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Community Park West DGC

2.115(based on 23 reviews)
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Community Park West DGC reviews

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Experience: 15.9 years 437 played 23 reviews
1.50 star(s)

Hey look another Chicago suburban course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 17, 2011 Played the course:2-4 times


-Amazing overall park
-New DGA Baskets
-Flags on top of basket
-Woodchipped under basket
-Practice Basket
-Good signage and overall map at hole 1

This course was put into a multi-use park that sits just off Milwaukee Ave and I-294. The park is loaded with a playground, basketball hoops, skate park, walking paths, dog park, soccer and baseball fields. There are brand new DGA baskets that play on play on a small hill and around the soccer fields. There is decent exposure for this course because you can actually see people playing for I-294.

There is a practice basket near hole one with putting bricks with distance so you can work on your distances or play a putting game. The first two holes offer some fun challenges with trees and a rolling hills which make it fun without be punishing for newer players because there is still plenty of opportunity to still get a 3 with an errant shot. Hole 3, when the trees grow in will make the tunnel shot a lot more difficult. I like the woodchips under the basket. It will help with erosion in the high traffic area of the putting circle. The little bit of elevation that is there is brought into play.


-Long walks between a couple holes
-Too much pedestrian things can come into play
-Wood chip tees are horrible

This course was stretched out to maximize the land. This is a good thing generally, however, this bring a lot of other things into play. On Hole 3, an errant throw could go onto the parking lot or along the walking path. Hole 4, a bad shot could actually end up on the expressway (or walking path). This continues with the ability to hit the soccer fields, walking paths, and throwing into the dog park throughout most of the remaining holes. I understand that the were trying to maximize the course potentially, but there are definitely people with different levels of abilities and there are going some mishaps at this course. I am only a REC level player, and I choose to throw a forehand roller on 4 just to make sure I did not end up hitting a car on the tollway.

For Hole 5-10, the only real challenge that is there is distance for some weaker armed players (like myself). There are not really any real obstacle that get in the way. However there are many reachable holes where if I bogeyed, there were opportunities to still deuce and get my stroke back. Future planting could help with some of this problem. There is also currently some planting that has occurred that will help a few years down the road.

The wood tees are horrible. They are uneven and unsettled. Hopefully the winter will help pack them down. It was unsafe to do a x-step on mostly of them. I played from either next too, in front of, or in back of the tees the second round to protect my ankles.

Other Thoughts:

This course is a decent place to come and work on your drives (with the exception of the teepads). There is some distance on the open holes that give you potential to work with you mids and drivers to hone your skill without punishing you for an errant shot. Holes 1 and 2 are fun holes, although short. Hole 3 is decent and will be stronger once the saplings grow bigger. Holes 4 through 10 leave something to be desired. This land was stretched to maximize distance and get some longer holes (275-375) for you typical Chicagoland course. This course will challenge beginners to some REC player. For an Pro/Advanced it will no offer much challenge at all. You will need to be able to hit a couple of lines, but overall it's fairly beginner friendly. My only concern with beginners is the risk of hitting others, cars, or dogs with a bad throw.

I will play this course again, but it is not worth going out of the way to play. It is nice to have an addition to the I-294 corridor. There is definitely a slight void of course in that generally area. This course will become nicer and it grows and the absolutely finishing touches are added. However, the challenge does not have a lot of opportunity to change. It would be a good place to bring the family (and the dog) for an afternoon of disc golf and fooling around outside.

I wanted to rate this course higher, but I couldn't give it more than a 1.5 (Passable). The effort was there, it's just not an exception place for disc golf. Possibly when I revisited and the teepads settle and some of the "new construction" elements of the course go away I will bump it up. But it's current conditions, wide open holes, and amount of safety issues, I have to give it a 1.5 (Passable). It's not horrible by any stretch of the imagination, it just don't have that "wow" factor ability.
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Beginner/Intermediate 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 14, 2011 Played the course:2-4 times


- Course is set on the outskirts of a dog park and some soccer fields, with a walking path present on many holes. Might be some stray pedestrians, but the design keeps it clear from most interference.
- First three holes have a good amount of trees to avoid. #1's fairway is littered with saplings, #2 has a tight hyzer through a bunch of trees with thick rough, and #3 is a tunnel with lots of little trees on both sides. Some line shaping needed to avoid the trees; especially once they grow up a little. #4 has a gap to hit off the tee, and #6 forces a RHBH hyzer. Remainder of the holes are more out in the open, with lots of room to maneuver. More rough is present, though, especially near the baskets, to make things interesting. OB in spots also help to add challenge.
- Decent amount of elevation changes here, with some gently downsloping fairways on #1 and #2, an elevated teepad on #4, #7, and #9, and elevated greens on #7 and #8. Helps to add some fun and challenge to each holes, which would otherwise be pretty simple.
- Good variety in hole length; with a few around 200', and a few over 350'. Almost all players will be throwing putters and drivers throughout, which helps to mix things up. #8 plays even longer thanks to the elevated green.
- Good temporary signs, great baskets, mushy tees are a work in progress. Naviation is easy thanks to a map and informative signs.


- A lot of the shots are are more or less wide open, with some rough being the only obstacle/challenge. The back half is pretty much a test of distance, and not much else.
- Definitely favors the RHBH player, with only a few shots that are blocked. The trees to the right of the tee on #4 and #9 are the only real obstacles to a RHBH hyzer.
- Teepads are in very rough shape right now, hopefully the woodchips will compact down a bit to provide some better footing.

Other Thoughts:

- Overall, the course has pretty good variety, with a few wooded shots, some fun elevation changes, and length for almost everyone. Some extremely thick rough might be a bit much for beginners, and it's a little straightforward for advanced players, except for driving practice.
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A place to play 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 14, 2011 Played the course:once


The course plays through a multi-use park around a large dog park and some soccer fields. The first two holes bring some trees and rough into play, they're actable but easy to mess up on and take a 3 too. The third hole plays down an alley of small trees with ob on both sides making a narrow landing zone, the big hyper is there but easy to screw up. After that the course opens up quite a bit, with mostly wide open shots from 230-375'. Many of these bring small hills and berms into play along with ob paths and areas of tall grass rough to keep things a little more interesting.

The baskets are brand new and brightly powder coated so they're easy to see, including a practice basket by the first tee. There are basic tee signs with hole length and layout that show ob lines. The course is easy to follow other than the transition from 2 to 3, and even then there isn't really anywhere else it could be.


The tees are terrible, decent pads would easily add a half disc to my rating. Right now they are deep soft beds of wood chips that shift as you try to drive and don't offer a stable tee surface. there are some safety issues, with the walking path and soccer fields in play on most holes. There are ob areas and ms dos to alleviate these safety issues, but it could potentially be an issue on a busy day with less accurate players. The highway is pretty close to a couple holes, and makes it pretty noisy. The rough in some areas is tall grass with nettles that will hide your disc and could frustrate newer players. There is a long walk from 2 to 3 and from 10 back to 1.

Other Thoughts:

This course does a nice job with the available land, and uses every possible bit of terrain and every tree to make interesting holes in a boring park. Beginners will find the course approachable for the most part, though a few holes are longer and there is some rough. More experienced players will find some challenges here, but also some very straightforward shots. This is a fine place to get a quick round in during lunch, but doesn't offer much more than the other north suburb 9ers.
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