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France Park

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France Park reviews

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Three Putt
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Will it go 'round in circles? Will it fly high like a bird up in the sky?

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 15, 2023 Played the course:once


France Park is an old-school hidden gem of a course with some recent updates. The course is 24 holes and has two tees/two baskets per hole (hole 24 I recall had only one pin, and another early hole I think only had one pin, but the majority had two.) You can shoot from the short tees to the old Spiderweb baskets to get the original 1990's feel of the course, and there are long tees/long pins to give it more of an updated feel. The new long-placement baskets are I think Chainstars? I wasn't really paying attention, but they were red. The old baskets looked rough, but they catch great.

The tees are turf; they are level and in good condition. It was raining while I was there, and the tees were not a problem.

The first few holes are in a flat open field, but by hole 3 the course ducks into a heavily wooded/lots of elevation area perfect for woods disc golf. Hole 5 was a really cool elevated tee shot, I think it was hole six where the long tee was a really cool addition, and there were several really fun shots like 18 in the mix. There were blind shots, uphill shots, elevated tees, Ace runs, punishing rough…it's 16 holes of some really fun, technical golf.

Once you finish 18, 19-24 are back in the flat open area where you can air out some drives. In that open area, the long pin for one had a water hazard behind it and 24 is an island hole with a drop zone. Another pin is up on a hump to give it an elevated feel. It is basically open "throw at it" golf holes, but they put some thought into how they were laid out.

The overall combination of the wooded/hilly area and the flat/open area is a great variety of shots. It's a disc golfer's disc golf course; nothing of the contrived pro-challenging type, just solid golf and a lot of it.


I had a guide, but I was always going the wrong way. Somebody had to yell at me six or seven times that I was turned around. I got away with the lack of marking helping you find your way around, but it would be an issue playing the course blind. Better course marking would be a serious upgrade here.

Nit-picky complaint: In the woods some of the baskets are pretty close together and can be somewhat in line with each other, which makes the short baskets play like an obstacle. A guy I was playing with hit a black ace on a shot that was pretty much on-line but crashed the short basket. (DGCR regular bonus: That guy was Jukeshoe and he's real salty about it, so you should ask him about it.)

The elevation was really cool, but some of the slopes were more than I could hack in wet/muddy conditions. I wouldn't really knock the rating for having extreme elevation, but there were several really dicey areas I had a lot of issue navigating.

Also not really a con, but there is an entry fee to get into the park. I'm not sure what it was since we were camping; it was $10/tent/night. There is enough else going on in the park to make a camping the way to go here.

Other Thoughts:

Usually when I review a course like France Park, I'll play the course several times before I review it. When I was at France Park the plan was to play it three times over the weekend, but rain cut the trip short and the elevation was too much for my old knees. I played the course once, and I wasn't paying super-close attention to details during that round. Basically, this review might stink.

All I had in me was to play shorts to shorts while I was there, and that layout would have been a solid 3.5 IMO. Add in the longer tees/pins and I'm going to rate it a 4. I'm not super-sold I've got that right given how little golf I actually played there, but I'm going with a 4.

France Park has got a lot going for it. The elevation and the variety that will force you to pull out a lot of shots over 24 holes. The park comes with a lot of extra activities that makes it a nice spot to spend a day or weekend. It's a little rough around the edges and it's a par 3 course that doesn't have a pro-challenging layout, but it's the kind of course the rest of us mortals should want to play.
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Vive La France ! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 31, 2020 Played the course:once


France Park , a 24 hole course sitting somewhere between I-65 and rt. 31 is a course that gets little buzz , but possibly should .Don't let the primitive online map ( keep the old map , but maybe add a more updated one ) fool you . This course is a scenic as it is fun . After parking off to the side on the park road , ( It is NOT a real parking lot ) you will walk down a path that a bridge splits . The path on your left has a quarry and some great water to actually swim in ( bring your swim trunks), and the bridge ahead is what you will take to get to this course . There is a nice kiosk at the start of the course with a map of the course .
The Equipment : There are 2 turf tees on almost every hole that are level . The baskets are old style yellow Spiderweb ( ? ) baskets with some machs , too , a little rusty but playable . The signage is good , enough , signifying hole#, distance par and flight path .even to the alternate pin position . I don't know how often they change them , but it is great for the locals , or having a tournament , to be able to switch the baskets around . The signs also have a bolt on them that signifies the location the pin is supposed to be in . There are some bridges and steps on the course .
The Landscape : The park and the course were clean mowed and manicured when I played here . France Park's course is flat with some grades for holes 1,2 and 19-24 , which are park style plays , but from 3-18 , which is all in the woods , the elevation can change drastically . Holes that you throw straight up , like 6,11 and straight down , like 5, 8 ,& 12 . The other holes are everything in between . There is some overgrowth in the woods and many chances for rollaways , so you have to keep an eye on your drives . The rough on holes 20-24 can be extreme . Mark your disc with a landmark when it disappears in it , or you will be spending time looking for one . The open holes nice to look at but not as nice as the woods . Some wood benches are set around the course . Bring plenty of water with you . The course won't return close to the beginning ( still a good walk to the car ) until at least hole 22 .
The Highlights : Some of the course has maintained it's original flavor of short technical holes , since it was installed (1994 ) , at least on the short tees . But the course has remained fun in doing it . Hole #2 from the pro tee is an extreme tunnel shot to a basket off to the left . #3 has you throwing blind over a hill to the basket sitting off to the right in a short protected green . #5 is a top of the world shot off a cliff to a basket sitting off slightly left of the path . 11 is an extreme uphill throw to a basket sitting at the top . hit a tree , maybe roll all the way back . Some risk reward shots like #9 , where the left side of the basket is down a steep hill that comes into plays several times . There is a fun downhill right to left blind shot to a basket protects by a lot of fairways trees at about #16 . Don't pay attention to the map where it has A-F holes mixed in with the course . All of the holes are numbered 1-24 . #24 is a great finishing hole . It is an island shot with a large banded circle with wood chips in it , and what looks like a Native American designed motif with large log posts around the circle to further guard the basket .
Signature Hole : Lots of good holes , like #5 off of the rock cliff , but #24 , the island hole , was one of the best looking finishing holes I have played in a long while .
Time : It took me a little over 90 minutes to plays all 24 holes here . A foursome will be here 3 hours + . The course is slow , but it is captivating to look at and this course is retro fun . Couple that with 2 tees , multiple pin positions and 24 holes , and you have a long disc golf morning .


#1 Navigation . Some of these holes have paths leading directly to the next tee pads , some do not . More Next Tee signs and an updated course map would help . The park style sections are okay to follow , I wandered around the woods off and on several times . looking for the next tee , especially some of the holes from 8-16 .
#2 . The Elements . If it rains pretty hard in Logansport , you may want to curtail your round here . Some of the spots in the woods will be ridiculous to climb off of / on to if muddy . This could be combined with Safety . Yours .
#3 The rough . Some of the woods floor and fairways could be cleared , and the rough out on holes 20-24 are too high for my tastes . There were 2 groups behind me digging in it to try to find their drives . Wind will be a factor here , whether a plus or a con .
Disc Risk : Combine #3 , The Rough and rollaways from blind shots and you have possibilities of a lost midrange or driver . Use a spotter if you have a group .
It is $3 to play here . I just mention pay to play . The money looks like it goes back into the course . Use your bug spray liberally here . It can be bad in the woods during the summer months .

Other Thoughts:

France Park is a hidden gem of a course , here in Logansport . With the quarry here , in case you feel like wading or relaxing near it after a round , it is something to check out . The course stayed true to it's roots . Not overpowering , but with it's 24 holes , 2 tee pads and multiple pin placements , it is technical but fun . No 2 holes are alike here . Plenty of variety . You may not take everything that the course ( and the park's features ) with you , but I am sure you find something to your liking . You better be in shape before tackling the woods section of this course , because it will give you a workout ( again , bring water ) . The course looks to be popular with campers and the locals . Many were on the course when I left for the day .
My Recommendation . Not a destination course , but something to strongly consider if in the 30 mile general area of Logansport for any reason . Short enough for newbies or the one disc player ( too steep for family play IMO ) , great for locals and campers , Old enough to be nostalgic for the intermediate and may a pro because of the back tees . The weary traveler is going to get a workout here , and is a long play for the course collector , but I was calculating it is about 35 minutes out of the way from I-65 and maybe 25 minutes from rt 31 . Both are close enough to take a side trip and play here . If you want to see beauty and have disc golf experience , PLAY IT !!!
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Good for beginners 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 4, 2016 Played the course:once


The first few open holes are a good warmup, and the lengths of all the holes on the course are very friendly towards beginners, with a good amount of them being birdieable. The elevation changes in the woods are very good too. The variety of right, left, and straight holes also help to make this a fun course. The tee signs are both accurate and helpful, and finding the next tee is not hard.


The fine gravel teepads give minimal grip, which caused me to slip more than a few times on my drives. And some of the dirt tees in the woods aren't very long, which means runups have to be quite short. Also, the final 6 holes are quite boring after coming out of the woods.

Other Thoughts:

The baskets aren't bad, they just seem old and outdated because of the rust they have on some of them.
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great course with nice variety 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 18, 2012 Played the course:5+ times


Nice variety of holes starting with some open field shots to get warmed up. The wooded holes are phenomal with some great shots off hill tops. Fairways are mostly open but enough trees to keep you honest. Last few holes in the open again so you can work out any frustrations you may have gained in the woods. This is our favorite course in the state. It's fun to play and if your game is off, it's a lovely walk in the woods.


can't think of anything.
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Fun old school course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 29, 2012 Played the course:once


The course plays through a hilly wooded park away from other users, there's a nice vibe of seclusion and wilderness on many of the wooded holes. There are several open holes mixed in with a little more length and some chances to air out longer drives.

The rest of the holes play through tight woods with dense trees and plenty of brush off the fairways to punish errant shots. Elevation comes into play on many of the holes, with some steep hills and tricky basket placements. The hills add challenge and variety on drives, and are used well to make some cool roll away greens. There is a great mix of hole shapes, calling for a good balance of line shaping skills and a balanced set of left and right turning holes.


The open holes for the most part don't offer too much challenge other than a couple with some woods along one side. Overall the wooded holes are very short, leading to a little bit of a repetitive feeling despite the good variety of hole shape. You won't need more than a mid and putter to score well on this section of the course.

The signage is old, and in pretty poor shape, many of the signs are rusted and unreadable. Navigation is a little tricky in a few spots, and it can be a little difficult to find both tees on some holes. The natural tees can be rutted and slanted at times, not always providing a good tee surface.

Other Thoughts:

Beginners will have a great time here, the woods and elevation keep things difficult, but the lengths are reasonable and the rough isn't thick enough to eat discs. More experienced players will have a fun relaxed round here, there's lots of variety but not a ton of challenge.
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Intermediate 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 3, 2011 Played the course:2-4 times


- Course is set in a generous portion of this campground, and is well separated from any other activities. A bike trail runs along a few holes, but that's about it.
- Majority of the holes are set in an extremely hilly forested area, that makes great use of the elevation changes. There are multiple downhill rips through tight lines, including a blind RHBH hyzer. A few of these have very fast greens at the end to take into account as well. Handful of shots go up and down some hills, with one tough anny and one steep up and over. Another sharp incline as well; the elevation changes have both quality and quantity throughout.
- Lines themselves can be tricky as well. Plenty of blind pins off of the tee, due to both elevation changes and left and right curves. Good balance in both directions, and some holes provide the choice of going around either way. Wide range of difficulty is nice too.
- Holes out in the open range from brainless to interesting. A couple have a forest border on the right, taking away a wide RHBH hyzer. #2 has a cool setup, with a straight/hyzer tunnel shot OR a tall anny line to the basket. The rest of them, about 5 holes, are more or less wide open with one or two obstacle trees.
- Great variety in hole length, although the longer holes are the most open. Still, some good opportunities to let the drivers out in contrast to the tighter forest holes. Definitely some ace runs as well, though line shaping and/or accuracy is needed to get it there.
- Natural tees are decent, baskets are getting old but catch fine, signage is a little rough in spots. There are some directional signs to help out, but the first time through could be a bit tricky. Check out the map!


- Almost all of the holes in the forest provide some cool looks and tricky lines, but the very short lengths hurt. There are 8 holes under 250', even from the long tees, so accuracy trumps distance big time. Lots of putter/mid shots in here.
- The treacherous terrain is awesome for the discing itself, but getting around can be tricky. Getting down to the basket from the tee can be an adventure in itself, even when dry.
- Most of the open holes are pretty bland, with some taller grass and maybe a tree to contend with. With the last six falling under this category, the round ends with a whimper.

Other Thoughts:

- This course is a blast to play, without a doubt. The great variety in the forest makes each hole pretty darn unique, with the ups and downs and lefts and rights, treacherous greens and tight lines. Though the hole lengths are short, the fun factor is there. The longer open holes complement these well, too. Might be a bit much for real beginners, and maybe too short for an experienced player, but just about everyone should find challenge and enjoyment here.
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Could be better...if someone cared for this place 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 21, 2011 Played the course:once


Fundamentally speaking, there is a lot to like about France park. There would be even more to like if someone actually gave a crap about this place. It's like someone using a treasure chest of gold bars for a cat box really. Yeah, it's gold and stuff, but who wants to dig through all of that cat crap to get to it?

Anyway, on we go.

Variety - The first thing that jumped out at me about this course was the sheer variety of shots you had to make. Very, very wide open short holes, all the way down to incredibly tight, technical wooded shots that demanded accuracy and precision. You'll be throwing very few long shots though, so make sure that your bag is loaded out with mids and putters. My drivers got sit in the car and drink a beer during my rounds. It was nice to play a few rounds with smashing them into trees.

two sets of tees - this course is drastically different from the two different tees. The shorts are pretty short and beginner friendly. The longs (when there is a long alternate) make for much harder shots and a MUCH longer course. As mentioned, not every hole has an alternate, but most do.

Scenery - the course is located in a wonderful park that is just flat out beautiful. a huge rock quarry sits nearby and the bridge to get to the course goes over a waterfall type thing. Very nice! (read in borat's voice)

elevation change - really cool use of the terrain in france park. the wooded holes sir on the back of a big hill and weave themselves through, up, down and all around this thing. #4 was the best use of this elevation change in my opinion, as you throw off of a gigantic, wood screened hill, down to a basket through the trees and brush. There are others like this with blind tee shots that go either up or down the elevation. there are also lots and lots of drop offs, so this can be treacherous. watch yourself.

24 holes - more disc golf almost always equals a more better score IMHO. even if I have to wander around in the woods and guess where in the hell I am going.


There are no tee pads to speak of. You generally tee off between two markers in the ground and go from there. While I wouldn't generally have a problem with this, this course has gigantic ruts in the boxes in a lot of the tees. If there aren't ruts, then you are teeing off of a gravel road. yes...a gravel road.

the signs at this place are pretty much useless. if there is a sign, it almost never gives you the distance. if it does give the distance, it's rarely accurate. one of the few signs that had distance on it said that the hole was 400 ft away. If that hole was 270 feet away, I would be shocked to know it. Some of the signs were hand "drawn" and a lot of them were flat out rusted through.

the course layout isn't logical at all. you play 1, then 2...and then hope you find the tee for 3 which sits across the road, in the woods, with no signs, arrows or anything to get you there. Some of the holes in the woods literally back track on top of one another and you could literally be walking into the face of someone on their drive as you leave a basket without knowing it. and as someone who doesn't like picking up my broken teeth, I wasn't a huge fan of this.

the mosquitoes in france park were like wolves. I mean that literally. they hunted in packs, they bit me hard and often and no amount of screaming or cursing would make them go away. and yeah, this wouldn't normally count against the course, but in this case I think that problem could be less if someone had mowed the course more than 12 hours before I played there. the rough was waist deep (not a problem. I actually liked the obstacle of this), but apparently the whole course was like this.

the baskets were ok. sort of a con. most of them were in good shape, but a couple of them were rusty and did not catch well at all. I swear I got tetanus from one of them.

Other Thoughts:

As mentioned previously, this course could be great. But someone is going to have to step up and take better care of this place. It needs mowed more often, the signs need updating and/or replacing, the tee pads needs incredible amounts of work, some of the baskets need replacing and the layout could use a revamping.

I would play this place again in the fall when the mosquitoes all died a terrible death. but until then, it's just not worth tolerating the other things for an "OK" round of disc golf.
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Matthew boals
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Like a fine Wine,it gets better with age! 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Sep 5, 2010 Played the course:5+ times


NEW, MUCH needed, tee Signs!! Expanded to 24 holes using Alan Pier "Spiderweb" baskets. I believe all but the 6 "lettered" holes have Alt. Pin Placements. Most holes also now have "Pro tees" (red) keeping the open holes up to date with disc technology, at least for the beginner/Intermediate. The wooded holes,starting at #3 use's a dirt access road as a fairway. Then playing the topography; Baskets behind hills, in valleys, ridge to ridge, along the sides of hills, uphill, downhill, along the ridge line and lastly over the hill! #4 from BOTH tees,#8,#9 & #10 from the PRO tees, have tight wooded fairways. #3,#7 have the most open fairways. #5, #8 have open drives with tight putts. Then finish with open "rip-it" holes! #14 thru #18 and the "F" hole. All had grass cut, ball golf green short, around the tees and baskets with a "preferred flight path"? Mowed from each tee to basket. Or was this done so I knew what target to thrown to? Either way nice touch! Plenty of benches & trash cans.


All tees are either gravel or dirt. I really don't see concrete getting done in the woods. Some areas it would be a pain to get that done.

Other Thoughts:

This is the course that started my addiction on DG! As a beginner I've never played a course with so much terrain changes. I updated the best I could,under "Hole Info." the distance of each hole. I hope to get the pictures I took up soon. Make sure you print a map under "Links/Files". You'll need it the first time out or if you want to play the lettered holes. Pro's will find the wooded holes short. So, here is a Safari course I made up; #1 tee to #2 basket. #3 tee to basket "A". #4 tee to #5 basket. #6 to #7. #8 to #9. #10 to #11. #12 to "E". Play 13 as designed. Then play the open holes. Hope you enjoy the Safari!
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Great Potential 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 7, 2010 Played the course:once


Scenic campground. Old Stone Quarry with swimming, hiking, great bike paths, scuba diving. Real estate has great potential.


bathrooms: lack of one on course, lack of a remotely clean one anywhere.

Other Thoughts:

What potential! Lacking maintenance and local interest keeps this course from being the most interesting in northern Indiana. The layout of the course is great.
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Overgrown,Outdated in need of maintenance 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jun 19, 2010 Played the course:2-4 times


This is a prime example of a great piece of land but not enough care to make it a great course. It has just about everything a disc golf course needs,long/short/up/down/tight/open holes. Will make for some entertaining shots and some ace runs.
*Has more than just disc golf(swimming,fishing,camping,ect...)
*Has more than 18 holes
*Has trash cans throughout course
*Bathrooms near course


*Course is VERY VERY overgrown,no trimming,and not enough traffic to create natural fairways
*Course is very dated,lots of short holes even from pro tees(average 200ft in woods)
*Course is not beginner friendly, even though its short, because the gaps and lines are overgrown and too tight for a beginner to enjoy(in woods)
*Tee pads not concrete and very narrow and short(in woods)
*Paths through woods are narrow and rough terrain, very easy to fall or sprain something
*The open holes are OK,but pretty unimaginitive
*Not all tee signs were up and the ones that were are pretty ruff
*Even with course map it was very hard to navigate

Other Thoughts:

This is my first review.I was a little disappointed with the way this course was maintained, i felt like i was in a rainforest jungle on the holes in the woods. Iam an am2 player and i also had a beginner and a pro with me and we all had similar comments.The course has potential but needs alot of help and upkeep.I wont come back to this course unless i want to camp,fish,swim,disc golf all in a weekend, but not just for disc golf .
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Outstanding Elevation/Design 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jun 11, 2010 Played the course:5+ times


- Located in a spacious park. Pass over the bridge spanning the waterfall and proceed to the open field. The first two (as well as the last several) holes are located in this mostly flat, grassy space. Cross the road for hole 3, and let the real fun begin as you enter the section of course that is built on a sort of wooded ridge.
- Solid design maximizes the many drastic elevation changes throughout the wooded section of the course. Play only the "numbered" holes for an 18 holer, or also play the 6 "lettered" holes expertly interspersed along the way to stretch the course out to 24. The way the course naturally flows even after so many optional holes and twists and turns and ups and downs is nothing short of amazing.
- Several technical holes requiring precision and several longer open holes for big arms.
-Long (orange) and short (white) tees. Long tees can be brutal but are outstandingly fun. Dual pin positions on most holes add to the fun and replayability. Pin positions often create great risk/reward opportunities, as rollaway chances abound in the wooded section.
- Signage really aides in the proper navigation of this course. Keep your eyes peeled for where to go next, depending on which holes you've chosen to play.
-Camping available on site. Camping areas near waterfall and 1st teebox. This course would be the IDEAL course to stop at if roadtripping through the area and looking to camp.
- $3 for a completely deserted course. Where are the locals?


-The lack of proper concrete tees really detracts from this otherwise quite fine course. The natural/gravel tees are actually in pretty good condition (as it appears that NOBODY plays this course) but are short in some places, not really allowing a run up or even sure footing.
-Really could use another couple of trash cans along the course. Additional foot traffic would clear up most of the minor shule blanketing the fairways in places.

Other Thoughts:

-Overall the flow is very seamless and astounding in the manner that the "lettered" holes are optionally interspersed between the 18 "numbered" holes. Super surrealistic signage art adds to the charm of this kinda rough but outstandingly cool course.
-Despite being fairly well upkept, this course otherwise appeared abandoned on a beautiful sunny friday afternoon in June. It is truly a shame that such a magnificently challenging and interesting course doesn't see much more play.
- I came away with a really high regard and respect for France Park. Although it is well over an hour's drive away, I envision several future trips to further explore the intricacies of this solid but tragically flawed* course.
*see comments re: lack of better tees.

Update (7/10/2019): France Park, as another astute reviewer noted, has aged like a fine wine. Since writing my initial review almost *gulp* a decade ago, France Park's disc golf course has grown and changed for the better without losing the old school charm appeal. While some holes have added longer tee or pin positions, the old short layouts are still there, evidenced by the sleeves.

Don't sleep on the quarry swimming just down the park road from the disc golf course...luxuriating in a nice ice-cold dip in between rounds on a hot summer day is golden.

Pro tip: set up camp near the waterfall, walk to the disc golf course, walk to the quarry to swim and back for more dg. Second round is perfect to put glow sticks on basket if you're in the mood for a third, glow round (just don't forget to pick up your glow sticks on the way out...please don't litter!)

Although I never really minded the slightly rutted, less-than-ideal gravel tees, I also didn't mind seeing some newer (within the last couple of years) turf pads...definitely a plus.

With the continuing improvements, tweaks, and
the new pads, France Park deserves a bump up in my rating rubric from a very solid 3.5 to a 4.

One last thought, subjective vs. objective: France Park is my personal little slice of heaven, and my all-time favorite course to play. I've played more beautiful, epic, better designed courses...but for some reason this scruffy ol' bugger really captures my heart.
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2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 11, 2010 Played the course:once


Great use of elevation changes; gorgeous scenery; great baskests; holes A-F interspersed with the original 18


No tee pads; a couple of holes with basically no obstacles

Other Thoughts:

This course is in the middle of nowhere. I played 2 rounds of 24 and came across zero other golfers. Which is tough to understand because this is a very good course. It really is the best course for elevation changes I've ever played in my short disc golf career. My advice is to not only play this course, but to bring a camera with you as well. Great scenery. I will make it a point to revisit this France Park in the future.
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My NEW Favorite Course!! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 20, 2010 Played the course:once


Beautiful scenery including a waterfall on the way to Hole #1. Awesome elevation changes, including uphill and downhill drives. Pro and Am Tees available, completely different shots on most holes. Nice baskets clearly marked. Extra 6 holes easy to play (no extra walking).


None that I seen.. as long as you don't mind the elevation changes.

Other Thoughts:

This is my NEW favorite course!!
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Probably not for beginners 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 30, 2009 Played the course:once


Great scenery. Lots of unique holes. Pro and amature tees available.


Many holes are probably too tough for beginners. Dirt/grass tee pads. Course not well marked.

Other Thoughts:

After playing fairly well at my local course a couple of times, my wife and I decided to try out the France Park course on a camping trip that we took recently. We quickly learned that we have a lot of work to do before we're anywhere close to good at this game.

I gave the course a "4" because I really think it probably is a great course- just very frustrating for beginners. The first two holes and the last five holes were flat and fairly wide open, which was a lot of fun. Holes 3 through 13, however, are played in a thick woods with many tight fairways and lots of elevation changes. We spent a lot of time looking for discs until we finally developed a system of spotting for each other's tee shots.

The course really is beautiful. The walk to the first tee takes you over a creek and right past the France Park waterfall. The course iteself is laid out on a combinations of a well-manicured flatland and a beautiful wooded area. The course could definitely benefit from some concrete tee pads and more signage on the course directing you from hole to hole. Be sure to pick up a course map at the gate house before starting. We would've been lost without ours.

We don't expect to play this course anytime soon, but that's not meant to be a knock on the course. We just need to work on our game a lot before we venture out to a course this difficult.
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Wowzers!!! Awesome course! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 17, 2009 Played the course:once


WOW! This course is an amazing example of some great land! Great 24 hole course with steep inclines, declines, and flat open shots with defined fairways with about 2ft rough all around which will eat an errant throw in a minute. This course is fairly easy from the white tee's and provides some difficulty from the Orange tee's. This course has a little to offer everyone and doesn't favor righty, or lefty and has a great mix of shots! The thick woods provide an amazing need for some finesse along with accuracy. You can easily turn a easy par 3 hole into a double bogey just from the trees gaurding the fairway or the basket.


Does flood. During the tournament we had about 4 holes under water along with the "open" holes being quite sloppy to walk on. Dirt tee pads + water = slippery!!! Try to go later in the day when the dew on the grass is dried up and you don't have to worry about slipping around on the teepads.

Other Thoughts:

This course is an AMAZING use of its land. It has a beatiful waterfall that you walk over to get to the disc golf course. The variety of shots will for sure make you interested in wanting to play it more then once! Tomahawks, Thumbers, Forehand, Backhand, you name it there is a hole for it.
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Up, Down, Over, and Around 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Mar 13, 2009 Played the course:once


Mix of holes in the open and wooded, elevated tee shots, de-elevatated tee shots, great fairways in the woods and in the open, alternate pin locations, great navigation signs, alternate tees, trash cans at many holes, an extra 6 holes available as fillers, very nice baskets, beautiful waterfall when walking to first tee.


Natural/gravel tees, tee signs were not at every tee, and those that were in place were not in very good shape.

Other Thoughts:

First, let me begin by telling you where the disc golf course is as I had trouble locating it since nobody was at the gate. When entering the park and after proceeding through the gate, take a right and follow the road around a curve to the left. There is a small parking area on the right side with two walking bridges crossing the stream. Park in this parking lot and then walk over the bridge to get to the first tee.

The first two holes were in the open area and then play proceeded in the woods. The amount of variety that this course offers is extroidinary. The holes in the woods had beautiful fairways, some wide, some narrow. The length of the holes varies as well.

The title of my review says it best. For instance, on one hole I threw from the top of a large hill, the very next hole I threw up another hill. Then down, then up, then around, and one hole I had to throw my drive over a ridge.

The hills will really make your legs tired as they are long and steep. I saw a deer prancing through the woods as I was playing, the woodly environment is awesome.

The last 5 holes are out in the open and you can really let a bomb off; a great way to finish the course after the technical holes in my opionion.
If this course had concrete tees and better signage, I would definitley rate it a 4.5 or 5. The course design is excellent and I can't wait to go back.
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