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2024 Play It Again Sports Jonesboro Open

I think it's hilarious that Gannon was bitching about the baskets when they're sold by a brand that has the same parent company as Discmania.

Not a good look.
During coverage over tbe weekend, I think I heard Uli say he was on an "all Paul" card. Was this true? I am guessing him, Oman, McBeth, and Krans?

There was also an all lefty card - Clemons, Arlinghaus, Turner, Queen.
Both - quirky cards! Love it. My name is Paul. My brother is Dave. We often play as a foursome with our friends - also named Paul... ...and Dave. Makes for some fun rounds.
They do mention it on Jomez a ton, where the last little outside chain pretty much jumps out and grabs a disc solely on their own

I agree, that and the spit outs likely balance each other out in the long run

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