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Fort Lee, VA

Fort Lee DGC

Permanent course
2.885(based on 4 reviews)
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Fort Lee DGC reviews

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Stretches Out with Unusual Obstacles 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 6, 2021 Played the course:once


-The course is located on an Army Base that meanders around sports facilities, base buildings, Utility boxes, Running Track, Scoreboards, Stadium lighting, and what's likely a General's Home.

-The course itself offers a mix of open holes, lightly to moderately wooded holes, upslope and downslope holes, base facilities are also used as obstacles, and most baskets are well protected by trees or facilities.

-Long tees offer a solid mix of distance, and pars.

-Hole 7 offers a unique O.B, a well surfaced running track that guards the basket.

-Tee signs are in good condition offering hole distance, par, map, and next tee indicator. Very important to observe where the next tee is, there are no other navigation aids. Tee signs are located next to long/blue tee boards only. I played blue tees.

-Tees are grass, and except for a few are in very good condition. I had them ranked #1 for grass tees but would last only 4 days when The Bear DGC just a short way away took the spot.

-Wind is dominant.

-All holes are memorable!

-Navigation is counter-clockwise, need to look for the next tee sign from basket and your favorite course app would help.

-Lost disc potential is low.

-Parking is in the Burger King Parking lot, Hole 1 tee is just 15 feet away. It was nice to pick up some burgers on my way out.

-Beginner and Recreational will learn to play distance without punishing holes. Intermediate and Advanced will have fun airing it out with some challenging obstacles as well.


-The grass was high on the course for the most part, at least past the ankles and some places up to the knees. In my career I've been on at least 3 dozen or more bases from all branches of the service and I have never seen grass that high on any other base no matter what it was used for.

-With the high grass, I only saw a few of the white/short toe boards as I was passing by them or tried to look in the general direction.

-Both 10 and 11 had very high grass and swampy with standing water which couldn't be seen as I was walking down fairway. I no longer had dry shoes and socks. It hadn't rained in a few days, but it's a low-lying area.

-The navigation was comical from 9 basket to 10 tees as your walking across the General's backyard (no signs saying to avoid it). When I arrived at what I thought would have been #10 blue tee, it said #11. Where's 10? I noticed to my right at 50 feet another set of tees which I walked over too and found 10. Both holes are about 330 feet, I'm not walking back after playing 10 basket, so I teed off from both tees and played parallel both holes something different. Same with 16 tee you'll see 17 at a 45-degree angle to the left about 100 feet, and after throwing your approach to 17 basket, your passing by the 18 tee. On those three holes I was playing two holes to save time and walking distance. I still had one more course to play.

-No. 8 blue tee was blocked by exercise equipment, something that had been placed there since the course was installed. It was nicer to move 30 feet to the left and use the running track for a tee.

-I didn't like the Mando on 16, its useless. Just use the sidewalk as O.B and in the rarity that someone is using the sidewalk, just wait for it to clear and it will be more fun playing the sidewalk.

-Some next tee signs can't be seen from basket, that course app will really help.

-A few eye sores, such as grass growing on the tennis courts as you pass by. Just something I had never seen on any other military base.

Other Thoughts:

I was pleasantly surprised by my experience at Fort Lee, I was expecting an all-out open course viewing the wintertime pictures, but in the summer with foliage to avoid overhanging branches had to find some lines on some holes. I also enjoyed the variety of distances and pars there were only 5 holes less than 300 feet, and three holes greater than 500 feet. It felt good to let loose, and watch the disc fly, a few at longer distances than I'm used to seeing. Throwing around scoreboards, over fences, avoiding the General's home, and other Army unit buildings added to the fun. The first tee to 18th basket walking experience was enjoyable, the closes to describe it would be a park/sports facility course adding in the military buildings.

I have been bouncing around on the overall rating, I don't think the course is too challenging in the winter, but in the summer from the back tees its challenging enough with the foliage and grass to slow your disc down. With the variety of distances and par's, a unique 1st tee to 18th basket experience, a round to let loose for the most part from the tee, at the time the best grass tees I had played, and a uniquely fun experience my overall rating is anchored on a 4.5. My round took 65 minutes.

Notable Holes:

No. 6 Par 3 at 330 feet the basket is straight ahead with a down slope. You'll first notice a huge baseball scoreboard left center fairway at about 200 feet, center fairway at 230 feet is a stadium light post, right center at 170 feet are portable bleachers that are permanently there when not in use. A 6-foot-high fence (O.B) wraps around behind the scoreboard and acts as basket guardian just outside C1. Any throw off the tee will have restricted space.

No. 7 Par 4 at 380 feet is a straight away to the basket with some obstacles. Two stadium light poles one right center at about 100 feet, and a second one left center at about 175 feet and plenty of room to gap them. On the right past the light pole an outfield fence picks up. What's unique on this hole is the guardian running track in front of the basket and is O.B. Track is about 6 lanes wide and falls with in C1. The basket is just 5 feet from track. Behind the basket are trees and brush just another 10 feet, and to the left a clump of small trees. It's a very tight fit in the green area for an approach. I liked how the running track was used as O.B.

No. 11. Par 3 at 371 feet is a straight away to the basket with a downslope. The fairway also slopes across left to right. The center and right center of fairway is open and was swampy on my visit. But you're teeing from the left center and straight ahead starting about 100 feet are heavy trees all the way down the left center of fairway on the slope with overhanging branches. The fairway on the left is hard pan. Tree gaps protect you from going right unless to can also gap the overhanging branches. The basket has guardian trees. I choose left on the upper slope and skip my way behind some trees. In the winter the hole is likely much easier to play and the right center fairway well within reach.

No. 13 Par 3 at 288 feet is a straight away to the basket that sits within C2 a right to left slope. The basket is 1 of 2 with a roller, but the high grass prevents it, the basket does have guardian trees. The General's (likely) home sits on the right side of fairway with a line of trees going left providing gaps of 10 to 20 feet with a clump of trees in line to the basket. The best gap is the home and the first tree to reach the basket. I wonder how many times the home has been hit by a disc.

No. 16 Par 3 at 377 feet is a straight away to the basket in line with a sidewalk. A tree Mando at 180 feet down keeps you to the right, away from sidewalk. The Mando is worthless, if anybody is going to be walking toward me, I'll be waiting anyway. I decided to dis-regard the Mando and play a more difficult line with the sidewalk as O.B and with only a 20-foot clearance between tree Mando and sidewalk, more fun and challenging. The basket has a large oak canopy as a guardian.

Signature Hole:

No. 18 Par 4 at 569 feet is a good farewell hole that represents the round you just played. It's straightway to the basket. On your left is the stadium and pass the stadium at about 180 feet is that O.B. running track, your also on a down slope to a ditch that runs across the fairway and unseen at 210 feet. At that point a stadium light to the left, to the right a utility box and a clump of trees around the ditch area, your being squeezed on an angle gap left about 40 feet wide. The fairway now rises the rest of the way to the basket and opens to the left, then closes again with a clump of oaks trees with hanging limbs outside C2. To the right all the way up bordering the fairway is an O.B parking lot. The basket sits about 15 feet from the sidewalk that leads to an Admin Building easy to miss throw that way. A nice send off, pick up your disc and head over to Burger King.

Trouble Hole:

No. 1 Par 3 at 330 feet is a straight away to the basket on a down slope. From middle fairway to left it slopes right to left. A sidewalk meanders on the left side of fairway. On the right is O.B and a well-used base road. Starting at about 80 feet the fairway is heavy with pine trees with gaps no more than 20 all the way down to the basket. From the tee you're going to see a basket that looks like its more than 500 feet away, that's #3. Your basket is hidden on the down slope by the sidewalk and a hard pan roller. It's a very difficult way to start a round considering the possibility a tree deflection could hit a car.

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Fort Lee - a unique disc golf experience 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 14, 2020 Played the course:once


Good DISCatchers are easy to spot.
Real good tee signs on every hole (except #14), both White and Blue tees are identified.
Mostly wide open course with plenty of chances to air it out and play quickly.
A few wooded holes (#1 is most wooded, but shot shaping trees on about half the holes) so very little chance of losing a disc, unless its behind a locked fence or on a rooftop.
Plenty of soldiers walking on the base, very safe feeling.


All natural tees would be tough to spot without Tee Signs, since most are in the grass. They are pretty level and not a big issue. They are marked by colored (White and Blue) boards at the front. These are labeled with the distance.
Don't recall any Next Tee signs, so there are a couple of tough transitions:
after #4 walk along fence and road to #5,
after #9, cross track to woods (right behind #7 basket) for #10 tee,
after #13, cross parking lot and road, could not find a tee sign for 14, but the basket is in sight, make your own tee.
#1- #4 are in a pretty small area with most fairways overlapping, since it looks like this course does not see a lot of rounds, not a big problem.
Kind of a long transition from 9 to 10, it might be better after 6 to play 9, 8 then 7, then you are very close to #10 tee.

Other Thoughts:

The course has the feel of other campus courses (school, church and office) where you are playing on different sections of open space, but unlike a lot of those, on this campus there are not a lot of long transitions between holes. #18 finishes up next to #9 and pretty close to #1 (behind the Burger King). It flows through a mostly recreational section of the base, next to a baseball field, near an indoor rec center and next to, then around an impressive turf football stadium.

While most of the holes are wide open, several of the baskets were strategically placed to take advantage of the trees available:
#1 - a cool downhill starter through several pine trees
#2 & #3 - a few scattered trees in this area
#5 - basket is under a large tree to challenge upshots
#9 - located beside 3 large bushes, requires a well placed drive
#12 - scattered trees down most of the fairway
#13 - open drive to the basket tucked into a tree line
#17 - wide open fairway to a basket surrounded on three sides by large trees.

The course finishes pretty well, after #15, cross the street and #16 has a few trees after the tee, then 300' across a sidewalk into a few more scattered trees, #17 is the only Par 4 on the course, downhill, wide open drive to the basket that requires an accurate upshot, then #18 is a 390' Par 3 that tees in the shadow of the football stadium, to a narrow fairway bordered by trees on the left and a parking lot on the right, to the basket right in front of a building.

I've always been a military buff so was thrilled to get a chance to enter an active base. I only had to show my ID and vehicle registration, so it was quick to get on base. While this course will not win any awards among great courses (unless there is a category for military base courses) it fits in well here. Not too long, not technical at all, few chances to lose a disc, a good experience for new players or ones that are otherwise busy protecting our country! I did notice that all the soldiers that I saw walking the base, in their camo BDUs, always walked on the sidewalks. I had a chance to speak with two groups and they were very polite and respectful. Because of that cool factor, I'm bumping this review up .5 !
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The New & Improved Rigger's Ridge 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jan 21, 2019 Played the course:once


This course just had a facelift. Most of the orginal design remains, however, there has been a little reconfiguration of the first three holes. The big bonus is the new tee signs which clearly identify the long/short tees and pin placements. Usually not crowded. Definitely clean and safe as it is an Army base.


The course isn't overly challenging. There are really only two wooded holes (#1 & #11), with most holes being thrown over generous grass fairways (players with big arms should enjoy the long tees here). There are always cadets and people milling about, so you need to be sure you're paying attention when you throw. The course is kinda spread out around buidings, sports fields, parking lots, etc., so it takes a little longer to play and the aesthetics leave a lot to be desired.

Other Thoughts:

You must check in at the Visitor's Center gate in order to register and get a pass to be allowed on site. This can take time depending on when you go, but is usually just an inconveinence. If you come to play in the Richmond/Central VA area, this course is decidedly different from the others nearby.
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Good use of space 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 18, 2019 Played the course:once


This is a wide open course. Hole one is the only one you have to go through trees. Its a great place to try different discs or shots.


Its on a military installation which means many people around. A few holes play close to busy streets. Some holes holes are hard to find. With no good marking for the next hole.

Other Thoughts:

Over all this course is good to just go out and throw a round. Great for warm up for another course or just to get in a quick round.
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