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Infinite Infinite Discs - Glyph


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Feb 24, 2011
Just saw this mold was approved a couple weeks ago, has anyone managed to feel or throw one? Appears to be the Rhyno/Tank top (BB Aviar/P&A Aviar bottoms, respectively) but the wing looks like a...Polecat?

Max Weight: 176.0gr
Diameter: 21.2cm
Height: 1.9cm
Rim Depth: 1.5cm
Rim Thickness: 0.7cm
Inside Rim Diameter: 19.7cm
Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio: 7.1%
Rim Configuration: 90.25
Flexibility: 4.43kg

Glyph 1.jpgGlyph 2.jpgGlyph 3.jpg
Don't think this approval for a retooled Birdie is the correct top:
Latest version of the Birdie shares thumbtrac top with Rhyno and rim + core with Polecat (thus the old Ontario tooling from Innova). The thumbtrac patent number is visible on the first photo.

Infinite can see how well the 1 speed discs have been selling (Berg/Glitch/Polecat) and want to get some of that attention/hype. Looks like R-blend and Metal Flake Color Glow C-blend are the first plastics to be released at max weight (175).

Glide numbers for the Innova Polecat/Birdie probably aren't comparable to this Infinite Glyph which is being marketed at 1/5/0/0 or 1/5/0/1 from the postings I've found. Hard to justify giving these lid discs such a high glide rating with the blunt leading edge/non-beveled wing compared to an Aviar P&A.
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I forgot about the Birdie, only ever tried one before the retool (thumbtrac-less).
Definitely looks like a Ryno/Birdie Thumtrac top. Wouldn't shock me if this was just a Birdie looking at the profile view.
Birdie vs. Rhyno Thumtrac is identical. Old Ontario tooled dx Birdie fwiw

DX Polecat on the left, DX Birdie on the right. Both Ontario tooled. Doesn't look quite the same. Rhino bottom is obviously totally different.
I'm almost certain this is just a Birdie in different plastics. Which is cool, Birdie deserves more love.
Long time reader, first time caller.
I picked up a first run Glyph in each of the two plastics.
I've thrown them each a few times already.
About me, I am pretty new to disc golf. I mostly throw backhand. I like the Polecat but my release is pretty awful so I have to throw them like a hyzer flip to get them to fly flat about 150-200'.
If a Polecat and a Berg made a baby in your bag, you'd get the Glyph. It flies dead straight. It's probably my straightest flying disc in my bag. I throw it a little nose up just go get it in the air and down the fairway. When it stalls out, it just falls straight to the ground with zero fade. It just drops out of the sky like a brick.
I feel like it's easier to throw than a Polecat or a Glitch.
I've haven't thrown it side by side with my Polecat yet. I feel like it will fly like the Polecat but won't have the slight fade at the end.
If I throw it on hyzer gently, it will holds its line. I left my putter at home one day and used the R Blend Glyph to put and worked quite well for hyzer putting.
As for what the disc is, I've heard Rhyno, Pig or Birdie top with a Polecat bottom. Polecat bottom I can agree putting them side by side. I put the Glyph side by side to a Pig and a Rhyno and both are too rounded where it comes up to the thumbtrac. I have never held or thrown a Birdie in either of its iterations. My guess, it's a Thumbtrac Birdie top with a Polecat bottom. I've also heard it's just a Thumbtrac Birdie.
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Gray Swirly R Blend Glyph
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Pretty sure there's only 1 Innova Thumtrac top they use, but I see the variation. Hmm
I have been building a PFN Innova bag for fun, found a bar stamp Thumbtrac Birdie on eBay for dirt cheap. They look exactly the same fo me. I guess case closed.
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Pretty sure there's only 1 Innova Thumtrac top they use, but I see the variation. Hmm
I think there is a newly made one without patent numbers but it's just a direct replacement. I've got a few new Rhyno and Pigs in different plastics without that thumb track patent on the top.

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