??How To Get True Colors On Non White Plastics??


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Aug 15, 2016
New to dyeing here. I recently dyed my first couple of discs and noticed that even on an orange disc the idye poly color is darkened quite a bit.

I dye an orange star plastic blue and purple but what came out was grayish/ black and maroon.

How do I go about getting a true blue or purple on a colored disc?

Pic of the same blue and purple used for reference


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Imagine that the color of the disc is dye, and that the dye you put on it will mix with the color of the plastic.

Your blue and purple look great on that light blue disc. That's because if you mixed some light blue dye with blue or purple, they wouldn't change much. Whereas mixing orange with blue and purple is going to change them drastically.

The type of plastic has a lot to do with this as well. It's like champ/translucent plastic is a weaker concentration of dye in the plastic so it's easier to dye purple over orange and have it turn out like purple.

Also, just give your dye longer if you are trying to get a true color over a colored plastic - try to just overpower the color of the plastic.

E.g. I dyed pink/orange/red on this blue champ Katana and all those colors turned out fine. If this was a Blue Star Katana, it would not have worked nearly as well:
Good advice above, another trick is to open Photoshop (or comparable), and create a layer the color of your disc and a layer above it with 50% transparency the color of your dye. That will give you a decent preview of what color you'll end up with from any dye/disc color combinations
Thanks a lot guys.

One thing about giving my dye longer is that the more coats I put the darker it gets soo since it is so dark to start with I don't believe that would work for spinning. Unless I am missing something.

I also did a yellow champ plastic which darkened up the colors to pretty much the same degree as the orange star.

Would diluting the dye with more acetone help at all? so that it doesn't start out so dark?
Sounds like I need to go back and learn my color wheel. What color dye would I use over an orange if I want blue?
I did a shaving cream dye on an orange star katana and got crazy colors not anything what I expected or what a color wheel would tell you. I tried red and blue on the orange and got brown and maroon. After the color faded a bit I painted over the goofy colors with red and blue again using powdered dye mixed with laundry detergent and got super good results. I'll post a pic of the second dye later but here is a photo of the first.


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Yup pretty much the same result as my first dye except purple not red. Which ended up being maroon. I'd like to see the second dye though!

Souls anyone like to confirm that adding clear detergent to the mix would help keep the colors true(er)?

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