HOD 10/16/2023: Old Orchard Park DGC Hole #16 Diboll, TX


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Jul 23, 2011
Old Orchard Park DGC in Diboll, TX

240 ft.


Basket to Tee
looks like a rhfh champ wraith.
Rhfh pro wraith. My forehand's a total crapshoot, but that's clearly the play here. Low expectations, just trying to make the initial gap.
Pretty hard turnover, I threw a Roc and came up just short.

Funny story, I played the course out of order and this was my finishing hole. After taking the Basket to tee picture, I walked off to my car not realizing I left my putters. I got to Lake Nac and went to grab my putter on hole one and realized I left them 45min away.

I posted about it, found out about the page for the local club and sure enough, someone found my putters. Very cool that not only did he mail me my putters back, he included the local hot stamp disc and would not give me the info to pay him back for shipping.

Now that is East Texas Hospitality at it's finest.

They recently finished the course and had a grand opening. (not all the tee boxes or tee signs were in when I played) 20230723_155521.jpg

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