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Over 3,000 of our #discgolf storage boxes have now sold - What this means is that up to 75,000 putters, 84,000 midranges or 96,000 drivers are being stored in trotterboxes… that’s kind of cool.

Something we are currently offering over on the Trilogy Fan Page on facebook... Details on how to get over there.
Got a set of three a few weeks ago and they are awesome. Anyone on the fence about buying these you should jump on it. I have the walmart sterilite tubs before and these are way better. Resealable bags are awesome as well.
The i've got to go to the warehouse anyways sale...


Get your order in ASAP and we will get them out to you at five deluxes for $50.00 - Add 100 2mil 9x9 polybags for just $15.00 more... - DM for invoicing.

DM us here or just paypal us with your name, address and phone number with what offer you are taking advantage of at [email protected].
OK... this offer is coming to a close... if you want it - now is the time. 15 takers so far across the mediums this order was announced but it's time to shut this one down... Time to get in.
We will be offering these soon...

Box #1


Box #2


*portions of the proceeds will go to support DGCR

More details to follow.

FLYMART SPECIAL - ART and SHIPPING is included if in the Lower 48 States... 30 trotterbox-deluxes with your custom artwork 4 $300.00. This includes 120 Dividers, 30 Spacers and 90 Mailer Inserts too. Reach out to us for details... Custom/Branded Boxes for $10.00 a piece shipped to your door. Ideal for Retail, Tournament Directors and #discgolf clubs.
Box #1


Box #2


OK Gang... if we don't hit the Printing Minimums today on this pre-order - we will just refund the folks you took the offer up already. Would love to print these... you could make it happen.
These boxes will not be printing. We will contact those who did buy them and make arrangements for reimbursements.
Bad news gang... Our shipping costs are going up. The shipping box we use to ship the 5 box deal went up substantially... This will be the last week of 5 for $50. After this week it will be going up to $55.55 - So SAVE, SAVE SAVE - DM for invoicing. This last 5 for $50 expires on FRIDAY NIGHT.

Misprints and Over-runs and other Factory Seconds Sale... The very cheapest way to get your #discgolf storage solution. As many as you want for $7.00 each with $7.00 flat rate shipping. Anywhere in the lower 48 while supplies last. DM for ordering.

One Year Ago Today we started providing #discgolf storage solutions… Thanks Everybody!
All the current misprints and over-runs and factory seconds are now sold... We are sure we will make more mistakes in the future but as of now - they are all gone.
Flat Rate Shipping with lower prices...

It used to be 3 for 50.00 with shipping included - it's now 3 x 12.99 = 38.97 plus 6.99 for a total of $45.96 before you use your discount code of 20DGCR to save 20% more

And you can add 100 2mil 9x9 reclosable polybags for $17.99 before discount extra.

So for $52.56 you can have enough storage for 96 drivers in trays with lids and every disc in a polybag.

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