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Troutdale, OR

Confluence DGC

1.885(based on 4 reviews)
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Confluence DGC reviews

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Diamond level trusted reviewer
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Experience: 10.5 years 678 played 652 reviews
1.50 star(s)

I’d Rather Meet Somewhere Else

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 7, 2023 Played the course:once


(1.409 Rating) An openish 12 holer with very raw elements.
- COUNTS AS A COURSE PLAYED - When I struggle to find pros regarding a course, I often use this subject heading first. The confluence felt like I played an actual course. The gameplay seemed to be ideal for MA3s with cross over appeal to MA2s and MA4s. Most holes are not cupcake MA4 gimme plays. I had to work for my birds and only had 2 of them. I blame the mosquitoes for my many misfires. Chalk up another tally in my played totals.
- BASICS - The needed aspects to make a course are here. First, a very nice course map posted in route to tee one. I'd recommend taking a picture. Tee signage was only partially present for my June 2023 round and it was just a number. The tees are a mix of surface types, but mostly pavers. The baskets are high quality Veterans and all in good shape.


Having to borrow blood afterwards.
- RAW FIELDS - When I saw the course from a distance, I figured a care free easy peasy time. Nope. The ground here is basically all weeds and rough. Much of the weed filled fields were beyond 8 inches high on my play. The fringes on several holes had established thorny blackberry bushes. I also got numerous cuts when I searched for my misfires. It's going to take several years for this place to beat in.
- BUGS - I read before coming that the mosquitos were awful, and to no surprise, they were. I don't take off score for this, but it turned this already barely passable course into a terrible personal experience. I had to run between holes to avoid being carried off. Bring deet or be sure your will is up to date.
- NATURAL BEAUTY - I scored this aspect 12 percentile. There are hardly any woods. It's also flat and void of water in play. I liked the water tower element and also leaving. The course is however really close to Multnomah Falls. I'd go there 1 million times before here again and that place doesn't have a course.
- AMENITIES - Besides what I listed in my basic's pro, there are just about no other course related amenities. I noticed a picnic table next to the course map. That's it.
- NAVIGATION - Me taking a picture of the map likely saved me from wondering aimlessly a couple times. I don't recall any navigational cues along the layout. As noted, tee signage is spotty and very basic. Having a map is a requirement to be able to finish this one correctly.
- PARKING - Its over a 1,200 foot walk from the disc golf dedicated Troutdale parking lot, to the course. Hole (18) finishes at a similar distance. There's nothing fun about being chased by mosquitoes all the way to the car for over a quarter mile at dusk.

Other Thoughts:

Of the twenty courses I played on this Northwest coast trip, this was my least favorite one. I read online that there is a new development planned on this parcel. I will be pulling for it to start construction as soon as possible so baggers like me wont be tempted to throw it. Ignoring the terrible buggy conditions, I have the course achieving a mid 1.5 rating. Which is far below average among the courses I've played with 12 holes. I could not recommend coming here during the summer, except to hardcore course baggers. It's painful to play. I somewhat wish I had never swung by. Perhaps it's an OK spin during the winter. Confluence reminded me of courses such as Agape in North Alabama, Valley Fest between Chattanooga and Nashville, Euharlee Elementary in North Georgia and a much flatter version of the Milwaukee County Sports Complex course.
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The Valkyrie Kid
Diamond level trusted reviewer
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2.00 star(s)

I Don’t Know How Long The Confluence Disc Golf Course Will Be Around! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 20, 2021 Played the course:once


PARK DESCRIPTION - The 10 acre area here is really just a vacant lot. I understand it was once a homeless camp which doesn't surprise me much. Disc golf is supposedly helping to move the homeless guys. There are some scattered trees, lots of mud and rocks, some wetland which would be a mess about half of the year and a big ole water tower in the center.

VARIETY - The designers were pretty limited in their design here. Most holes are open with not much in the way of obstacles. Distances are between 200' and 350'. Not much shot shaping is required.

ELEVATION - The course is as flat as my 3rd grade crush.

CHALLENGE - The wind seems to provide much of the challenge. Otherwise, it's probably a recreational type of challenge.

EQUIPMENT - The white Dynamic Veteran baskets are brand new and very pretty. They seem to be putting in tee pads one at a time. There were a couple concrete ones, a couple of patio paver pads and about six natural ones. Signage was basic laminated types with lots of next tee arrows. I hope they can stand up to the teens.

AESTHETICS - It's really not a pretty piece of property.

FUN FACTOR - Not too bad for the typical rec player. There's lot of other choices around here.

ROUTING/NAVIGATION - All the next tee arrows were helpful and much appreciated by myself.

FAVORITE HOLES - I think I like # 4 the most. It's just 282' but the basket is set amongst some trees. It would be a pretty average hole on most courses.


DINGINESS - Overall dinginess.

Feeling that it's only a typical course.


DUCK HUNTING POSSIBILITIES - Wet areas. Parts of this course would be underwater much of the winter and spring.

EQUIPMENT - Still some poor tee pads.

Laminated tee signs can't possibly survive here.

SKETCHINESS - Probably a number of sketchy individuals lurking around.

Other Thoughts:

Apparently this course was possibly developed in order to persuade the homeless population to go back to Portland. It also appears that this site will sometime in the future be developed somehow. Word is you want to play it now while you can. I find it kinda strange that someone is putting some effort into this course with it's not so permanent future.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 14.1 years 192 played 190 reviews
2.00 star(s)

2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 4, 2020 Played the course:once


Nice built paths with beautiful bark chips. Nice bark chipped greens, and new patriot baskets. Good homemade paper signs and arrows navigating through the course which are important here. Some chance at ace runs and good place to try out some discs. Cool water tower on the course
If you wanna learn how to throw in the wind this is the place to be


It's new so still has a lot of rough blackberry bushes in places.
Flat very flat
Not sure how long the paper signs will last here hopefully permanent to come.
Umm the wind here is the biggest factor, in fact the biggest. Not sure it will never not be windy here with the location but sheesh this will more than test your wind abilities stable up.

Other Thoughts:

You can see teepads are slowly being put in and I appreciate the work out here. This is a true this course is better than none. Once finished I'm sure will go up a little bit, but will always have a few cons thanks for the hard work all involved though
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Premium Member
Experience: 46.2 years 188 played 6 reviews
2.00 star(s)

A Work In Progress 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 17, 2020 Played the course:once


Confluence DGC is the Portland area's latest offering situated between old-town Troutdale and I-84. Just one minute off the the freeway, it's 10-ish acres of a former blackberry forest/wasteland/homeless encampment that has been bulldozed and is now mostly free of prickly invasive species. After talking to one of the locals it seems this course was planted in order to chase out the homeless and to see what the interest level in DG is locally. With Dabney and Blue Lake close by, I'm going to guess interest is pretty high.

This is a new course that's just getting its legs. The dirt tees will probably turn to mud soon, but hopefully that will be addressed shortly. Bark is already being moved in around the baskets. The design is solid for what they had to work with. You're not going to find much in the way of challenge in tight lines and distance, but it's right off the freeway and only 3 minutes from McMinnimins Edgefield Hotel.

- 12 holes makes it a fast play.
- The signage is minimal but effective. I had no trouble getting
around sight unseen.
- It finishes better than it starts.
- It was really cool watching a train come across the tressle
right next to the course.
- I'm guessing there's a good view of Mt St Helens, but it was
cloudy when I played.


- Dirt tees, blackberry vines underfoot and garter snakes kept me on my toes.
- It looks like it'll get real muddy when the rains come.
- I was followed by some sketchy dude at the remote back of
the park. I pack when I'm alone and was ready to reach for it,
but thankfully he veered off.
- Not much in the way of shot-shaping variety since the park is
flat and mostly treeless.

Other Thoughts:

If you're staying at The Edgefield this is a quick play while the wife is getting a massage. I wouldn't go out of my way to play here if I was traveling since Dabney, Blue Lake and Milo are close by. There are other courses right off of I-84 that are much better. Play it if you're course-bagging. Play it often if you're a local! I hear there are plans in the works for something much better close by if this course is successful.
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