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Great Falls, VA

Krop's Crops Farm

1.45(based on 5 reviews)
The course is playable, such as it is. Mr. Krop Sr told me that after the business is closed disc golfers can go in the side entrance, park in the parking lot and still play. This was extremely trusting and generous of him, so I sincerely hope that no one abuses this privilege so that it is ruined for others.
Hole 1 is the same as on the map. The tee is a black mat right next to the fence at the parking lot.
One basket is an orphan that did not have a reasonable fairway, so it doesn't seem to be a hole any more. On the map it is the basket for old hole 4.
Holes 3-5 are different from the map.
Hole 3's tee is close to basket 2.
Hole 4's tee is in some trees not far from basket 3.
Hole 5's tee could not be found so just make up your own after you locate the basket
What I will call new holes 6 and 7 do not have tees, but I used the fairways on the old map, but with the new hole numbering. (If that makes any sense to you.)
I was there within a week of you and had a good time. It's a quirky little course and not that easy to follow. You basically go on a circuit around the property starting on the left side of the parking lot, going back left, then across to the right and back to the front. But not that easy! The homemade baskets are surprisingly good. It's worth playing, especially now when its about the only game in town. You can easily play twice in an hour or so, so goes well with a a hike somewhere in that area.