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Louisville, KY

Arrowhead DGC

Permanent course
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Arrowhead DGC reviews

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Experience: 16 years 43 played 42 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Wow, so enjoyable! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Dec 19, 2019 Played the course:5+ times


UNIQUE!!! Many benches and bag tree's. Availability to pet miniature ponies! Clearly marked baskets with signage and interesting tschatskies (spelling?) at many tee boxes (A 'jackelope' comes to mind :) ) Staircases, ladders and disc retriever poles where the need might arise. Many baskets can be seen from the tee and all others can be viewed by going up the fairway a little way. There are two practice baskets and the owner has constructed a very nice shelter to sit under should precipitation occur.


To me there really are no cons as it's fun, has character galore and has more tee/signage amenities than any other local course...and pretty much anywhere else. Having so stated, for 'sticklers' the baskets aren't uniform in make (January 2020 update, the baskets are all regulation though), no, ahem, toilet availability (but a zillion trees though...), and pro's don't even need to bring anything above a mid-range as there aren't but a couple of holes +300.

Other Thoughts:

As a privately funded/designed/built course one would expect the 'cons' listed above; and, to somebody who actually loves the sport of disc golf, these same 'quirks' are the 'character' which makes a course unique and fun! Because there are so many 'short' holes (<250) it's excellent for new players as they can see what they are throwing at; and for more advanced players it is an opportunity to experiment with different throwing styles and work on technique. Make no mistake, if a tee shot isn't 'clean' it would be real easy to shoot above par; however, when patient, shooting scratch or lower is also very doable. This course hosts multiple tournaments per year; and play is the price of a donation which is left to the individual players. There is a covered kiosk prior to tee one where players can donate, and sign a waiver prior to playing (is kept on file). NOTE: the owner has placed a sign reading "No Dogs".
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