Greater Cincinnati Course info/updates (Cincy, N. KY, SE Indiana)

I used to camp there all the time with my family growing up.
That should be a nice course with a wide range of fairways.
Yeah, it's a great chunk of land no matter what areas of the park they decided to use. Being an old golf course I'm sure there's gonna be some absolute bomber holes.

I used to golf there with my dad, uncles, and cousins during our family reunions there so it's gonna be interesting being able to disc golf on the same land. I've already had the chance to play 2 other Kentucky State Park dgc's that are on old golf courses that I played in my teens and early 20's. Rough River State Park and Lake Cumberland State Park. I almost played Jenny Wiley State Park but they pulled disc golf only to go back to golf about a year or two before we revisited that park.
We also went to Jenny Wiley a lot. Ky has some (had some?) real nice state parks.

Yes, with a caveat. Like many things, funding has been slashed time after time and while still nice they are starting to show their age and lack of resources. Maybe not neglected, but they definitely haven't been a priority.

More recently though, it's been nice to see some improvements including disc golf going in to these places and I hope the trend continues across all of the KY state park system. A course like Rough River, where it was put in and maintained for a year then neglected and basically unplayable now just a handful of years after install isn't doing anyone any favors. It's a worry in my mind any time they add a course to a state park. Lake Cumberland wasn't as bad, but you could still tell disc golf wasn't a huge priority.

Semi related, many of the lodges and facilities (shelters, cabins, etc.) were built during the 50's-60's and they look it, but in a bad way. It's a damn shame too because most all of the lodges are really well designed buildings that would be stunning if maintained to higher standard. Lots of cool contemporary and mid-century modern designs but with a natural/lodge vibe. Grand, tall, gathering rooms and restaurants with floor to ceiling windows looking out onto some of the best vistas Kentucky has to offer. I hope they get the tlc they deserve to last through more generations. With enough money, planning, time, and effort KY could put together one hell of a "State Park Disc Golf Trail".
Sounds like the General Butler SP course, Three Rivers DiscGolfPark isn't going to be done anytime soon.

From what I can tell from the outside looking in (mostly through Facebook), the park doesn't currently have the resources to get the place bush-hogged, finish mowed, and playable despite all the infrastructure being installed (baskets, pads, etc.) The parks people say they'll maintain it once it's in, but they don't have the time to put in all the necessary initial mowing.

The Disc N Dat run event scheduled for late Sept. was obviously cancelled.

Let's see how this plays out...
Osage Grove in Goshen, OH(outside Cincy) is closed until further notice after a tornado wreaked havoc on the area yesterday...

1) I hope the tornado didn't claim any lives.

2) I hope Osage (as well as other area courses) didn't lose too many trees. It's a cool course, with so many twisted, gnarly looking trees... trees that seem to say,

"Hey! That line you think you see? ...I dare you."

Tue and Wed were pretty bad wether days in different parts of OH. I picked a great couple of days for a last minute OH course bagging trip :\
... but managed to get to all the courses I planned.

Also managed to get completely soaked, completely covered in mud, and damn near get heat exhaustion. Lord, was it muggy. Good times!
Osage has significant damage. BIG trees down, baskets crushed. I will try to figure out how to get FB pics to here...
Osage has significant damage. BIG trees down, baskets crushed. I will try to figure out how to get FB pics to here...

Informative as it might be, I just can't "nice" this post. :\.
Hope everyone's OK.
Sounds like two baskets were crushed/damaged but all the tee signs and bridges survived.

thanks!, it is painfully obvious I am totally inept posting pics and vids here

if this had hit Idlewild..............


What WOULD be the contingency in that case for the DGPT stop?

Osage, Airy, Lincoln Ridge?

What WOULD be the contingency in that case for the DGPT stop?

Osage, Airy, Lincoln Ridge?

Airy longs i would imagine. Make all the over grown areas along the holes OB... Pro's would still eat the course alive but it would be a good watch. Especially watching them rip one down 15...
Damn that's a shame seeing these pics. I wish it was a bit more opened up on the letter holes, but not like this. :mad:

That Nati area is some of the best I've seen though. This will get cleaned up and probably actually made better. Cincy takes DG serious, no joke.
Devou Park in Covington, KY is finally getting a course. I could be mistaken, but I believe this is the first NKY course inside the 275 loop and is just across the river from downtown Cincy. Looks like it should be ready sometime this Fall.

This park has some fantastic terrain and mixed density foliage that should make for a great course. May even have some nice views of the city around holes 9 and 10.