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Yikun Info about The NVWA Patching the Sky Series


Dec 29, 2023
The NVWA Patching the Sky Series was released.
🔥Highlight of the series:
- 2 new plastics: Glaze-X and Inner Colour are available
- 4 new molds: 3 drivers and 1 mid-range

About the series:
The Nuwa Patching the Sky series, inspired by Dunhuang murals, blends ancient mythology with cosmic elements and emphasizes the connection between the universe, nature, and creation. This series aims to provide players with a unique flying experience that transcends time and space.

Come and check out more details below:

2 New plastics:

New Plastics

1. Glaze-X: Experience the unique glaze texture that brings unparalleled dynamic charm and spatial sense to your game.The Glaze-X is given unparalleled dynamic charm and spatial sense through radiant lines. When it spins and flies at high speed, it looks like dazzling stars that attracting all eyes.
2. Inner Colour: The random integration and release of colours give the Tiger line new material a unique texture. Each piece is a unique work of art, making your disc irreplaceable and adding a splash of creativity to your throws.

4 new molds
FUXI is a high-speed distance driver with excellent gliding ability. For experienced players, it can achieve considerable distances beyond other disc types. It can be a very powerful weapon for long-distance throws.

Plastics: Glaze-X, Inner Colour

Model Details:
Max. Weight: 176g
Height: 1.7cm
Rim Width: 2.3cm
Rim Depth: 1.25cm
Diameter: 21.2cm

XIHE is a highly understable distance driver with minimal fade, making it perfect for 'dog-leg' throws and attempts at long-distance turnover shots. This would be a great choice for beginners looking to try out super long distance drivers.
Plastics: Glaze-X, Inner Colour

Max. Weight: 177.6g
Height: 1.9cm
Rim Width: 1.8cm
Rim Depth: 1.16cm
Diameter: 21.2cm

About the NVWA Model:
The NVWA is a large-sized fairway driver designed for all levels of play. It boasts excellent glide, making it a top pick for both beginners and seasoned players. For experienced players, there will be a noticeable turn before fading, but the fade is almost zero, allowing for precise targeting.

Plastics: Glaze-X, Inner Colour

Max Weight: 182g
Rim Height: 1.6cm
Rim Width: 1.7cm
Rim Depth: 1.2cm
Diameters: 21.8cm

TIANSHI is the only functional mid-range disc in the Nvwa Patching the Sky series. It masterfully compensates for the Crossbow's glide distance and the Hammer's wind-breaking ability, allowing for better navigation around obstacles such as bushes during mid-range throws.

Plastics: Inner Colour

Max Weight: 176.8g
Rim Height: 1.6cm
Rim Width: 1.2cm
Rim Depth: 1.4cm
Diameters: 21.4cm

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