NC to Cincinnati (breweries/brewpubs)?


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Apr 5, 2009
Girlie and I are making the roadie to Cincin in late July. Hitting a course in WV on the way, Idlewild when in town and Mt. Airy on the way out. My question is more around good breweries and brewpubs in Cincin when we are visiting. Already read about Rock Bottom, but she is more of a beer-snob, so would like a local perspective on the offerings. We are staying in Covington, KY if that helps with location. Also, if there is another course (other than Lincoln Ridge) to hit, please share. Thanks!
I would go to the Hofbrau Haus. It's the same deal as the one in Munich but with a lot better service.

Also Party Source in Newport (next town from Covington) has a very good selection of beer to purchase and bring back with you! Jungle Jim's in Fairfield, OH is also a nice place to go for a large selection of take home beer. We always come back to TX with a loaded trunk of stuff we can't get here.

As far as bars, the Comet in Northside is what my wife recommends.
Hofbrauhaus for sure. I love the dunkel. Cincinnati is pretty limited as far as brewpubs go.

There's also a bar in Bellevue (right next to Newport) called Beer Sellar. It's on a barge on the river next to Hooters. They have something like 120 bottled beers and 60 different beers on tap.
Thanks for the recommendations...Hofbrau Has looks great. From doing some searches, it really looked like Cincinnati had some limitations on brewpubs. Thanks again!
Not sure of your travel route through oHIo to Cincy, but along the way I recommend:
1. Jacki O's in Athens
2. Marietta Brewing in Marietta
3. North End Tavern is about 15 minutes south of Marietta in Parkersburg, WV
4. Portsmouth Brewing

In the Cincinnati Area:
1. Barrel House
2. Mount Carmel
3. Rivertown

Rock Bottom's are a chain, but the quality is typically worth a visit.
I have to chime in on this one. Hofbrau is great, depending on when you show up. Its the only place I know of where you can drink liters of beer while enjoying a summer evening. All the beers are pretty good. Just dont go if its friday or saturday night. When the preppie bars downtown closed, hofbrau became the new hangout for the country club set. It gets WAY too crowded, and 2 of every 3 people dress like theyre auditioning for those new god-awful hilfiger ads. Then again, maybe thats your thing. If hipsters piss you off, avoid the northside tavern. The Comet would be my recommendation. Its really a bar with a large dining room and a stage. Pretty good selection of bottles; on tap its more pedestrian. Theres usually a live band, and rarely does the live band suck. The food is pretty good too. Parking sucks, but no place is perfect.

Other suggestions starting in newport and heading north:

The previously mentioned Beer Sellar

The Rookwood Pub / A chain place, but a good one. Try the burbon cask ale. Im the only person I know who hates it

Brazenhead Irish Pub / Add the beer sellar's selection to the rookwood pub and move the whole thing way out to the northern fringe of suburbia

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