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Recent content by joshmo65

  1. joshmo65

    Pittsburgh Flying Disc Open

    2023 Pittsburgh Flying Disc Open hosted at Deer Lakes, Moraine, and Knob Hill.
  2. joshmo65

    Pdga has finally announced new rules on transgender competition

    Why do trans women have to provide their testosterone levels to play gender protected divisions, but age protected players don't have to provide their birth certificates?
  3. joshmo65

    Other Than Just CTP's

    Necro bump, but I've been running a birdie pot with my league for years. I pick certain holes (3 holes for Int. and below, 4 for Adv., and 6 for Open) and if you birdie those specific holes you win the birdie pot. It builds up just like the ace pot. Seems to be pretty popular.
  4. joshmo65

    Nikko LoCastro intimidating a PDGA official at European Open '22

    As a tournament director for a couple of B-tiers and an upcoming Silver Series event, if a player got up in my face after a ruling and threatened me, I'm done TDing. We are volunteers. We give up our time to provide a service to the community and I don't want to have it spent getting yelled at...
  5. joshmo65

    2022 Great Lakes Open

    Ian also made note of North Boundary park outside of Pittsburgh hosting the Butler County Disc Golf Class as a Silver Series giving Toboggan a run for its money. It's been quite a few years since I played Toboggan, but I feel like NoBo is steeper and has quite a bit more elevation. Just...
  6. joshmo65

    Nikko LoCastro intimidating a PDGA official at European Open '22

    So, if a player is lining up a putt and gets into their stance, am I loudly allowed to announce that they are now on the clock without a courtesy warning for distracting them? :popcorn:
  7. joshmo65

    PDGA Website Scoring no longer requires players to sign their scorecard

    Sorry. You were correct. He aced a par 4, but the scorekeeper thought it was a par 3, so he hit the minus sign twice and called it a day. But my point still stands, why didn't the player ever check his score? The scores are up online. Even if he didn't get to check it before the scorekeeper...
  8. joshmo65

    PDGA Website Scoring no longer requires players to sign their scorecard

    Sounds like it is the player's fault for not checking their scorecard and immediately going to the TD to get it fixed. How do you not notice that there is an ace on your scorecard when you know for a fact that you didn't get an ace? Annoying that the scorekeeper submitted the round right away...
  9. joshmo65

    Pros and cons of PDGA league

    I've been running a sanctioned league for 6 years now and love it. #1 biggest advantage of running a sanctioned league is you get complementary insurance. I also find it much easier running a sanctioned league than unsanctioned due to PDGA live scoring. People keep track of their scores on...
  10. joshmo65

    National Tour folds into DGPT

    After the Elite Series schedule was released last year (NT and DTPT), the PDGA opened up bids for A-tier events. Looking at the schedule, there was a perfect gap between Green Mountain Championship and Music City Open for Pittsburgh to fit in our A-tier and get a bunch of the travelling pros...
  11. joshmo65

    National Tour folds into DGPT

    They are pushing old NTs to be DGPT Silver Series events.
  12. joshmo65

    National Tour folds into DGPT

    I'm curious as to what other TD's experiences have been with the DGPT. They did us dirty last year and I vowed never to run a DGPT event because of this experience. Now that our bid for an NT isn't going to happen, the PDGA is pushing us toward a silver series event. I'm wondering if I'm just...
  13. joshmo65

    Fast-Filling Events

    I'm worried for our next event. Another 144 cap and there is already 177 people following the tournament on DGScene.
  14. joshmo65

    Fast-Filling Events

    We had a feeling that our traditional 72 person tournament would fill quickly, so we broke it out to two days splitting the divisions and bumped it up to 144. It sold out in 70 seconds. In 5 minutes we had a 90 person deep waitlist. I would love to see the PDGA allow us to do lotteries. Let...
  15. joshmo65

    PDGA membership extension

    College athletes get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships and are considered amateurs...