Which Innova sits between a Wedge and a Shark in both feel and stability?

Aug 30, 2023
Title says it all. Less stable than the Shark but not as flippy as the Wedge, with a rim/feel deeper than the Wedge but shallower than the Shark?
DX Jay or Lion?
Panther or Wombat3 probably would work in Star/Champion premium plastics.
You pick a big gap of discs to choose from.
My second thought is that you want the bigger brother of the Wedge. Which will be a Stingray. Or possibly a Manta.
What about a beat up Shark?


Perhaps a really beat up shark?
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Have you lost your mind? Mako3 is way more stable.
You seem confused, boy. Way more stable than what? Hey goofy a$$, OP asked for a disc that sits in stability between a wedge and a shark. Mako3 is more stable than a wedge, less stable than a shark.
hAvE yOu LoSt YoUr MiNd?
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For some reason i read stingray instead of shark. Maybe i have lost it. Hillarious that you got so triggered though.
What about a beat up Shark?
Not a bad idea, in theory. But the DX Shark I got in my starter pack is already pretty beat up. It is also very light. I can turn it over fairly easily. But part of what I don't like is the deeper dish feel of the Shark. Ideally, I'd like thinner than the Shark but thicker than the Wedge. See additional response below. Thank you!
Hey all, thanks for all the replies. After researching more and getting the chance to feel some discs in person at decently stocked shop, I have refined my query a bit:

The "feel" issue is as much about diameter as thickness. Though I have larger than average hands, the smaller diameter discs feel more natural to me. So what I'm looking for is more of a thicker Wedge than a thinner Shark. I found a DX Mirage (3/4/-3/0) at my local big box, but that's only marginally thicker than the Wedge, and it has the nice easy turn but without the little fade back at the end that the Wedge has.

Colt seems about right on paper, but they had some at the shop I visited and they just didn't feel right. So I'm thinking maybe the Panther (or a Kite) is the best idea so far - I'll just be on the lookout for one I can lay hands on in person.

The shop did have some Toros. I really liked the feel of those (same for DD Justice and Discraft Malta), but that's the opposite end of the stability scale. Perhaps that's another way to go, and work on forehanding it instead. Though I know that's not the same, particularly after hitting the ground.

And I'm not necessarily tired to Innova per se, it just seems to be the case that I tend to like the way their molds feel more than other brands. For example, I found a Westside Swan Reborn fit the bill on paper, but I just didn't like the way it felt. Discraft Sol is closer.

EDIT: Anyone ever handle an Infinite Kon Tiki? Another one that looks good on paper. (DOUBLE EDIT: Sounds like folks in the comments at Infinite say it's essentially a Mirage.)
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