Finding a coach


Jun 18, 2023
Howdy all.
I played through the decade of the 1980s and then life intervened.
I've come back to the sport now. My wife is interested too and is has amazing athletic ability.
I can't believe how widespread this sport has become. It is wonderful. Courses everywere, the amazing variety of discs, pro tours.

My question revolves around getting coaching help.
Is it possible to engage a coach for a half day at a field or course near their house to work on proper form? I don't think either one of us wants zoom coaching.
How much would one expect to pay? And what should someone look for in a coach? How do you find them?

I know that there are a lot of questions, but we're already improving so much every day, that we feel like maybe it would be better if we didn't learn bad habits to start out...
All the best to you all.
There are plenty of people out there willing to coach you in person whether for a fee or not. Easiest place to find one is probably your local dg club's FB page. prices will vary- I charge $25 for what is supposed to be an hour lesson but usually winds up as longer. If I were actually interested in making money off of doing it it would need to be twice that.
What biscoe said.

If you ask on the Facebook group for your local disc golf club(s) there are usually not quite full time touring pros that make some portion the money that allows them to partially tour who give lessons for a fee.

How much they charge is a supply/demand thing. My local guy charges, IIRC, about $100 per lesson for a two hour lesson.
We have a couple of pros who started a program this spring. $300 or so. Meets four or five times. They film and review.

They had registration up on Disc Golf Tournaments site. Might check there.