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Gun Barrell City, TX

Gun Barrel City DGC

Permanent course
2.835(based on 3 reviews)
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Gun Barrel City DGC reviews

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3.00 star(s)

Better than I expected 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 5, 2021 Played the course:once


Turf tee pads
Veteran baskets
Decent use of land (there is not much to work with to tell the truth)


Tee signs are home made and a little rough
Not much to work with so there are a few "filler" holes
course flow issues, major issues.

Other Thoughts:

Decent enough course in a small town.

the course is mostly open but uses a few trees to make some of the holes interesting.

Holes 1, 2,. 3 and 4 play around a fishing pond. The shot for hole one is actually over the water for someone with a big enough arm. Hole 2's basket is really near the water. You do have a couple of small tree's to navigate.
Hole 3 takes out the pond out of the equation by marking a mando to keep you from throwing over the dam. I assume this was done for safety reason as I did have people camped out on the dam. (see picture of hole 3 back to tee) This does force you to have a hard left to right shot.
Hole 4 has you throwing off the dam and over the rough to a basket sitting right off a walking path.
Hole 5 throws back up the edge of the dam behind a bush.
Hole 6 is a boring filler hole, wide open, not a single tree.
7 had you throwing over the rough, blind shot so make sure you know where you need to land before you throw.
Hole 8 is uses a tree line and gravel road to force a left to right shot.
Hole 9 is near hole 10's tee, it make you throw down a fence line with some deep rough on the left. The basket is tucked behind some small jail like tree's.
Hole 10 is your first true par 4 hole and is decent enough. Dogleg to the right around the rough. The hole is mostly open but you have some rough on the left and right of the basket making for a narrow landing zone.
Hole 7 is slightly uphill with a group of brush on the right and deep rough on the left.
Hole 12, another par 4 hole and the longest hole on the course, has you throwing up a hill and then over past a small clump of bushes to the basket on the edge of a hill. Not much in the fairway, this is mostly a filler hole to get you from one part of the park to another.
Hole 13 is a gimmick hole, you can see the basket raised up over the brush in front of the green.
Hole 14 throw down a walkway with light polls as obstacles. The basket is tucked down in some tree's DON'T throw it too far to the left, that is some DEEP crap, trust me on this one.
Then a long walk to play hole 15. You literally walk past 15 basket to throw the hole, then you have to walk back across the tee to get to hole 16. 15 has you throwing down a walking path into a berm of tree's. Throw it hard as the ground is a backstop.
Hole 16 is a simple shot down a walkway with the basket in an island green surrounded by walking paths.
Then there is hole 17, you throw AWAY from hole 18 towards a hill for the tennis courts. No tree's, the hill is your only obstacle.
Walk back to your 17 tee to the right is tee 18 throwing up between two of the ballfields. The basket is behind the one bushy tree. Land behind that tree and you got a putt.

I think my biggest issue with this course is the flow Most of the holes are decent enough, but course flow was sacrificed to make these holes. I am just glad to see Gun Barrell City get a course.

Would I play here again? Actually I don't think I would. The course has a couple of decent holes, but too much walking between some of the holes to make it enjoyable. I would have rather seen some shorter holes that were wide open than all that walking back and forth to use areas of the park. I think this is a 3.25 rated course, its not great, but it's not horrible either. I mostly knocked it from a 3.5 to a 3 because of the course flow.

(note: I am good friends with Paul, the course designer, but as PKatt will tell you, I am as honest in my reviews and what I think of a course when I play it. Paul knows he didn't have much to work with, he did the best he could)

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2.00 star(s)

Gun Barrel City 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 16, 2020 Played the course:once


-- Decent use of land, with water in play on three of the first five holes and some minor elevation.
-- Restroom on site (near baseball/softball fields).
-- Variation in hole length: 5 holes longer than 400 feet; 9 shorter than 275 feet.
-- One elevated basket and one small "island" green.


-- No tee signs.
-- Multi-use park with ball fields and walking paths that could make for crowds and waiting.
-- Very little shade.
-- Course flow is not good. No. 4 has you throwing over the No. 3 basket. From No. 7 basket to No. 8 tee, you walk right by the 10 basket. When you finish 9, you walk back up the 9 fairway to reach the No. 10 tee. The baskets for 14 and 15 are near each other; after 14, you basically walk the 15 fairway to reach the tee for 15.

Other Thoughts:

-- Tee areas are marked by paver stones (hole number is written on them, but there is no other information) nearly level with the ground and a rectangular area (picture a small tee pad turned sideways) mostly devoid of grass.
-- Natural "no-mow" areas are OB and add some challenge, but finding a disc after an errant throw can be difficult.
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3.50 star(s)

Rough & Tumble 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 6, 2020 Played the course:once


New course on sprawling park with benches, pavilions, tennis courts and big open fairways. If you can stay on the fairways - this is a good risk reward course.


No cement tee pads or sign posts yet. The rough "natural non-mow areas" are serious risks to lose discs. Shade can be tough to come by at times.

Other Thoughts:

Large pond on holes #1 and #2. Mando around the corner for #3. Top of the hill shot over the rough on #4. Hole #5 has a wall of barrier trees and the pond over the hill. #6 is a long shot in the open. #7 is a narrow fairway hole over the rough with marked OB. #8 is a long straight shot with the basket nestled on the edge of trees. #9 is blind with a small green. #10 is toughest hole and definitely needs a spotter if attempting to get to the pin. #11 has a nasty barb wire fence on the left. #12 is big boy hole up the hill. #13 is the island elevated basket. #15 basket is tucked into woods. #16 is over the tennis courts. #17 is tiny island birdie hole with #18 behind the bush.
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