Hixson, TN

C4 Church Disc Golf Course

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C4 Church Disc Golf Course reviews

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The Blast That Never Happens

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 10, 2023 Played the course:once


(1.589 Rating) A basic church niner with four weird lines.
- BASIC AMENITIES - The main reason I’m scoring C4 a 1.5 over a 1.0 is due to the tees, baskets and tee signs. The tees are concrete. They are small, but they sort-of work on the many short holes that are here. Black Hole Gravity is the basket model and they caught very well. The tee signs are well done artistic signs with all the required info except a next tee arrow. Although, a couple close by next tees are present within the artistic image.

So Sos:
- RAW BEAUTY - Slightly below average, but with some nice aspects. 5 holes are heavily wooded, which to me, is nearly always an appealing aspect. The course was also mowed and generally free of trash. Aspects that are holding it back from a higher score include, flatness, no water and no memorable lines.
- BEGINNER FRIENDLY - Naturally when I’ve thrown church courses, I expect a beginner friendly layout. Some of the attributes here read beginner friendly, like the length of it. However, the tight wooded element definitely feels in conflict with that conclusion.
- NAVIGATION - Great signs, but the flow in the woods is tightly confined, which can be confusing. I was with 2 others and we all assumed basket (8) was the play when standing on (3s) pad. A course map is available near tee (1) apparently, but we started on (5), so we missed it.


Unnatural lines
- HOLES (2, 3, 6, 8) - I love technical disc golf, yet the part of this course that had that aspect, bothered me. The reason was the line shape. All these noted holes are blind unnatural 60 to 90 degree benders through vine lined fairways. Even though all these holes are shorter than 250 feet, my card of 3 players had maybe one lucky birdie on a redirection and a few bogeys. Hole (7) was the only woods hole that I didn’t take issue with.
- RAW - The woods part feels like a bushwacking tunnel. The vines are everywhere and they will swallow up plastic that goes off line. Likely full of poison ivy, ticks and mosquitoes during late spring and early summer. Lots of tree debris and roots to trip over. These descriptions don’t really bother me, but I know it will bother others.
- NOT FOR BOMBERS - The longest hole is 430 feet. It’s the only opportunity to rip one. I highly doubt serious MA1 players are enjoying the gameplay out here. To them it’s a putter course with some half powered touch shots.

Other Thoughts:

The target audience at C4 feels most appropriate for MA4s and MA3s with sub 250-foot arms that like twisty woods courses. Not exactly a large niche of players, but they are out there. After that grouping, no need for anyone else to come here unless they attend the church or they are a course bagger. Overall a 1.5 level course to me with perhaps enough growth potential for a 2.0 if a lot of precision trimming occurs. By precision trimming, I mean that they need to be careful not to overdue cutting as it will impact the already thin fairway buffers. Similar courses I’ve played include Steele Creek in Mobile, Cemetery Point Park in Cedar Key Florida, NAS Whiting Field near Pensacola and Creek Ridge in Northern Indiana.
- BAGGERS UNITE - RocketCityRedd and myself ran into a bagging legend during our stop here. On hole (6) we bumped into DGCR’s eric_vdberg whom was on course 1630 or so. We ended up throwing the next 7 holes together as we had all started our round on hole (5). Lots of fascinating discussions on bagger adventures and other random disc golf subjects. We all thought this C4 Church course had issues, but that didn’t stop us all from having a great time.
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I see four (C4) troublesome holes

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jun 30, 2023 Played the course:2-4 times


In an effort to connect with the local community and bring new families onto the grounds, the C4 Church in Hixson recently opened a nine-hole course, with special thanks to gracious sponsorships and the work of many individuals. However, the dreadful design of several holes in the woods distracts from the intentions and labors put forth.

The course is neatly put together. There are excellent teepads, nice orange Black Hole Gravity baskets that are easy to spot, and detailed signage at every hole. Navigation flows well. There’s even a sign with arrows at the intersection after Hole #3 to assist first-timers with finding the next hole.

The wonderfully detailed sign next to Hole #1 includes a course map, distances and special thanks. The sign states that donations are appreciated but not required, and there’s a QR code for those who would like to contribute.

The holes in the open are nicely constructed. A couple of common sense mando signs will hopefully keep the fairways separated when multiple groups are on the course.

Hole #5 is probably the signature hole at the C4 Church course. At 430 feet, it’s the only par 4 and requires a fairly-straight drive to optimally access the opening into the woods where the basket lies. Hole #7 is the best of the wooded holes; not only is the basket visible from the teepad, but there are two lines to consider: a tight, inside line on the right side or the more-open, outside line.


Five of the nine holes are positioned in the wooded section on the back half of the property. Of these five holes, four of them (with Hole #7 being the exception) are troublesome in their design. The four holes are fairly narrow and the fairway shape does not conform to how a disc would fly. The course designer is working on trimming a few branches and removing a couple trees to improve the lines, though with the teepads and baskets already set, there are limitations on how much can be done. Despite the shortness of these holes – all between 200 and 250 feet – the basket is not visible from the teepad on any of the four holes.

Hole #2 might be the most difficult of the design shapes. At only 200 feet, it requires a nearly 90-degree fade after about 60 feet. Several trees have been recently cleared to allow a higher shot attempt with significant fade, but it’s a very tough line. Hole #3 is about 240 feet and needs a sharp turn to the right after about 100 feet to traverse the second half of the fairway. Hole #6 is about 240 feet and forces a throw that just continues to turn to the right the entire way down a narrow fairway. Finally, Hole #8 is about 165 feet and is shaped like the letter C. These baskets could be reachable by advanced players with an arsenal of more-skilled throws such as skip shots, tomahawks, grenades, sky hyzers and rollers. But for novice players, these holes almost play like par 4s and making safe, short tosses will likely be the smartest play.

The areas just off the fairways of the wooded holes are extremely rough. The brush is very thick, there are briars aplenty, and numerous felled trees and branches have been tossed off the fairway. The ground is littered with plenty of wood debris, resulting in some treacherous footing in spots. Also, the course easily retains water and due to the uneven surfaces on a couple of the wooded holes, it’s ripe for collecting significant puddles and standing water after any rain.

The course is shoehorned into the small parcel of land. The wooded holes especially are crammed into an area so that if the disc goes 10 feet past the basket or off the fairway, it’s likely in very bad rough.

Note that the church course is closed on Sunday mornings and occasional Wednesday evenings.

Other Thoughts:

The purpose of the C4 Church course is clear. The execution of the course amenities was done well.

Regrettably, it’s the design of the wooded holes with unrealistic twists and turns that significantly affects the current rating for this course. It’s not a course to take a beginner to for one of their first rounds.

To be fair, this is a new course with work still to be done. The course designers seem dedicated and are seeking to provide smoother fairways, more grass and better drainage.
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