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    Oct 22, 1979 (Age: 44)
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    27.3 Years
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    My philosophy on rating courses:

    I am not a disc golf pro, just an overly enthusiastic amateur (and self-admitted course bagger). I have played 300+ courses, primarily all over the Eastern US, and I give my ratings compared to all other courses I have played.

    My ratings and recommendation:
    0.0-0.5- Don't waste your time, most likely will not be enjoyable but rather frustrating
    1.0-1.5- Nothing special here and I could have done without playing it
    2.0-2.5- Enjoyed one time, but most likely would not travel far to play again
    3.0-4.0- Would definitely play again and would recommend for others
    4.5-5.0- Could play here multiple times loving every new round

    What I value most (besides tees and baskets):
    -degree of difficulty balanced with fairness
    -variety from hole to hole (in length and style, shots required, non-repetitive)
    -good flow and overall design
    -the aesthetic qualities of the natural land features

    Course count:
    Not listed- Sharp Springs temp tourney course, Mole Hill
    Played that I don't count- Bark Park - is a mini course.
    Not completed- Sugaree (rained off mid-round), Big Cypress (some areas unplayable).
    Whats up man, read your review on Plumtree Valley and agree with everything.. except, Simple Pleasures DGC is only 20 min away and well worth the stop! Its much better than Plumtree Valley, not quite up to par with the epicness of Sugaree but still has some of the best mix of open/tight wooded holes in the mtns of NC!
    Hey man I live near you in Murfreesboro and have been looking for some people to get together with and improve my game. I am no pro by any means but not that bad. Hit me back and let me know if interested. Thanks! -Chris
    Howdy. You seem to take this reviewing seriously so I just thought I'd let you know that although Ewing (DSM) is one of my favorite courses (and deserves a higher rating than you gave it, imo) I totally thumbs-uped you for your review. It was really fair and concise, kinda the opposite of what I'm typing on about now...
    Keep up the good work and thanks!
    Nice review on flyboy BJ. We are going down to stay at the B&B May 20th. 6 hours to play a round you say? We had hoped to play that course after breakfast. Eat lunch. Then play it again before driving home tired Saturday night. Sounds like we all may need to man up if we're going to try and make that happen.
    I see you've got the Fun Farm and Freeman Lake in your wish list. Drop me a line if you want some company next time you're in the greater Louisville area and maybe we can get together for a round. BTW, Buffalo Trace (close to the Fun Farm) is totally worth hitting up if you have a chance.


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