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Millennium ES1

stupid trees

Birdie Member
May 12, 2010
Columbia MO
Looks like millennium is releasing a new disc called the ES1. Anybody got any info?

Max Weight: 176.0gr
Diameter: 21.2cm
Height: 1.5cm
Rim Depth: 1.1cm
Rim Thickness: 2.1cm
Inside Rim Diameter: 17.0cm
Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio: 5.2%
Rim Configuration: 38.50
Flexibility: 8.86kg
Kinda weird. I heard this was a mid, but...those numbers are not mid numbers. So, no. I have no reliable info.
PDGA fixed the typo for the rim thickness, it did originally say 1.1cm. Infinite kinda guesses sometimes what the flight numbers will be based on the PDGA specs (they still list 1.1 cm).

Saw a video on the Millennium Collectors FB page from some Millennium team members trying it out not long ago. Their initial impressions were a pretty neutral 10-11 speed (some turn and fade, kinda slow) but they expected it to be more stable than that. Profile looked a bit like a blunt Firebird/Monster top with a Mamba bottom. Snagged a screenshot from that video.

Sirius ES1, Millennium Distance Disc Golf Driver | Millennium Pro Shop
Millennium's "Experimental Series" is a new twist on the manufacturing game. We're bringing new molds and configurations into the market as experiments. Prior to a regular production release, each disc will be PDGA approved and released as part of the Experimental Series in a very limited prototype run. We'll evaluate the traction of the model and seek customer feedback on each model. With success, an ES model will be introduced officially into the Millennium line. If it fails...customers will have a collectible relic of disc golf experimentation. Our goal is simple, grow our line of discs and continue to help disc golfers play smart and keep it simple.

The Sirius ES1 Prototype is the first release in this new series. It's a distance driver designed for ease of throwing and smooth S-Curve lines. Rated as 11/5/-2/2, its combination of glide and -2 high speed turn enables slower arms and intermediate players to throw long range flex shots. It's also big-arm-friendly with its blunt wing and low speed fade that bring this disc back with a reliable fade after its mid-flight drift. Players of all skill levels will be able to find their flex with this disc and help carve fairways with tight, long-panning lines.

Sirius is a premium plastic with the ultimate combination of superior grip and die-hard durability; long lasting and a nice grippy feel in opaque colors.

About Color and Weight Availability - This model is only available in white at this time
No side profile pics there but some placeholder images 😕. Given flight numbers not far off from the Astra so maybe that mold (and the Innova Archon) won't be run anymore. The Archon is already under the OOP section of the Innova Factory Store 🕵️‍♂️. PDGA approved specs are pretty different for this ES1 vs the Astra & Archon. Shallower rim depth and narrower rim. Seems to fall directly in between the OLS and the Falcon.

ES series being run like the Discraft Ace Race where the mold isn't really put into production with a new name unless it gets popular feedback.
Did you get them yet?
Yes. They arrived promptly but I haven't had much time to throw them. Initial impressions are that they are wraith-like in flight but not as long. I assumed with their flight numbers I could get a longer more straight flight than wraiths. I'll be giving them a bit more time before I make my final judgment but so far not impressed.
It's like a blunt Orc. Like 10, 3, -1, 2.

(I've thrown it maybe 3 times.)

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