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Louisville, KY

Arrowhead DGC

Permanent course
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Arrowhead DGC reviews

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4.50 star(s)

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 19, 2024 Played the course:once


Arrowhead DGC is a private 27 hole course on the SW side of Louisville. You'll need to book a parking pass to gain access to the course which doesn't cost anything. Technically it's free to play too, but they do accept donations. Which I suggest you do. They only book 9 parking passes per day so you don't want to wait until the last minute.

The design here was top notch in my opinion. There's no real long holes. Just 300' and under tight woods holes for the most part. Hills, ravines and that ever present creek are going to be what you're facing off against out here. There's a couple openish holes out of the first four, but from there on out you're into the woods for the remainder of your round. There's a few "island" holes and some other themed kind of holes The island holes are short but require good accuracy. There's a cool little downhill double arch mando hole. A couple hanging baskets and one on a platform built out of the hill on the back side of the island. Honestly there's just so many unique and memorable holes out there.

The baskets are random different kinds, mostly temp models. DD, MVP, Innova, Mach's, etc. One basket and pin position per hole.

Excellent tee signs out here. Outstanding for a private course actually. These all have the course name, the hole # inside an arrowhead, par, distance and a basic but effective hole map. The hole map shows any bridges, OB or hazards, drop zones and next tee arrow. All the info you'll need. Loved these.

The tee pads are different styles like the baskets but all are in good shape. There's a mix of different brick, block and stone pads. These all function the same but it's just a great aesthetic having a mix of different ones. It had rained the whole night up to about an hour before we played and i had zero issues with traction on these. One tee per hole.

There's lots of benches and even a few tables located throughout the course which is appreciated, especially on a hilly 27 hole layout. Lots of next tees signs too. I didn't need to use the map a single time out there today. There's an absurd amount of beautiful wooden staircases and bridges on the course too. More than any other course I've ever seen. There's even little steps leading down into the creek in a few spots that commonly get thrown into. Just remarkable how much thought went into this course.

The course starts and ends by the front yard. There's also an original 18 hole layout mapped out on Udisc if you're short on time. This one you'd need the map to follow though.


There's a few chances to lose a disc in the creek out here. There's been a lot of rain recently, but I poked a stick into the creek on one of what I was told was a deeper section. It was easily 4 feet deep. The owner told me there's spots that get up to 8 feet deep. I overthrew a little on one of the island holes. I hit the island and barely went into the creek. Poof. Never to be seen again and it would've barely went in.

A few of the fairways cross each other. Not a huge deal with the limited amount of players allowed on the property a day, but worth noting.

Not everyone will like the block tees and I get it. I liked them but I will say they are mostly on the shorter side.

Other Thoughts:

I had seen the pictures of this course and thought it looked like it'd by a fun little course. More gimmicky than anything. This is not the case whatsoever. Yes there's all kinds of little trinkets and things hanging around. The disc golf is legit here. It far exceeded what I was expecting. This is one of my favorite courses played to date actually. I'd highly recommend this course to anyone. I will 100% play this course again the next time I'm down here. Absolute gem of a course. Must play.
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More Fun Than Disc Golf Should Allow 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 9, 2020 Played the course:once


There is a big sign on the right signifying Arrowhead Disc Golf from the road . Go slow or you will miss it . The driveway leads to a small parking lot on the right , just past the owner's house . The course starts on the other side of the house . There is a putting basket in the front yard . There are no bathroom facilities here . Signs leading to the shelter/kiosk will tell you the rules .
The Equipment - Where do I start ? The kiosk where you sign the waiver has a detailed map of the course .Take a picture just because it's cool , but you won't need it . There are plenty on Next Tee signs and the course flows well . The tee pads are pavers and about 4 1/2 X 7' . The baskets are kind of a mix of all different types , but all are in good shape . The signage is both unique and excellent . Some parts of the course have a Native American motif , like on #1 . The signs at the holes are also very good .They have carver wood numbers on the tops of the baskets , something I have never seen before . There are sturdy wood stairs and bridges all over this course , and plenty of out of bounds markers . The have at least one pole ( #23 ) at the edge of a dry creek that helps you fish out your disc . There are benches at many of the holes . There are screens at a couple of the tee pads to protect some people from being hit by an errant shot .
The Landscape - The course was moved and the trees were cut back when I was here . This course is well taken care of . Some of the course is semi-woods and much of it would be considered woods . Course designer Eric Wyatt made up for the lack of length on this course and incorporated several creeks and some elevation from elevated tees or baskets over hillsides .
The Highlights - Okay . I will already tell you that the course will not challenge you with overly technical woods shots or give you some length . I shot well under par for my first time , but I left with a big smile on my face . This course is the most fun I have ever had on a Kentucky course. #4 has a sliding hanging basket with a row of trees in the fairway . #9 has lots of OB with a tight fairway through the trees and crossing 2 creeks . #18 has 2 arching mandos made from the trees to help psych you out . #19 is the 3rd hanging basket on a tight shot fairway . #20 just 188' but is a tight right to left going slightly downhill and across a creek to a hillside with wood stoppers for your disc . You are shooting at an elevated basket the might be 15+' depending on where you land on the hillside . It's one of the most original holes I have ever seen . #25 is a downhill island hole shot . #27 has 2 different baskets to shoot at . The owner picks the one for the day and uses a big arrow to point to it ( Creative ) .
Signature Hole - #23 .474' It starts downhill with a creek in play running along the left side and trees on the right . Trees will dot the fairway as you throw toward a small green that has water on sides of it .
Disc Risk - surprisingly low . The course is well cared for , with little rough . Your drives will ricochet off of trees but most of the holes are short and will enable you to track your drive .
Time - It took me about an hour and a half to play all 27 holes of this course .I should have stayed longer .
Course Beauty - The woods setting is both nice to look at and serene . There are even " quiet holes " in a couple of spots that you aren't supposed to make noise in .
Unique - I had to add this category for this particular course , because there are carvings near the trees , and little figurines resting on tree shelves at some of the holes .
There is also a fenced in area behind the tee pad for #2 where a miniature horse will come up to you to pet him . I will remember to bring carrots to the course next time .
There were many groups on the course during my play . I couldn't decide if this was more of a course or more of a " happening " There is even an awning to chill out after you play .


#1 Pure Challenge - This course isn't going to make you dig deep into your resolve or your bag , but it will still force you to make choices . You might reach for your midrange more than your driver .
#2 safety . There are a couple of spots where you could get hit with an off line drive . If it rains hard , throwing from some of the hills could get you hurt .
The only amenities I saw missing were trash receptacles . Carry out what you carry in . Spray on some Deet before you play during the summer months .

Other Thoughts:

This course might be the most unique I have ever played . 27 completely different holes . Doglegs , tight alleys , some gimmicks to make the course fun . I talked to the owner briefly , and he is even more friendly than the locals that populate the course . I would play this course with my buddies every other weekend if I lived in the Louisville area . A lot of time , effort and love went into this course .Course designer Eric Wyatt did a fantastic job . Thank You for letting me play this course, Vivian . I will remember to bring carrots for your horses next time .
Check the course Facebook page for both permission to play and schedule . There is a summer league on Friday evenings and other activities you don't want to run into .
This is a private course . Make Sure you leave some money in the donation box
My Recommendation - The course is short enough for newbies and locals to have a blast . I think intermediates thru pros will tear this course up , but will have a great time doing it . ! disc players won't lose it playing here . Travelers ? It is a lengthy time to stretch legs here , but if you are staying overnight anywhere from E-town to Louisville or in Albany , you would want to drop down and go a round . Course Collectors will not want to miss this course , and can combine it with the Albany courses or Otter Creek and Muldraugh .
Get off of Gene Snyder or I-65 and Play IT !!!!

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Experience: 16 years 43 played 42 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Wow, so enjoyable! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Dec 19, 2019 Played the course:5+ times


UNIQUE!!! Many benches and bag tree's. Availability to pet miniature ponies! Clearly marked baskets with signage and interesting tschatskies (spelling?) at many tee boxes (A 'jackelope' comes to mind :) ) Staircases, ladders and disc retriever poles where the need might arise. Many baskets can be seen from the tee and all others can be viewed by going up the fairway a little way. There are two practice baskets and the owner has constructed a very nice shelter to sit under should precipitation occur.


To me there really are no cons as it's fun, has character galore and has more tee/signage amenities than any other local course...and pretty much anywhere else. Having so stated, for 'sticklers' the baskets aren't uniform in make (January 2020 update, the baskets are all regulation though), no, ahem, toilet availability (but a zillion trees though...), and pro's don't even need to bring anything above a mid-range as there aren't but a couple of holes +300.

Other Thoughts:

As a privately funded/designed/built course one would expect the 'cons' listed above; and, to somebody who actually loves the sport of disc golf, these same 'quirks' are the 'character' which makes a course unique and fun! Because there are so many 'short' holes (<250) it's excellent for new players as they can see what they are throwing at; and for more advanced players it is an opportunity to experiment with different throwing styles and work on technique. Make no mistake, if a tee shot isn't 'clean' it would be real easy to shoot above par; however, when patient, shooting scratch or lower is also very doable. This course hosts multiple tournaments per year; and play is the price of a donation which is left to the individual players. There is a covered kiosk prior to tee one where players can donate, and sign a waiver prior to playing (is kept on file). NOTE: the owner has placed a sign reading "No Dogs".
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