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Shelby, MI

Duneberry Farms

3.255(based on 2 reviews)
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Duneberry Farms reviews

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Duneberry Discing

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 22, 2022 Played the course:once


Duneberry Farms DGC is located near Silver Lake State Park on the west coast of Michigan's lower peninsula. Silver Lake is a popular summer destination for ORV lovers, who enjoy riding around the sand dunes in the park. For those looking for a break from that, the Duneberry Farms property offers 18 holes of disc golf - and apparently, will also offer U-pick berries.

The course plays around a moderately wooded area in the back of the property. The holes vary from fairly open to fairly tight, but nothing that I judged as extreme on either end of the spectrum. Although most of the fairways don't really turn, the trees present on each one still force a good mix of lines. The distances are respectable, ranging from about 225' to 500' and averaging around 340'. Pars are not specified, but I think there are 2-3 holes that should be par 4.

The course layout is arranged in what I will call a "triple C" shape. The first seven holes form the first "C" around the outer edges of the property. The next six holes play adjacent to the first "C" but in the opposite direction. Then the last five holes play adjacent to THAT and in the direction of the first seven holes. If this is unclear, just look at the map uploaded here. ;) I like this design for a course like this because it offers beginners and families easy options to play various numbers of holes if a full 18 is too much (it also results in fairways playing adjacent to other holes throughout the course, but it seemed spread out enough that I wasn't concerned about that). Also as a result of this, navigation is easy even without any directional arrows.

The baskets are standard yellow banded DISCatchers. One per hole and brand new. There are also two practice baskets, and a nice seating area near the first tee.


The course is flat and gets a little bit boring, to be honest. You can basically see the whole course from the parking lot/practice area. The designers used the land available well, but that land is not very interesting. Without any elevation changes, water hazards, or unique scenery or obstacles to work around, nothing was really memorable to me. Other than slight variations in distance and the amount of tree trunks in the way, the holes all kind of felt the same. Typing this review three months after my visit, I have only vague memories of specific holes.

The course is still brand new, and it shows.
- The tee pads are currently just natural (as of October 2022), although they are enclosed in large wooded frames. These likely will be filled in by summer 2023.
- The tee signs are currently just small orange arrows nailed to trees near the tees. The arrows point towards the appropriate basket. Written on each arrow is the hole number and distance. Hopefully these get upgraded to something nicer and also more permanent (a couple of the arrows were already on the ground). This is the sort of course where I like to see adjacent fairways/baskets on the tee signs, as multiple baskets are often visible from the tees. I threw at the wrong basket once.
- There were some other small painted arrows on fairways which I think were mostly supposed to be mandos, but I did not see labels on them and they were not called out on the tee signs so it was difficult to tell.
- No kiosk yet.
- No trash cans or benches yet, although there were a couple of plastic lawn chairs scattered around.
- There were still lots of stumps that hopefully will be ground down eventually. I also felt like a couple more trees could be cut down on a few holes - but just to make more realistic flight paths, again the course is not super tight overall.

Other Thoughts:

This course costs $5/round to play. I paid cash at a lock box near the first tee. There is a building near the parking lot that looked like it might contain a small pro shop, but it was not open when I visited. There is also a large field in the front of the property a safe distance away from the course, which I have to assume will become the u-pick berry area mentioned above.

I was between a 2.5 and 3.0 rating for this one. I am giving the 3.0 because I am pretty sure it will be a solid 3.0 once things are fully dialed in. This will never be a destination for disc golfers, but I would play here again if the building and u-pick berries were open. It's worth a stop if you are in the area, especially if you or others in your party also like the idea of picking berries.
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3.50 star(s)

First sight drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 18, 2022 Played the course:once


Good use of land, great baskets, pretty good layout. Fun was had. Challenging and fun. Looks as though a pro shop is in the works as well.


Merely a formality. Need permanent teepads (those seem to be in the works), also permanent signage would be a great addition to this in transitional funspot. The left behind parts of the tree clearing is a minor nuisance, but in time that shouldn't be an issue. As I'd mentioned, the cons are minimal and are being addressed.

Other Thoughts:

Over all, pretty good vision for the layout, it's a fun course. The only thing I'd have changed would be a double loop feature design with both #9 and #18 ending at the parking lot. Lots of mushrooms everywhere it seemed. ðŸ™'
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