the pin with road short and long.
9 A RH anhyzer shot around OB for a cell tower. The tower is surrounded by 25' trees and fenced in with barbed wire - this area will no doubt claim discs and frustrate newer players.
10 A tree center with a playground left, and walking path right.
11 An uphill shot with more play areas left and path right.
12 A short, 121' spike hyzer to avoid the pavilion placed directly between the tee and pin.
13 A slight downhill with a pavilion long but otherwise few obstructions.
14 A short uphill shot avoiding the bathrooms left.
15-17 Play back and forth with tennis courts and paths in the shots.
18 The signature hole! Plays directly through a 12' chain link fence around a tennis court, or the RH line around the right side of the courts. And yes, the fence is 10 feet from the tee What a mess.
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