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Fly by Faith DGC

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Fly by Faith DGC reviews

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Find By Faith 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 25, 2020 Played the course:once


Faith Ministries is located off of I-65 exit 172 , 1 mile east on 26. There is a beautiful community center and it's grounds on the left . There are bathrooms in the center during open hours . There is plenty of parking here . I found 6 nice green banded Discatcher baskets here . The grounds where the disc golf course should be are post card scenic , with manicured hedges and mowed grass , a lake , a gazebo overlooking part of it , with a fountain shooting out of it . I wrapped the pros up.


#1 Navigation . First , fold your map into a paper airplane and stand 10' from your open window car . It's a par 2 to throw it in and leave it . There is actually a phone number on the scorecard/map online of Fly By Faith . I think someone told me that if I was the 15th caller , I could come over and randomly move a basket of my choice . Seriously , much must have changed during the last 7-8 years . I never saw a tee pad or sign while I was out here . If you walk from the parking lot past the skate park and down to the far end of the soccer field , ( a good 200 yards or more ) you can see the #2/11 basket at the bottom of a slope . That is one of only 2 holes left that are unchanged . The next basket is next to the lake . This is hole #1/10 ( ? ) , and the lake only comes into play on this hole . If you take a right and walk around the lake , 3 more baskets will appear . one on your right and 2 on your left . Safari these holes and make them as difficult as you want . There is a long flat straightaway to the right of the far right of the last hole of the 3 you play . The basket is visible , but concealed on an elevated tee in the middle of some high and semi high bushes . It was kind of neatly done . I threw a 20' putt in , and when I approached the bushes , I found some steps that lead to the basket were overtaken by a prickly bush . I literally had to wade through them , shredding my legs in the process . Don't look at the basket numbers any closer than you would the map . It will just be more confusing for you .
#2 Disc Risk : The woods are now out of play , and the lake is the only chance you have of losing your disc .
#3 A Course ? IMO , this is so random , I wouldn't count it as a course as much as a practice field .

Other Thoughts:

I carried the map with me and figured the downfall of the course was a subdivision taking a hole or 2 , then apathy . It's a shame , because this is one of the nicest pieces of land I have seen in a while . The park resonates with activity . There were skate boarders in a nice enclosure , soccer , and baseball going on while I was here just before dark . This is just safari golf , with the neatest basket placement being messed up by letting bushes overtake it . I never found out what happened to the rubber mats used for tee pads or its woods posts for signs . There would be so much to work on to save this course , that I don't blame Faith Church for not wanting to recommit to it . If you come just try to see it for yourself , there is always a lot of places to eat on the other side of the street on your way back towards the interstate , including a Wings joint .
My Recommendation ; Unless your child is practicing at one of the fields here , and you brought nothing to read , you might throw the disc around . Don't bother , otherwise . Murdock Park , with it's short and long cement tees , is just 4 miles west of you .
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Course is getting smaller 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 27, 2014 Played the course:2-4 times


Beginner to Intermediate level course on outskirts of town. Course reduced to a 10 hole course with 5 baskets (see cons). Reviewing course as both a 5 hole dual tee and 10 hole course.

Baskets - 5 remaining baskets at this course are Innova Discatchers with a green rim instead of yellow. They are a little rusted but catch great. There is also a practice basket near where the course used to start.

Tees - Two rubber tees per hole. For the holes remaining, the tees provide its own line and give the hole it's own identity. Tees are labeled 1-9 then 10-18. 1 and 10 play to same basket.

Signs - Wooden posts with hole number on it. One post per hole.

Map - Use the map on this website to help with navigation. Tough if you don't have it.

Variety - Remaining holes have hyzers and anhyzers. Holes are mostly open if you avoid the rough. 7hole 7/16 has a tight fairway. There are a few blind shots (6, 8, 15, 16, 17) due to trees. Hole 8/17 is very wooded and requires a technical approach.

Basket placement for hole 9/18 is on a terrace surrounded by bushes. Stood out to me.

Easy to get to. Very close to highway. Places to grab food and drinks nearby.

Course has potential to improve or to be fixed which is a plus.


For starters, course has been reduced from a 9 hole dual tee course to a 5 hole dual tee course, so there's that. Holes 1-4 (10-13) have been pulled due to construction of a new building and a road connecting it.

Course now starts at hole 5, which is well over a football field and a half from the parking lot and practice basket. Basket for holes 9/18 are even farther from the start of the course (5/14) so playing all 10 holes in a timely manner are ruled out.

Lack of signage. Hard to navigate without map. Even when this course had all the holes, there was plenty of searching for the next tee as well as basket locations. Used to be blind shots due to elevation so you would have to walk holes first. Still need to on holes 6/15, 7/16, and 8/17. Use course map and scorecard which isn't exactly accurate.

Not much shade. Bring fluids.

No trash cans, benches, or signs.

Other Thoughts:

I was looking forward to playing this course again only to find it being replaced with buildings. I enjoyed the blind shots from the elevation and enjoyed hole 8/17 from my first visit.

I only played 5 holes and it was hard to enjoy due to the missing holes lingering in my head. I was disappointed with the lack of any improvements.

This course could be saved with a few tweaks. Make a parking lot in the cul-de-sac. Move basket for hole 5/14 closer to tee for hole 15. Create a new starting hole with alternate tee going towards tees for hole 5/14 (a down and back). Turn hole 9 into two holes (down and back). Relocate practice basket. That would make a 7 hole dual tee loop. Course also needs signs, trash cans, benches, and more trees planted. I don't see this course surviving for an extended period of time unless some improvements are made such as the ones mentioned above.

If you are looking for a new course to play, give it a shot but use the map (not 100% accurate). For the time being, I would recommend other courses in the area over this course. It would eliminate frustration.
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Needs Some Work 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 11, 2013 Played the course:once


Numerous opportunities to let the driver rip because most of the holes are just out in the open.


No signage, i.e., yardage, many tees are not labeled at all (yet?), no diagrams or directions from hole to hole.

The pairs of tees are not sufficiently different to really call them separate holes.

Other Thoughts:

I'm guessing that they're still working on the course and that improvements will be made compared to the way I played it today.

If you're in the Lafayette area, Murdock Park is a much better option.
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Starter Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 22, 2011 Played the course:5+ times


Easy to find and nothing to difficult a beginner can't handle.


Everything is pretty wide open except for hole 8. Poor signage or lack of. Rubber tee pads are below grade and fill in with water and mud. No real signature hole.

Other Thoughts:

Time and effort this course could become good in the future and maybe even challenging. Adding additional holes, planting trees strategically, and good signage would be awesome improvements.
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Beginner/Intermediate 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 31, 2010 Played the course:once


- Some minor elevation changes in play. Helps to spice things up a bit on an otherwise wide open start to the course. Pretty much just some blind shots up and down a little hill, but the upshot is truly blind.
- Some of the holes play around and in a small wooded area. Again, the area is small so the holes are short, but not ridiculously short like some others.
- Some holes were long enough to require a strong drive. Definitely needed to counterbalance the short holes.
- 9 baskets, 18 tees. 1-10, 2-11, 3-12 shared baskets, all the way up. While the majority of these barely changed the hole, some were quite creative. One of them had you going left around a forest, while the twin tee had you going right around the same forest. Very creative.
- Tees were kind of small, and some were missing. Not too big a deal. Nice baskets.
- A little water in play, not a big issue. Really have to shank/overpower it to lose one.
- Cool little "island" green on 9/18 is more funny than anything else, but a nice touch.


- Majority of holes are too boring, and short.
- Multiple tees for one basket? Have to include this as both a pro and a con. Some holes are practically identical to the other.
- No signs, just hole numbers on tee. Made sure to take picture of map/scorecard at beginning of course.

Other Thoughts:

- Not a terrible course, I was pleased with the holes in the wooded areas, and some of the longer ones.
- Good course to learn some line shaping, including a little tunnel shot. Some longer holes to practice the drive, and plenty of ace runs. A little bit of everything, I will let you decide whether that is good or bad.
- Was extremely, extremely wet when I went. I knew it had rained, but wow. I think the nearby pond and marsh imply that the area is usually wet somewhere.
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Nice little church course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 23, 2009 Played the course:once


The course plays around the grounds of a church. The course mostly plays through open fields with some rolling elevation change and some water that can come into play on really awful shots. A couple holes bring some wooded areas into play where you have to shape lines a little. There are some clever course features to make open holes a little more interesting like a mando under a utility tower and a basket up on top of a brick planter.

There are nice maps available at the church and they are very friendly to visiting players. With the map and the numbered posts at the tees the course is easy to follow and navigate. There are dual tees on each of the 9 holes for 18 different shots. Several actually change the approach to the hole and added a little more variety. There were some different lengths from some easy ace runs to a couple longer shots where many players would need to throw a driver.

The grounds are well kept, and the course amenities are in good shape including good baskets, benches at many tees, and a nice map. The tees aren't the best, but they're serviceable for the length of the course.


The course just isn't all that challenging or interesting. The design makes good use of what terrain is available, but that still leaves a course with 7 open, relatively short holes with no real elevation. Unfortunately the water doesn't come into play except on horrendous shots, this would have added a nice risk/reward element.

The tees are rubber mats, and it seemed like they were just placed down over whatever ground was on the tee area. That means they are lumpy and often not very level, and just aren't the best surfaces for teeing from. They also seemed a but undersized, though at least they were mostly level with the ground around them so you could start behind the pad without tripping.

The grounds of the church seem to be a very popular place for families to come and hang out. That's great for the community and the church, but a little dangerous for a disc golf course, especially one that will likely draw inexperienced players. These families didn't seem to know anything about disc golf, and were quite surprised when we explained to some of them what we were doing and the potential for injury, but were receptive and willing to move to an area not on a fairway.

Other Thoughts:

This is a nice little church course that's a great place for youth groups to play and new players to discover the sport. The distances are reachable, and new players don't have to worry much about losing discs in brush or water hazards. More experienced players won't find much challenge here though.

There are better courses in the area, so don't go out of your way to play this one. It's not a bad place though for a quick round, and it's easily accessible from the highway for a pit stop as you're passing through.
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Not a 4 star course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 1, 2009 Played the course:2-4 times


Good beginner course with nice baskets and rubber tee pads. Facilities are nice if don't mind being hit in the face with some jesus.


Small park with too many open holes. This course will not challenge advanced players. The nice elements of the park ,pond/woods, are not well utilized. The one long hole(#9/18) is wide open, 200ft wide with zero trees(look at the picture).

Other Thoughts:

If your just learning the sport this would be a great place to practice. For more skilled player this course will get boring quick. Its a nice little park its just too bad they didn't bring in a experienced course designer to help them with the layout. I do agree with the last reveiwer that public are made to feel welcome. I was given a map/score card without question or comment.
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AKA, "Faith Baptist Church's course" 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 3, 2009 Played the course:5+ times


A beautiful course on the grounds of Faith Christian Ministries extensive sports facility/conference center. Well-maintained by a friendly staff. Snack/coffee bar open at selected times. Great course design with top-of-the-line targets, signage, tee pads, landscaping, an elevated goal on the last hole, and a full-fledged "mando" through a utility line arch! Putting practice target near back of building.


Newer course with muddy patches that still need seeding/sod. Small stream that sometimes needs to be forded after a rain. Pond can eat discs. A couple holes were in a wild and wooly wooded area with some poison ivy, but has since been cleared out, and should be OK if recently mowed/maintained.

Other Thoughts:

Building and grounds are impressive, surrounded by clean residential areas and there is a skate park as well. Public is made to feel welcome. Pick up a map at the coffee bar to get the lay of the course. Hole #9 very long with an elevated "green" - likely to challenge even the pros. Highly recommended!
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