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HOD 2/29/2024: Liberty Park DGC Hole #3 Farmersville, CA


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Jul 23, 2011
Liberty Park DGC in Farmersville, CA


Basket to Tee
Hole #3 is 199' according to the other app. Going with a rhfh cg firebird.
Looks like I'll be forced to throw my wobbly ass, t-rex armed, poor excuse for a forehand. Looks too low for a BH turnover. RHFH Pro Wraith.
399' I am going to throw from the left side of the tee to stay away from the tree on the right and carry the (presumed sidewalk and beyond) OB the whole way with a Carnivore on hyzer.
Guess I'll try the forehand. Probably a stable fairway driver, maybe a Felon

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