HOD 5/14/2015: Villas Crossing DGC Hole 6 in Tamaqua, PA

Depends on what the ceiling looks like in person. If high-er Soft Magnet, if low-ish FF Breaker.
I love holes like this.

I'd throw a Comet or maybe a Pinn Patriot if the ceiling looks too low for a mid.
I throw back hand left hand. I have played this hole 5 times and threw a river a couple times and a comet a couple times. The ceiling is a little low and the hole does play up hill. When I go back I will be throwing my ESP comet flat and let it work. Hope to have a birdie putt
One of my favorite courses there, Villas.

Star Wraith S-turn or high hyzer a Monster. Putt out with my 173 Judge.
Truth or TB depending on how uphill and how low that ceiling is. TB if I want more carry after contact with the ground (low and hard)

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