HOD 9/22/2023: Red River DGC Hole #14 Waldport, OR


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Jul 23, 2011
Red River DGC in Waldport, OR

130 ft.

"# 14 might be one of the easiest, scary holes in all of disc golf. It's just a straight 130' throw across but the you have to miss two trees which aren't that tight. The problem is a carom and down into the abyss you go."


Wow. Where's the line? I might throw my mini to try to make a gap.

Bonus Sasquatch sighting on pic #2.
I like how the blurb says the gap isn't that tight. rhbh wiz, just trying to hit the gap.
That overhanging branch is a problem. I'm going to run a putt with an Eclipse proxy.
rhbh ibex or glitch depending on how i've been throwing
I'd love the overhand, but not with that branch hanging out. Maybe a Deputy.
Standstill RHBH Eclipse Envy, ace running it. I didn't drive all that way just to lay up!
This is a much better course than this picture would suggest.


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