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Pineville, LA

Ft. Buhlow DGC - Purple

3.795(based on 7 reviews)
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Ft. Buhlow DGC - Purple reviews

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3.50 star(s)

Purp Walk

Reviewed: Played on:May 12, 2023 Played the course:once


The Purple Course at Ft. Buhlow DGC is a pretty nice 18 hole layout with tee signs and roomy concrete tees. A few woodsy holes, and water is in play for a stretch. Minor elevation change in spots. Some of the open holes play into, out of and around the woods nicely, and the grass was cut to a decent height. The baskets were well broken in, but not broken down.

I liked the first 5 holes a lot. 1-4 are in the woods, short distance but tight lines. The long tee on the first hole is elevated, creating a tough tee shot. 5 is downhill with heavy rough to the right and a mature tree midway on the left that almost creates a tunnel shot. Hole 10 is very cool, with a drive over the water that has great risk and reward. There is a long way around that cuts out the risk, but view of that basket across the water is super tempting, and it is a nice window to work with. I got off a great drive and made the deuce. Hole 12 and 13 play with an OB road to the left, Bayou Rigolette (river? canal? thanks google maps no matter) to the right, and lots of trees down the middle.

The park isn't hard to find. Lots of parking and nice restrooms. There is also another 18 hole course onsite (Gold Course).


There is a lot of really open, grassy, flat terrain. Use of sporadic trees to create some obstacles is the best you can say for several holes. Thus, a not a lot of shade is available on much of the course.

Other Thoughts:

I think the layout has changed a bit since the old photos and map were posted. It still holds up most of the way through but there is a random tee in the middle of nowhere at one point. and some holes are different than the map indicates in the middle holes.

It rained heavily the day before I played, and the first four holes were pretty muddy and slick. I was able to play them without mud caked on my shoes after I got through, and even made birdies on 2 and 3, but it involved some luck.
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Underwelming 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 19, 2022 Played the course:once


+ Concrete Tees. They are long and the land around the tees are pretty flat. Tall people will be fine and the Conrads of the world should be alright.

+ Mach 3's I believe. They catch just as well as a Mach 3's do, which isn't the best but you just need to know how to putt on them. They also seemed like a mix of older Mach 3's and a few newer Mach 3's. The newer ones have a deeper tray. Baskets were a bit rusty but that really didn't effect how they caught.

+ Parking lot near hole 1 is decently big and if more parking is needed then there is plenty more throughout the course in different spots.

+ Bathrooms near the parking lot near hole 1.

+ The course starts out with some pretty tight and short wooded holes that are decently fun to play. They fake you out a bit and make you think that this is going to be the whole course but it opens up and lets the bigger arms shine. The wooded holes have some odd lines but all of them are doable and not too difficult.

+ Hole 5, 8 and 10 would be in contention for the signature hole. They aren't anything over the top but they are the most fun to play to me. Hole 5 is this great slightly downhill tunnel shot that feels great when you hit it right. Hole 8 is a cool slightly uphill tunnel shot that throws over a small valley. Again, nothing over the top but it's a fun hole to play. Hole 10 is a great disc golf hole. It has you play over a creek and is about 300'ish feet. The pucker factor on this hole is high but again, feels great to throw it right.

+ This course favors the player who can throw into but tight accurate shots thru the woods and who can be accurate and throw far in an open field.


- Teepads are a bit worn. Not all of the tees but some of them are worn down to the pea sized gravel in the concrete and they are slightly slick. The course had a little bit of mud when I played and that combined with these tees made some of them slightly scary to throw off of.

- The first for holes dont really fit in with the rest of the course. They are short and wooded, which isnt a bad thing, but the rest of the course is way more open with most of the holes being on the longer side.

- The last 4 holes are just boring to play. They are all between 400'-600' and pretty much wide open. Hole 15 is the best out of them because the second shot will have you play over a creek to get to the basket to add some excitement but in general you just have to throw a driver off the tee and then throw an upshot. Just boring to play to me.

- Navigation and finding the pins was a bit more difficult then it needed to be. The course starts out fine and navigation is a breeze but when you get to hole 7 things start to get confusing. Finding the Mach 3's in the woods can be a bit difficult at times and finding hole 7 in the woods took me a bit. Hole 9 is a top of the world type shot. I saw the basket out in a field and threw the 600' to get to the hole only to learn that I threw to hole 17's basket. I ran into the same issue when playing hole 15 since the basket you see is not the basket you play to. There were also a few times when I needed to have uDisc up to find the next tee. Hole 14 was a bit of a walk and if I didn't have uDisc I probably wouldn't have found it for a bit. You have to backtrack a bit to get to the tee but the real problem is that you have two courses on this property and around hole 14 they seem to almost come together. So you see other tees and baskets but they are not for the course you are playing. All of this will not be a problem once you learn the course.

Other Thoughts:

I didn't really have any expectations of this course. I did a quick search and it seemed like this might be the best course in the area so I decided to play it. I wasn't really disappointed or impressed with this course. It has its ups and its downs but nothing too impressive. I wouldn't recommend playing this course unless you are in the area. It's not worth it to travel out of the way to play this course. If you play here you won't be unhappy but you just don't come away from this course with the most positive feeling. This might just be me and could just be because of how the course finishes but I left feeling like I just bagged another course.
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Experience: 29.1 years 330 played 128 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Better of the two courses at Fort Buhlow 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 7, 2017 Played the course:2-4 times


+Concrete tee pads for the long tees
+Variety of hole shapes and lengths
+Good scenery
+Bathrooms near 18
+Shorter, grass tees add to the variety


-can get muddy

Other Thoughts:

Fort Buhlow Purple is a solid course, that won't bore you half to death like the other course at this location. Starting with four short and tight tunnel shots through the trees and ending with longer open shots, this is a nicely balanced course. The designers did a good job of balancing left and right favoring holes as well.

Bigger arms will have an advantage on this course, especially on the back 9. For example, hole 7, which is open for about 375 feet but wooded for the last 150 feet or so with not too wide of a fairway; the closer you can get to the woods on your drive, the less luck you'll need to reach the basket for the 3. Similarly, 16, 17 and 18 will be much easier the longer your drive is.

I liked the stretch of holes along the bayou starting on hole 10. There are risky but possibly rewarding routes to the pin on 10, 12, and 13 that go over water or by trees near the water that can kick discs in if the shot isn't precise. Hole 10 is possibly the most memorable hole on the Purple course, with a long safe lefty route or a straight route over the bayou about 280 with a steep bank to clear at the end.

I'm not a big fan of Hole 9 on Purple, which is a downhill lefty bomb. While it's a decent hole, I'd much rather see the pin moved to a straight position, where a fun, throw-it-as-hard-as-you-can shot that players could watch for a long time in the air could be had. And the lack of multiple pin placements on this course is what keeps Purple at 4 stars rather than 4.5 for me.

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Experience: 12.1 years 55 played 5 reviews
4.50 star(s)

From Tech to RIP IT 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 14, 2014 Played the course:once


This course beings with technical holes, risk reward holes in the middle, and ends with some air it out bomb holes. There are so many different kinds of shots required for this course.


It's pretty easy to lose a disc on this course, either in the water or in the woods. There are woods pretty much everywhere.

Other Thoughts:

Holes 15-18, while being grip it and rip it, are deviously challenging, it's not like they are wide open holes, each one requires a different kind of shot shape.
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Experience: 11.8 years 179 played 144 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Great Variety - Front Half is a Blast 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 23, 2014 Played the course:once


Ft. Buhlow disc golf courses are set in a beautifully maintained park. The courses are mostly off on their own, though hiking trails and at least one pavilion come in close contact on a hole or two. The courses start near each other, and close to a parking area and set of rest rooms.

The tee signs are marked purple and gold, according to their respective course, and offer a good picture of the lines available and pin placement for the hole. The concrete tees are very large and comfortable, and the Mach 3 baskets are distinguished by their hole numbers.

The strength of the course is the front half, which I enjoyed tremendously. The course starts out in a beautiful setting in the woods and offers multiples lines for the first four holes. This set of holes is very fun and well designed. Holes 5 and 6 bring you out of the woods, but still have plenty of trees to allow for creative line-shaping. Holes 7 and 8 set you back into the woods, and 10 offers a fun decision in determining whether to throw over the creek or throw an anny around the trees. This hole offers a great risk/reward. Holes 11-18 continue to play alongside water carries and offers semi-tight to open holes with some O.B. involved here and there.

Elevation is used very well and was a nice surprise to have in this part of the country. Holes 6-8 do a nice job placing baskets near a steep slope, and hole 9 offers a nice downhill bomb, not common for this area. Holes 1-4 and 8 also provide fun elevation in the dense woods.

Well-mowed fairways help you determine the angle of the correct shot on some of the more open holes like 9 and 16.

The course offers great variety in terms of offering shots with different levels of woodenness and hole length. Water comes into play on holes 10-13 and 15-16, which adds to the variety as well.

With Gold course only a few steps away from the Purple, it makes for a fun long round of disc golf.


-I feel that there is a significant drop-off after the first 10 holes. Holes 11-13 offer multiple lines and some fun risk/reward play by choosing to play over the lake or through the trees, but are lesser holes than the first 10. Holes 14-18 are even lesser holes IMO and are basically wide open shots. There are trees here and there, as well as the creek on 15 and 16, but they are basically 5 open shots in a row to end the course. Not a good mix of shots to end the round.
-The rough in the woods and tall grass on certain holes can hide a disc well, but the majority of the course is in top shape.
-Only one tee and pin placement per hole.
-If trying to play through the trees on hole 13, rather than playing over the lake, there is no real clear line once you approach the basket.

Other Thoughts:

Warning: make sure to use the directions on DGCR, instead of a GPS. We googled the park and it sent us to a completely different park, one that was several miles away from the course and that closed at 5PM. As noted in the previous review, there is a lot of construction going on near the park's entrance, look to follow the detour signs to cross the bridge into the park.

The front half of this course was a total blast to play and offered a great mix of fun, challenging shots. I would rate this part of the course alone a minimum of a 4.0. However, the lack of exciting holes as the course progresses hurts this course's rating. When a course ends with 5 relatively open holes, it loses its fun factor a bit. Still, this is a course worth stopping at and checking out for the front half alone, let alone another 27 holes of disc golf on the property.

My favorite holes:
1-5 and 7-8. The woods hole were great!
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Experience: 12 years 181 played 150 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Solid Course with Great Variety 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Apr 15, 2017 Played the course:2-4 times


The strength of Ft. Buhlow's Purple course is its front half, where an initial string of holes in the woods gives way to some more open shots that work around copses of trees and across rolling hills. There's plenty of variety here, in distance, shot selection, and challenge level. The wooded holes are tight and challenging while not unfair, and many offer several paths to the basket. They're also well-groomed relative to the thickness of the woods. The more open holes on this half offer a nice counterbalance that seem strategically intermixed to break up the course's flow: they're less technical while still engaging, and give you a chance to reach into different parts of your bag. Elevation is in play throughout this stretch, offering a variety of looks that are rare in Louisiana courses. Altogether the front 9 is one of the best stretches of disc golf I've found in Louisiana.

While the back 9 tapers off a bit, there's still a nice mix of distances and woodedness found there, although the thick woods of the front 9 are unfortunately not reprised. Water comes into play, including the fun risk/reward of hole 10, in which you can make a play for birdie over the river or throw an anny/FH hyzer in an attempt for par. Road OB helps keep things interesting on a few otherwise-open holes. The course ends with a few opportunities to air it out.

With another 18 on site (which I unfortunately didn't get to play on this visit), Ft. Buhlow offers you a lot of golf. It's definitely worth a visit for those in the region, and arguably challenges Lafayette for best destination in southern Louisiana.

The concrete tees are fantastic. Amenities (parking, bathrooms, etc) are first rate. Navigation is extremely well-conceived and easy to follow.

Favorite hole: hole 4, a tight S curve playing over alternately rising and falling terrain.


The progression from hilly and wooded to flat and open is a downer for me. The back 9 taper off from the front half, and end with a series of open holes (14-18) that are a far cry from the interesting play offered earlier in the course. While these holes seem driven by the pragmatics of playing back to the parking lot and allowing for the installation of two 18s on site, I can't help but feel that they water down what could have been a really special course. Variety is the spice of life, and intermixing open shots with more technical ones can be really effective (as it is here on the front 9), but the grip it and rip it feel of the final four holes is a bit of a letdown.

With all the movement on the course between various levels of woodedness, there's little such transition in a single hole. Incorporating a larger variety of terrain into an individual hole could make for some really interesting par 4s. Even two or three of these varied holes would contribute a lot to the course's mental game and overall variety. 7 touches on this with an open shot leading to a basket tucked in the woods, but the woods only factor into the approach shot there. Pushing this basic design further could really up the ante by forcing consideration of landing zones and how to chain together multiple shots. This could very well elevate Ft. Buhlow's Purple course to a premiere destination in the state.

The course presently lacks alternate tee or pin positions; perhaps these will be developed in the future.

While well-mowed when I was there, the rough off the fairways on the open holes seems like it could reach disc-swallowing levels, so be advised.

Other Thoughts:

While the open holes on the back 9 keep it from being a must-play, Ft. Buhlow's Purple course remains a very solid offering to an area in need of high level courses. While I've yet to play the Gold course, it's great to have two 18s on site: I'm sure the locals love it, and together they make Ft. Buhlow well worth a visit to an out of towner. I wouldn't classify this as a true destination course, but if you're in the region or passing through, you should definitely make it a point to play at Ft. Buhlow.

Out of towners, be advised: this course is not set in the Ft. Buhlow Historic Site that Google Maps seemed to think it was; the course sits in a park on the other side of the lake. Furthermore, heavy construction made it more difficult to access the park during my visit (April 2014); you need to make your way to a service road that runs along the lake, which can be a little awkward to get to. But persevere; it's worth it!
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Excellent and Varied Course 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Nov 19, 2013 Played the course:5+ times


This course just has a good variety of holes and requires a variety of shots. It won't take every shot in your bag, but there are holes for almost all of them. Holes 1-4 are forested tunnel shots. The fairways are wide enough to allow a little error, but there are plenty of trees to avoid. Hole 5 and 6 open up a bit, but still have large trees and some elevation to deal with. Hole 5 can be approached with anhyzers, thumbers and flex shot. Only a hyzer will get you almost nowhere on 5. On 6, a hyzer is required, either low or way up high. Hole 7 has a wide open tee shot that rewards distance and placement. A long shot that lands to the right will cost an extra stroke. Hole 8 is another forested tunnel, and narrow with lots of trees.An errant tee shot can cost two strokes. Hole 9 can be birdied with a right turning shot that is perfectly placed. Hole 10 offers the choice of an over water ace run or a safe par for a right turning shot. Hole 11 is more open. Hole 12 begins the new holes and is a short hole that rewards a hyzer thrown over a very steep bank. Griplock will cost you a disc. Hole 13 is a much longer version of hole 12 with an OB road to the left and OB bayou to the right. Hole 14 is a 300' hole that requires a low ceiling shot or right turning shot over an OB road for a shot at birdie. The course ends on 4 open holes where accurate distance can lead to birdies. Three of the holes are over 500'.

All tees are 5'x12' concrete pads with signs showing the hole layout, intended flight path, distance and par. Navigation is fairly straightforward and course maps are available at the ranger station. There are water fountains and bathrooms in the parking lot and a water fountain between the #11 basket and #12 tee. Several of the holes have benches and trash cans are located throughout the course.

There places on this course to use most types of shots, tomahawks/thumbers, rollers, flex, hyzer and anhyzer. In some cases they are the only way to get close enough to make birdie. There are a number of risk/reward holes and holes that reward accuracy over distance. There are also a few holes that reward raw distance with a chance at birdie while not punishing weaker arms too much.


I don't think that there is a single hole on this course that I don't like. There are some cross-play issues between holes 16-18, but they are likely only to be a problem in tournaments and, even then, they are only minor. There are a few significant walks between tees such as between #9 and #10 and #13 and #14, but these are also minor. There are places to lose your discs in heavy brush, but these areas are also easily avoided.

Other Thoughts:

When the new holes were put in, the emphasis was on creating holes that were a little more challenging than the existing holes and adding holes that were a little more open in some instances.The Purple course adds 7 holes to the original 1-11. All but one require some shot shaping. On three of these holes, right turning shots are rewarded. On two of the new holes, shots out over a large and deep bayou, though not required, are the best bets for birdie.
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