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Brush Creek Park - The Pines

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Brush Creek Park - The Pines reviews

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Watch out for that tree!

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Oct 20, 2023 Played the course:5+ times


This course sits in a beautiful park setting (sometimes void of campers) along the Tennessee River far away from city amenities. A great place to get away for the day!

The tee pads are all concrete and meet the standard forms you're used to seeing. Signage is good. Directional signage exists (pay attention to the directions after hole 8). Baskets are all in good shape.

My favorite holes that also keep this rating from dropping to a 2.5 are holes 2 and 16 (used to be 17). These are very challenging holes with small water hazards. Snakes could be a hazard also on hole 16.

Currently, you can play this course as 27 holes. The new Wilderness course (only 9 holes right now) starts after hole 15.


There's a repetitive feel to the course after hole 6 until you get to hole 14. They feel like filler holes to me.

Some of the lines for the long pads are really janky and takes the fun away from playing this course. Had I played this course more, I'd have to figure out the ideal short/long pad combo for 18 holes for maximum enjoyment. Some of the shorts are just too easy for me to play a round of all short pads.

Easy to screw up and follow the natural flow from hole 8 to hole 11 tee's and accidently skip holes 9 and 10.

The short pad on hole 2 is a long water carry for beginners. I recommend beginners to skip and create their own pad to the left of the swamp.

Other Thoughts:

This original Brush Creek course is not my favorite, but is still an enjoyable time to get away from the city and throw discs. Judging by how well the new 9 holes of the Wilderness course are designed and how much work has been put into it, this could become a destination.
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A Tennessee River Charmer 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 6, 2020 Played the course:once


(3.124 Rating) A medium length pines course with a couple spectacular river views.
- NATURAL BEAUTY - There are parts of this course that are breathtaking. The basket location for hole (2) is one of these, at it's located along the shore of the mile-wide Tennessee River. I took several photos at this spot and sent them to friends to instill jealousy. Unfortunately, the river doesn't really come into play and view again till (18). The stretch between (3) and (17) is nice and all, being mostly lines threw pines, but I'd only score that sequence a 3.0 out of 5. The shear magnificence of holes (2) and (18) made me bump the beauty factor up a half point to a 3.5.
- AMENITIES AND EXTRAS - The basics were done well. There are brand new DISCatcher baskets. There are two average sized concrete tees per hole and prominent tee signs at each tee pad. As for extras, there are big picnic shelters along the Tennessee River. Also locked wintertime restrooms next to the parking lot. The course could however, really use a handful of benches spread out along the layout.
- SKILL LEVEL FRIENDLY - With the duel tees noted above, the course is going to play fair for a wider than normal skill level set. Ideal for Rec and Intermediate level players. Advanced played could like it too, and so may novices. Probably too short and easy for Pro level players and its not an ideal beginner's course.
- CHALLENGING - I played the long tee layout and found a solid upper Intermediate level to perhaps lower level Advanced challenge. There's some modest length and lots line hitting requirements from these pads. I'd guess that even par 56 would draw a 920 to 930 rated round in good conditions with no artificial OB. I think the short pads are perfect for rec players. The course favors precision throwers over bombers.
- ENDING - The last two holes were two of my three favorite holes on the course. Back to back par 4s requiring a well-executed shot, before attacking the basket. I like it when a course finishes strong.


A good course with only nit-picking complaints.
- MONOTONY - A good chunk of the holes have blended together in my memory. Other than hole (6), Holes (3) through (16) all have a similar feel. They are basically all moderately wooded shots threw a pine enclave over mostly flat terrain. Sure a couple shots bend a little to the left or to the right, and there are some ideal angles or lines to pick, it's just that the surrounding elements are always the same. For those that know the North Alabama disc golf scene, this portion of the course is Brahan Springs 2.0.
- LOCATION - Way out in the boondocks and not along any major highways. So not an easy bagger hit. Why can't they build a course along the Tennessee where I live??? Oh wait… they are.
- MISC MINOR THINGS - A couple of lines from tee feel awkward or forced. If I recall correctly, I think it was long (5) and long (7). Also on long tee (7), it would suck to hit a tree early and have it careen over the barbed wire fence. A couple tees looked slightly out of alignment. I wish there was a couple more spots where the river was in play. Again, all super minor stuff.

Other Thoughts:

The Florence and Shoals disc golf scene already has a couple solid courses in McFarland and Veterans, and this near-by newer track with fit in nicely with those two. Brush Creek appeals to the largest chunk of the regular player population, the Rec and Intermediate level players. So, I would not be surprised if this course already has a solid local following. Although overall I find this to be a good to very good regional track, I don't think it's to the same level as the top North Alabama courses like Kudzu Cove, Indian Creek, Monte Sano or even Joe Wheeler before the tornado destruction. I personally doubt I'll make the two plus hour drive out here again, but for those within that range, I do think its worth checking out at least once.
- NAVIGATION AND SIGNAGE - I had a couple minor detours before getting back on track. I saw a couple navigational cues while traversing the layout, but it could have definitely used more. The tees are simple and somewhat adequate for this style of course. Less than a handful of baskets can't be seen from the tee, so having an artistic map of the line would have been a nice luxury. This was a super young course when I first played it, so it's hard to be very critical.
- TIME PLAY - Average
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